AliExpress Pick COUPONS

For some time now, you may have seen a new class of discount coupons on AliExpress called “Choice Coupons” or “Choice Coupons“.

They showed up in one of the recent sales and it seems that AliExpress found this to be a good method. Now they are another class of coupons that can be combined with existing ones. Today we explain what they are, how they work, and how to get the most out of them

Types of Coupons on AliExpress

To have a good understanding of these type of coupons, it is important to know the different discounts that you can find on the AliExpress page:

  • AliExpress Coupons: They are coupons that AliExpress is giving away to new buyers through games or that can be exchanged for coins. They apply to the entire cart, so you can add products from multiple sellers and then pay all together to redeem the voucher. You have a minimum purchase amount, if we do not reach this minimum amount, the coupon will not be applied.
  • Seller vouchers: Many sellers offer coupons that you can buy in their stores (see Coupons). They have a minimum amount that can be achieved by adding multiple products from the same seller to the cart.
  • Selection coupons: They are new coupons that work in all stores and can be combined with the previous three. They have a minimum amount and are a little weird.
  • Welcome coupons: The welcome coupon is the one that AliExpress gives you to register. You can use that PR1C91H3 Promotion code for your first purchase on AliExpress:

These three coupons can be added and combined, meaning you can apply selection coupons, seller coupons, and AliExpress coupons if you meet all the minimum requirements. Remember that you can see all the coupons in your account in the “My Coupons” section.

AliExpress Pick Coupons: What They Are & How They Work

As already mentioned, the selection coupons are coupons offered by AliExpress. It is important that you understand that if you later decide to buy from another store or just not, you can use the same selection coupons in any other store that supports them, even if you exchange coins for selection coupons in one store to buy.

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How do you get selection Coupons?

The easiest way to receive selection coupons is to go to the display of a product that accepts them and click on “Receive Selection Coupons” from there. The selection coupons are always $ 2 and we can get as many as we like by redeeming them 20 coins for each selection coupon..

But it’s been even easier to get them for a while now. For example, it’s common for AliExpress to have them on their promotions pages like on 11/11. given away on AliExpress. They appear in the coupon rounds and you can get as many as you want. Obviously there is a spending limit on selected coupons (ex: $ 6 for every $ 65 spent). Remember that you can see all of your choice coupons in this section of your account.

How can I apply the selection Coupons to my Purchase?

It’s very easy. First, as I said, it is essential that the Selection Coupon Icon on the page of the product you want to buy and that you have exchanged your coins for one or more selection coupons. The conditions for the application also appear in the same place where the symbol “Selection Coupon” appears. For example, in this ad, which you see below, the seller states that we can apply a selection coupon (of $ 2 as we said is the amount each selection coupon has) if our purchase exceeds $ 15. Therefore, we do not have to buy anything else in your store as we will meet the minimum quantity when we buy the watch.

Now we can put the product in the shopping cart and see how the selection coupon is automatically redeemed while paying, without us having to do anything. Our watch It cost us from $ 15.99 to $ 13.99.

How to combine several Coupons: practical example

Since our goal is to help you save as much as possible, we will explain in a practical way how you can combine multiple coupons (Seller Coupons, Aliexpress Coupons and Select Coupons) to save big money on your AliExpress purchases. For example, this seller offers a $ 6 discount for a minimum purchase of $ 55 with Selection of couponsbut it also has several Seller Coupons. In this case we choose the coupon of “$ 3 for every $ 50 purchase”.

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We have chosen two pillows that will cost us $ 58.66. The coupon of $ 3 per $ 50 (seller’s voucher) will be applied first. The purchase now costs us $ 55.66, so we have reached the minimum amount for the applicable selection coupon ($ 6 for purchases of at least $ 55), for which we had to exchange 3 vouchers. Overall we pay $ 49.66 and we saved $ 9. Not bad, right?

In this case we could not apply AliExpress Coupons Since we don’t have one at the time of purchase, but if we had the conditions and we met them, it would be applied on the same payment screen that we showed you. Vouchers always are applied in this order: First the seller coupons, then the selection coupons and finally the AliExpress coupons are discounted.

Find Sellers who Accept selection Coupons

Until recently, it was almost a lottery to find sellers who would accept pick coupons as we had to examine each product to see if the seller was one to whom we could apply these type of coupons. But now AliExpress has included the option to filter your search to leave only the products from sellers who can accept selection coupons. The conditions are the ones we have already commented on. You must enter each product to see the minimum amount to be able to apply selection coupons.

Tricks to Get More Coupons and Discounts on AliExpress

We know you want to save money on your AliExpress purchases and we have the best tips for getting discount coupons (real, no tricks or traps). And this online sales platform offers its users many opportunities to save money, not just during sales and discount times. These are the best ways to get discounts and coupons on AliExpress.

AliExpress welcome coupon for new users

If you are not already registered with AliExpress, you can now get a discount coupon that will save you money on your first purchase. It’s a great way to shop on AliExpress because who doesn’t dare to try something when it’s free? Well, you know, go to the AliExpress home page. When the system detects that you are new, it will offer you a discount coupon. You can also check out our welcome coupon guide to find out how to get them and how they work.


Invite your friends and earn money

If you are already registered with AliExpress, you can also invite your friends to register on this online sales platform. You both get a discount on purchase and the best part is that you can get up to 10 coupons per month through this system. We explain more in our article Invite your friends and win coupons on AliExpress.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

Every purchase you make on AliExpress has a price. And not only that, if you leave comments or visit AliExpress every day, you can earn points. These points are used to classify you as a buyer at various levels. Thanks to the AliExpress affiliate program, the most frequent buyers get discounts for their birthday, coupons, discounts on exclusive events, faster refunds. And the new VIP affiliate program allows you to speed up your purchases and get coupons every month.

Freebies and Coins to save you money

The AliExpress mobile app has many advantages and allows you to shop from anywhere. But there is also a section where you can find games that you can use to earn coins to exchange for coupons or get freebies i.e. We explain more in our tutorial Freebies and Coins in AliExpress.

Keep an eye out for shopping festivals like Black Friday and May 11th

Shopping festivals are full of coupons. November is the month of discounts, so mark these dates on your calendar. Every year we update Black Friday and AliExpress 11 11 Shopping Festival items to bring you the best coupons and deals.