5 BEST Radio Frequency FACIALS at HOME on Aliexpress

Nowadays there are many facial treatments that can be done at home thanks to AliExpress devices, such as LED therapy masks or ultrasound peeling devices online sales platform, we can now make this famous treatment cheaper at home thanks to AliExpress.

What is and what are the Benefits of Facial Radio Frequency?

The day pampers our skin: wrinkles, dull tone, redness. Mesotherapy allows the treatment of all these problems by injecting active ingredients into the skin to improve its appearance: Reduce sagging, improve dehydration, or fight aging. It is a treatment that activates diathermy so that collagen regenerates and our skin looks great.

It is the perfect complement to other treatments such as an ultrasonic peeling or after a deep facial cleansing, as your skin is clean. It is a non-invasive therapy that can be used at any time, but 1 session per week is sufficient. In short, the radiofrequency on the face is the best alternative to injections for cosmetic products to reach the deepest layer of skin.

The 5 best high Frequency Facial devices on AliExpress

Although facials are usually very expensive, on sites like AliExpress we can find home appliances that, while not as effective as a beauty center treatment, get great results at a very low cost. Thousands of people have already noticed the benefits as you can see in the comments for yourself.

5-in-1 Radio Frequency device

Our first choice is this device, which is the best seller on AliExpress with over 6,000 sales. Combine 5 treatments in a single device to improve your skin: LED light therapy, anti-wrinkle treatment, anti-aging treatment, deep cleansing and facial care. This is achieved by the integrated LED lights and their electrodes, which emit high-frequency and EMS micro-currents. EMS micro-currents.


The LED light therapy system works with different wave intensities, which are reflected in 6 different colors with several advantages: cleaning the skin and improving the tone (green), reducing the pores (blue), improving the absorption of cream (flashing pink), regenerating collagen and Eliminate wrinkles (red), lighten the skin (pink) and remove blemishes (yellow).

With the electrical impulses, the radio frequency gives off some heat and improves blood circulation, which regenerates collagen and reduces skin wrinkles, while the microcurrent creates a vibration that stimulates the muscles to keep the skin elastic. . It can be conveniently controlled via an LCD screen. It comes with a stand and a USB charging cable.

Facial Radiofrequency Device with Massage effect

Hardly any device will be as complete as the previous one, but this radio frequency device that you will find here is also ideally suited for massages. The radio frequency technology stimulates the collagen in the deepest layers to eliminate wrinkles. We can choose between 3 intensity levels.

In addition, this device also features infrared light technology which has proven to be very beneficial for the skin as it stimulates collagen to reduce wrinkles, soothes sun damage and also improves wound healing. In order to perform the treatment correctly, the radio frequency transmitters must be in contact with the skin.

Radio Frequency Device with HIFU

As you can see, most radio frequency devices have other technologies to improve their performance. In the case of this treatment device, it contains high-precision focal ultrasound, which, in addition to tightening the skin, also promises wrinkles and expression lines, using ultrasound energy that does not damage the tissue.


Experts say it’s an even better treatment than radiofrequency, and it also destroys adipocytes (fat), so we get smoother skin too. However, it cannot be applied to skin with severe acne, wounds or lesions, so we can alternate the application with radiofrequency or phototherapy with LED lights.

6 in 1 high Frequency Device

But one of the most complete devices is this device, which includes 6 treatments in a single device: phototherapy, EMS microcurrent, high frequency, ultrasound, ion treatment and electroporation treatment. This makes it an ideal addition to your face cleanse and its price is very adjusted.

On the one hand, we will have radiofrequency emitters, EMS microcurrent and LED light phototherapy treatment. On the other side we find the other 3 functions. The working mode can be easily selected thanks to its LCD screen and its 850 mAh battery has an autonomy of almost 100 minutes.

Newvisage HF Radio Frequency Device

The newvisage store specializes in devices for aesthetic treatments and among its radio frequency devices, one of the best sellers is this mini model that works with radio frequency to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and contract the collagen fibers and increase the metabolism of fibroblasts (cells that are responsible for the production of collagen, elasticity and hyaluronic acid are responsible).

The result is smoother, healthier, younger skin. The advantage of this device is that it has more power than the previous ones and it can also be used in the body contour, where it helps us reduce fat, reduce cellulite and sagging. It has 2 heads, a smaller one for the face and a larger one for the body.

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