Adidas SWEATSHIRTS on AliExpress and Amazon

Hi! Today we are going to talk about the Adidas sweatshirts on the AliExpress platform, a topic that has its crumbs because the type of Adidas sweatshirts you can find on AliExpress has changed a lot in the last few months.

In this article, we’ve also taken a seat to compare prices on AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and ASOS, three other platforms where we can easily buy Adidas sweatshirts. Watch out for prices, reliable stores … and save these instructions in your favorites so that you can always orientate yourself how to buy cheap Adidas sweatshirts.

Original Adidas Hoodies on AliExpress?

If you know AliExpress a little, you’ll know that it is a great online bazaar with original products and replicas, as well as Chinese private labels that are now irrelevant. We need to know how to differentiate between original Adidas sweatshirts and AliExpress replicas, but luckily we do Adidas sells original clothing.

We can be sure: the sellers will not deceive us: there are fewer and fewer replicas, and if you have found one, the replica sellers have them not to make you a hoot, but for the buyers who are interested to acquire exact replicas.

On the other hand, you should know that authentic Adidas sweatshirts are not particularly cheap, so we have to reckon with around $ 60 per item of clothing. In order to determine whether Adidas sweatshirts are authentic, several points must be considered:

  • Take a look at the original logo that sellers usually put on the product description images.


  • Another tip is to check whether the title of the product includes the word “Original” or something similar.

  • And of course the price. The replicas are cheaper than the original Adidas hoodies. The money you want to spend is yours. In any case, whether real or replicas, the products are “Made in China”. Both produce there.
  • THE ULTIMATE TRICK! Verify that the AliExpress seller includes the Guaranteed Authenticity logo in the detailed description of the product. The fact that we reimburse the amount means that if a product with this seal turns out to be counterfeit, you will receive double what you have in your bag. It is obvious that a seller with this seal has 100% original products.

Price for original Adidas Hoodies and Jackets on AliExpress

After researching and comparing prices and models on different platforms, it is possible that you will find Adidas sweatshirts a little cheaper on AliExpress than in the brand’s official store. We’re talking about buying sweatshirts for $ 50 in China and Adidas stores in EE.UU and Europe for something else. There is a small $ 10/15 price difference which, if your budget is tight, can be a great choice that will please your wallet.

adidas sweatshirts

Depending on the collection and model, prices vary depending on the reference. You already know that Adidas sweatshirts are worth more than $60 with very few exceptions. Fortunately, it’s possible to find a large supply of sweatshirts on AliExpress that don’t reach this price point. As I have already told you, there are models that you can purchase from as little as $49.

Remember that AliExpress shipping is free

A more targeted search that can help you by gender is the original Adidas sweatshirts for women and the men’s catalog.

The sizes of the Adidas sweatshirts

All sellers provide the following table (or a similar one) with the conversion of their clothing sizes and European sizes. There may be differences, so it is important to pay attention to the measurements of the individual sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL).

adidas sweatshirt sizes

And by looking at the buyers’ comments (if any) you can draw more conclusions about the sizes, the originality, the replicas, it is always important to check the sales history as an experience for you.

Some Chinese Stores with original Cheap Adidas Sweatshirts in 2023 

There are Chinese sellers starting with Adidas jackets in their catalog to get great rating. We picked the 3 we like the most for a variety of reasons such as reputation and buyer feedback:

  1. Best Sports Stores – Has three prestigious diamonds, over 100 different styles of Adidas sweatshirts, and enough sales to be trustworthy.
  2. Relee Sports Shop: good prices, discounts on a large part of the stock … and 2 diamonds.
  3. Top Sports Flagship: Large selection of original Adidas sweatshirts and jackets from the last few seasons.

A tour of the catalog is worthwhile. We were astonished because there are inexpensive models in the new, very appetizing collection. If you agree, hurry or the units will run out.

What if I see an Adidas sweatshirt for $25?

There is no doubt that you are dealing with a counterfeit item of clothing. Surely the seller belongs to a business that opens and closes quickly to get rid of their counterfeit products as soon as possible. You already know that there are bargains to be found on AliExpress, but you should be suspicious if you find that a product in question costs 3 or 4 times less than its real value in your country

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Three alternatives to AliExpress

Sweatshirts adidas

Option 1 – Amazon

I recommend buying sweatshirts on Amazon for several reasons:

  • Fast shipping, which can even be 24 hours / up to 7-10 days
  • Free Shipping
  • More models than at AliExpress
  • 100% original sweatshirts

In contrast to AliExpress, there are external sellers on Amazon in addition to the platform itself. I think you already know where the shots are going when looking for Adidas sweatshirts on Amazon, it is likely that the web will show its products before the references of external suppliers. They will say it doesn’t matter, but it is because we sometimes forego the best prices that don’t have to be those from Amazon itself.

I recommend doing a little research. You will always find pleasant surprises. So, for the best results, please select all sellers or click one by one to check stock and price !! everyone.


When will I receive my order?

There is a very good trick that allows us to have the product within 24 hours with no shipping costs. It is not necessary to buy it, but I recommend it. We’re talking about Amazon Premium, a service that you can “rent” for $ 20 a year (now I’ll explain the quotation mark) with the following advantages:

  • FREE 1-day shipping on over a million products
  • Free unlimited photo storage
  • Preferential access to Amazon BuyVIP events, every evening at 10:00 p.m., 9 hours before the official opening

In this case, Amazon Premium has a 30-day test phase that can be canceled at any time. So, to get your Adidas sweatshirt in one day and at no cost, you need to sign up for the premium service, buy the clothes you want and after this process do not renew the subscription. The steps are very simple, you shouldn’t worry.


Option 2 – eBay

Ever thought of browsing sweatshirts on eBay? Sure, yes. Remember that in this great online clothing outlet, you need to consider the condition of clothing. When searching for Adidas sweatshirts for the first time and more than 6000 results appear, depending on whether the product is new and with a label, new without a label, with defects or already used, we can find different prices.

Personally, I don’t like buying second-hand clothes. It’s not free, but I don’t trust the state of the clothes. If I could avoid eBay this time, I would. That said, there are plenty of new originals out there with amazingly free shipping, but I’ve also been unfortunate enough to come across a number of very cheesy imitations.


Option 3 – ASOS

We saved it for the end, but it’s no less important for that. More and more people are buying clothes from ASOS, a global online fashion and beauty store that offers more than 50,000 lines of privately and externally branded products for women, men, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty.

And at Adidas sweatshirts you will also find up to 60 different models of the new season  2023 . You won’t find cheap prices (from 80$) here, but free shipping, express shipping for certain occasions and emergencies and simple returns from UK are tempting. At ASOS, they know how to take care of the customer online. I think that’s why they’re increasing their sales so much.

Oh yes, and of course all Asos models are original. Another thing that I really like about this site is its accessibility and ease of purchase. You forget to contact salespeople who don’t speak your language and don’t know your size. And if you have any doubts, go through the tutorials section of our blog for items that will help you make better purchases focus at AliExpress.