In recent years, AliExpress has improved a lot and offers a completely different shopping experience than in the first few years: Purchasing on this platform meant waiting up to 2 months. We have gradually seen how delivery times have been reduced worldwide, for example thanks to the platform’s agreements with various postal and transport companies.

One of the latest news is about to change your shopping experience completely. This is a new AliExpress agreement with the Cainiao Courier that will allow you to receive your order in just 10 days! This modality has currently only been activated for the Spanish territory. We already know that this is one of the countries where this platform is concentrating some of its growth. We explain how it works and how you can find sellers with Super Express Shipping.

What is 10 Day Shipping and How does it work?

Superexpress shipping is a shipping method that takes 10 working days, which means that in just over a week (without taking into account the preparation time of the order) we will have our shopping at home. Compared to a traditional shipment, which takes an average of 3 weeks as we explain in our AliExpress shipping time guide, this new shipment gives us our order up to 30% faster.

To this end, AliExpress has reached an agreement with the Volga-Dnepr airline to set up 3 direct connections between China and Spain. More specifically, the route will start from Hong Kong and land in Madrid, although it will stop in Belgium to connect within the Cainiao logistics center, the company with which AliExpress has other transport agreements around the world. As always, the final delivery takes place via Correos España.

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Although this shipping method was introduced to boost purchases through AliExpress after the severe delays of the past few months, there is no end date, so it seems that if all goes well, shopping in China will be easier than never. We no longer have to pay to buy Chinese brands through AliExpress Plaza as we buy direct from China and receive them in a more than acceptable delivery time.

How to find Sellers with this Shipment on AliExpress

It is important to remember that not all sellers and stores offer this service, although there are many stores and the most interesting thing is that in almost all product categories we can find a seller who offers this super express shipping. In addition, the most famous sellers on this platform are betting on super express shipping or warehouse in EE.UU, which is great news.

To find sellers with fast 10 day shipping, simply search for your favorite products and filter your search for “fast shipping”. It works the same way in the mobile application. If you still don’t see this option, we recommend that you check to see if there is a pending update to this application. In this picture below you can see how to do it.

We strongly recommend that you use the filters offered by the platform to further refine your search: you can choose the price range, only display products from AliExpress Plaza, with free shipping or returns, sort the search by sales or relevance of the products. This is how you can quickly find the product that suits your needs.

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Attention! Not all sellers choose this shipping by default

But we recognized one thing. Not all sellers offer this super express shipping as standard. This means that if you do not select fast shipping within 10 days when adding the product to your cart, it will take longer to receive your order. It doesn’t happen to all sellers, it’s unusual, but it is better to double-check before buying so as not to be disappointed.

Finally, we can check that the delivery is fast as it shows the icon “delivery in 10 days” and the delivery date. Remember that this delivery time does not include lead time. So if it is still too short, we recommend buying from AliExpress Plaza, the platform for shipments from Spain, or from one of the sellers with delivery in 72 hours with a national warehouse.

Does this shipment have a tracking number?

One of the common doubts is whether you can track your AliExpress shipments as some shipments, even though they have a tracking number, cannot be tracked. This usually happens when we buy something very cheap and the seller offers “cheap” shipping so that it is no more expensive than the product itself. But at the moment it appears that all Super Express shipments have trackable tracking numbers. Learn how to track your orders on AliExpress from our guide to see where your packages are going.

What is the difference between 10-day shipping and standard shipping on Aliexpress?

AliExpress surprised us some time ago with a faster shipping, AliExpress Standard Shipping, in collaboration with Correos España. If you now select the 10-day shipping option, you will see “AliExpress Standard Shipping” displayed. It is important to note that it is not the same. There are still “AliExpress Standard Shipping” shipments that take longer than 10 days.

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Everything you need to shop safely on AliExpress

As mentioned earlier, this novelty is part of AliExpress’s effort to encourage and facilitate English users to buy. Recently, the number of sellers offering free returns 15 days after receiving your order has been added to other safeguards such as a refund in case your order is not received within the allotted time or does not match the description . If you want to know more, we encourage you to read our guide to Refunds, Disputes, and Returns on AliExpress.

But at AliexBA, we love shopping on AliExpress. Therefore, not only do we show you the latest promotions, the best brands and other interesting news, but we also have a tutorial section where we explain all the tricks and tips that we have gathered over the years to help you buy more, safely and save money on your purchases. If you want to know more about how this platform works, we encourage you to keep reading our final guide to AliExpress, a round-up of all the information you need to know to buy.