Balenciaga Speed ​​SNEAKERS on AliExpress

Fashion changes every season, but there are some trends that seem to stay here. One of them are the “sock sneakers”, these futuristic-looking sneakers have triumphed on the catwalks of brands like Balenciaga or DKNY and celebrities have confirmed that they are the latest in fashion. If you don’t want to spend the more than 500 euros that the originals cost, we’ll explain how to find cheaper shoes of the same style on AliExpress.

But are these Sneaker replicas? Are they imitations of the originals?

First of all, we want to make it clear that these shoes are not replicas, but shoes inspired by the originals with a very similar shape. However, they do not contain the brand names Balenciaga or DKNY. However, they are a great alternative to be fashionable for little money. Many cheap fashion brands such as Zara or Mango also imitate luxury branded clothing or sneakers, so it’s no wonder.

How to find shoes similar to Speed ​​Shoes on AliExpress

Finding these fashionable sneakers on AliExpress is very easy. Unlike cheap brands, this website lets you instantly find sneakers that are similar to the big brands and in this case it was no exception.

Shoes similar to the Balenciaga Speed ​​or the DKNY Nora can be found under this link. As you can see, the bestsellers are very similar to the originals, above the heel and in classic color combinations: black, gray or blue fabric. They are unisex sneakers that apply to both men and women and come in a wide variety of sizes.

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However, if you are looking for sneakers that are inspired by this style but have a more feminine touch, we also have models for you: in this search you have Balenciaga Speed ​​sneakers with a lower waist. They follow the same style as the previous ones, with perforated fabric combined with a white rubber sole, but in this case in more striking colors.

Children can also be fashionable without spending a lot of money. For the little ones, on this link we found sneakers similar to the Balenciaga Speed, and the best thing is that they are very cheap, they cost less than 10 euros. In addition, these shoes are characterized by the fact that they have no laces, making them ideal for children.

Now all you have to do is choose the model you like the most and wait for it to arrive. Remember that the most important thing when choosing a shoe is the right size, as your usual size doesn’t have to be the same as the products on this Chinese platform. The best way to get it right is to look at the seller’s measurement chart. It is very similar to this one that you can see below, it can be found in the description of the shoes and to use it properly you must first measure the length of your bare foot.

With this measurement we go to the table to choose our size. For very wide feet, a size larger is always recommended, even if we are between two sizes, it is better to go for the larger size. Remember that the inside of the shoe is the same size as your foot, with an extra 2 cm to make you feel comfortable. If you have any further questions about size picking, we recommend our guide to choosing your size on AliExpress.

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Final Reviews and advice on these fashionable sneakers

If you came here to look for replicas of Balenciaga Speed ​​sneakers we have to tell you that AliExpress is no longer selling fakes or the sellers are very good at hiding that they have the name and when the page spotted him, they remove the business. This is what happens on most of the Chinese sites as the original brands denounce these platforms.

However, these sneakers mimic style and are ideal for fashion. Obviously, very few people can afford the $ 500 that the originals cost, so they’re the best low-cost alternative. They are shoes with very good comments from other buyers. Hence, we recommend that you find these shoes on AliExpress.

Although we encourage you to enter the links we left during the article and look for the best sellers to make your purchase right, you can also find them in our selection of recommended sellers.