Blood Glucose Meters are essential for people suffering from some type of blood sugar disorder. The purpose of these devices is to check the level of glucose in our blood to see if we are in the correct range and to avoid incidents. In the following article, we are going to analyze the best cheap blood glucose meters on AliExpress.

How to Find Cheap Blood Glucose Meters on AliExpress

Statistics show that every eleventh person suffers from a blood sugar-related disorder, so it is not surprising that these devices are essential to their everyday lives and have become a success on AliExpress, as you can see here. We have compiled our favorites based on everything that is important for a good blood glucose meter: functions, display, registration, calibration. What they all have in common is a very affordable price and guaranteed quality.

GA-3 Sugar Meter

This blood glucose meter is one of the best sellers on AliExpress, it is sold by multiple sellers and all of them collect a lot of sales, good comments and a very customized price as you can see in this link. First of all, one should know that it only measures in mmol / L (with a range of 1.1-33.3 mmol / L) and it is not possible to change the unit. Do a very quick blood test, in 10 seconds we have the results with a small blood sample and HCT hematite rites between 30 and 60%.

It has no coding, so it reduces errors and usage errors, which also makes it easier for the elderly to use. You can save up to 200 pre- and post-meal glucose tests. Its size is very compact, so it can be easily transported. Here you will also find very cheap test strips in packs of 50 to 200 pieces.


Inexpensive Safe-Accu Blood Glucose meter

The best thing about this blood glucose meter is that you can choose between the model that measures in mmol / L or mg / dL, we just have to send a message to the seller with our choice. Its measuring range is between 1.1-33.3 mmol / L or 20-600 mg / dL and, like the previous model, it shows the results in 10 seconds with a small blood sample. It also measures HCT hematocrit levels between 30 and 60%.

As you can see, it’s pretty similar to the previous one in that you can also save up to 200 results and it doesn’t have any coding either, but we like that it has the ability to turn itself off to save energy and the The possibility to choose between two versions depending on the device is very interesting.

Xiaomi Mijia Blood Sugar Test

Xiaomi is one of the Chinese brands that gives its customers the most trust internationally. The quality and the good price are guaranteed. So if you want a cheap blood glucose meter, we recommend that you buy the Xiaomi device.

It is a very small blood glucose meter and its backlit display guarantees good visibility. You can save up to 500 results and we will get the results in 5 seconds. It can set alarms and it will turn off automatically. In short, it is a practical and reliable blood glucose meter.

3-in-1 monitor for Glucose, uric acid and Cholesterol

If you want to control other aspects of your health, we recommend this 3-in-1 monitor, which allows you to perform blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol tests with a single device, measured in two units (mmol / L and mg / dL) and from the comfort of your home. You can save up to 200 results for sugar and 50 for the other two.

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For the analysis we have 3 different strips, one for each analysis, and with a small sample we can get the results in a few seconds. In this case, it will take 60 seconds to get results for sugar and 20 seconds for uric acid or cholesterol.

iHealth Portable Blood Glucose Meter

As you can see, these blood glucose meters basically consist of a device that we insert the test strips into to see the results. But with new technologies, thanks to our cell phones, we can increasingly do without more conventional devices. The Xiaomi iHealth sugar meter enables us to analyze our sugar level via our mobile phone. All you have to do is plug the small device into the audio input of our cell phone.

In just 5 seconds we have our results, which we can view through the application, where we can see the evolution of the tests. It is measured in mmol / L or mg / dL and although you think it can be very expensive it costs less than 25 dollars.