9 REVIEW JJRC Professional DRONES to BUY

Drones have become so popular that we are finding more and more variety in the market. From those designed for professionals to those designed for every fan of this flying world. Among the Chinese brands that have joined the manufacture of drones, we find JJRC, which is a brand little known so far, but it is becoming quite popular.

This brand has all kinds of models; with and without camera, large and small, etc. A wide range of models to adapt to the tastes and needs of each user. And at really low prices. In this post we would like to tell you a little more about this brand and in particular about the best models on the market and their characteristics. JJRC has several lines with different ranges within which there are different models.


We started with its most famous line and the longest time in the market. These drones are low end, but they are perfect to learn before you invest a fortune on a professional drone. They have the same control system, they also have a camera and perfect features for beginners.


This is one of the brand’s first models. Like most JJRC models, it is aimed at beginners. It’s very simple, but very good for people who want to get started with drones. It includes a 2MP camera that allows you to record videos up to 720p. It has an autonomy of up to 10 minutes of flight, which is quite remarkable considering that we can buy this model from 40 dollars.

On the other hand, the JJRC H8C is equipped with propeller protection and a replacement set. It is also equipped with LEDs for night flight and an SD card. The rotary knob is very handy and easy to learn. It is equipped with an LCD screen that shows all the necessary flight information. In addition, it has two flight modes (beginner and expert) so you can learn little by little. In addition, you can perform all kinds of maneuvers.


The JJRC H8D is an entry-level flight drone in this class of vehicle, this is a device that, despite its low price, offers an acceptable amount of useful features.

With camera

The advantage of this model is that it includes a 2 MP camera, while not great quality it makes a great contribution considering that it is a low-end drone. The company has already understood that camera drones are much more in demand. And it’s something that it has built into most of its models – albeit not all of the same quality.


It includes controls with FPV (First Person View) screen to see the flight in progress or the video live in case you want to make a video. The video quality can be up to 720p at 30 FPS. It includes a 2 GB memory card to save the video right there. The JJRCC H8D uses a 7.4V battery that provides 8 minutes of flight time.


The JJRC H8D has an ABS plastic housing. The dimensions are 33 inches long and wide and 11 inches high, which makes it a pretty small and handy drone. It also weighs a little over a kilo.

The design of the remote control is very ergonomic and comfortable to use. The transmitter is dual mode (reversible poles) and a screen up to 4.3 inches can be mounted. The transmission range is 150 meters, which is a slightly higher distance than we are used to in the lower range. We find it from 70 euros. Another function of the drone is to return to the command signal if it is lost. In addition, it includes LED lights to be able to see it during night flights or in 3D flight mode.


This is a slightly improved version of the previous model, although the price is very similar (80 dollars). The JJRC H9D has radio control with two built-in screens, one to check the flight status of the drone and the other to see what the camera is recording. The first is monochrome and tells us, among other things, the battery level, the antenna signal, the status of the LEDs and other useful information. The second is 4.3 inches tall and in color.

In terms of design, it is very similar to its predecessor, but a bit more compact, which significantly improves flight comfort. It is also made of plastic and has a red and a blue LED.

The quality of the camera is the same as that of the previous 2 MP model and allows recording of videos at up to 720p at 30 fps. In this respect nothing new compared to the previous model. Yes, there is a certain improvement in the controls, because in addition to the drone maneuvers there is also a button for taking photos or starting the video. The maximum distance between the drone and the controller is a little smaller; 100 meters and 8 minutes of flight. All of this from 80 euros is not a bad option to start with.

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The JJRC H12C is another great option to get into the world of drones. Like other JJRC drones, it does more than what we’d expect from an entry-level drone in terms of resilience and stability. The price of this model on AliExpress is slightly lower than the previous ones (around 75 dollars).

One of the most important things the JJRC H12C offers us is resilience. This is a very important factor when we are beginners because while we are learning to fly the drone it can hit more than one hit and it is important to get a model that will withstand our awkwardness as beginners. The JJRC H12C is above all robust and withstands impacts very well. Regarding the range of the JJRC H12C, the specifications state 300 meters. It is also equipped with a 5 MP HD camera.


The JJRC H25G is one of the best drones in the brand for doing first person (FPV) flights and you can also add a GoPro type action camera or something similar. It also includes a camera with a video transmitter. The camera sends the image to a radio control LCD screen where you can see in real time the images the drone is taking.

As with the JJRC H8D, you have two options for saving the videos and photos you take on your flights. On the one hand, the radio control has a slot for inserting an SD card and thus for recording the images that you take from the FPV and, on the other hand, you can take the images directly from the camera by inserting an SD card.


This model is different from the ones we introduced to you in this post. Does not include a camera. And it’s intended for aerobatics rather than any type of video. It’s more of an off-road drone; It is submersible up to 50 cm and has various functions such as a 360º button to facilitate loops or somersaults. Otherwise it is similar to its colleagues. It has a flight autonomy of 8 minutes and a relatively quick charge compared to other models (60 minutes).


JJRC H37 is a pocket model (16x13x2.5 cm) that weighs just 80 grams. Plus, if it doesn’t seem small enough, it’s a foldable drone with removable propellers. And despite its size, we found some quite interesting features. Like a 6-axis stabilization that helps a lot for beginners.

With integrated camera

While the size may be misleading, the company wanted to build in a small camera that could take photos at 480p. While the quality is a bit limited, it’s a good option for beginners. In addition, no remote control is included, but is controlled directly from the smartphone.


Easier to use

We can also have all the functions of the JJRC H37 from the mobile application and control its various flight modes. One of the great advantages over the others is that this drone is easy to control. It has a lot of additional features that help us a lot to fly without any problem. One of them is, for example, the height control, thanks to which you will never go higher than the control signal allows you. It will also include features that will allow you to enjoy any kind of turns, maneuvers, and wheel flicks.

Incidentally, it is quite similar to the previous models, a 500 mAh battery that enables flight autonomy of approx. 8 minutes, flight functions to simplify the operation of the drone (automatic start, return to the command signal, headless mode).


If we’ve piloted a drone before and have had some practice, we may want to buy something bigger and faster. Like the JJRC H28, made of impact-resistant plastic, with which we can do all sorts of stunts. In addition, it has 3 speed modes, a return function and a 1,200 mAh super battery.


This is the new line of drones from the Chinese brand JJRC. In this case, the brand wanted to take a leap forward and offer an affordable drone but significantly improve the quality and attention to detail. A bit in the style of the Xiaomi Mi Drone.


This drone is also a starter drone. But with something more important. The autonomy has doubled compared to the H range and flown for 15 minutes and with a fairly long range (300-400 meters). You can find it on Aliexpress from 90 $.

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