Best CASHBACK for AliExpress

It is clear that buying from AliExpress always equates to low prices, but did you know that there is a very easy way to save even more on your purchases? Cashback platforms allow us to get some of what we spend on AliExpress back. But there are many and everyone has very different conditions.

Hence, in today’s article, we’re going to analyze which is the best cashback platform for regular AliExpress buyers.

What is Cashback?

Cashback platforms advertise some stores so that we, their users, can shop through the links they provide. Then these stores pay a commission to the cashback platforms, which in turn they share with us. So in the end we all benefit. The more you use these cashback platforms, the more money you accumulate that you can then transfer to your bank account to spend on whatever you want. So if you are consistent, some of your purchases on AliExpress may be free.

Are They Really Working?

All of the platforms that we are going to mention are completely reliable and secure, but it is very important that you are aware that every store has rules that you must strictly follow in order for the cashback to be confirmed and the refund to be correct achieved.

It may seem very complicated at first, but if you familiarize yourself with its uses and incorporate it into your routine, it will cost you nothing and you will be running for money without even realizing it. If you want to learn more about these platforms, we have a comparison of the best cashback sites.

Cashback Platforms that work with AliExpress

First we will see which are the main cashback platforms that work with AliExpress.


Letyshops is possibly the hottest cashback platform out there, so you’ve probably heard of it by now. It includes nearly 4,000 stores including AliExpress with a refund percentage of up to 5%. It also has advanced cashback, select and limited offers where the percentage can be multiplied by five times or even more.

You can usually find this extended cashback once a week for which you can get up to 25% back. Note, however, that not all items accept cashback. You can see which items are included in the table that we will show you later. To go directly to the AliExpress page in Letyshops, click here.



Beruby is one of the most widely used cashback sites, and possibly the oldest, having been up and running since 2007. On AliExpress, it offers cashback of up to 5.40% on many of its items. Here you can go straight to the AliExpress page in Beruby and check out the selected stores that only have 0.60% cashback and those that don’t.


At Shoppiday, the maximum cashback is 5.28%, although unlike Beruby and Letyshops, there is no list of sellers with no cashback or with less cashback. It just warns that a small percentage of sellers don’t offer this service and you can’t claim cashback on AliExpress purchases directly.

What we don’t like about Shoppiday: there’s no way to request a refund for a purchase you think you made right. You can check the AliExpress store home page here.


Widilo’s cashback platform has 5.45% fixed cashback, but sometimes also offers so-called “extended cashback”. This offer is limited in time and of course not always available, although in stores as popular as Aliexpress it is not difficult to find it from time to time.

Widilo also does not provide a list of sellers who will not accept your cashback and this can create confusion when making a purchase as cashback may not be supported.

Mega bonus

With Mega Bonus, the maximum cashback is slightly lower than that of the other platforms: 4.91%. This platform provides a list of stores that don’t accept cashback (here) or that have discounted cashback on AliExpress.

My world

On the myWorld Cashback platform, you only have 2% cashback on AliExpress and although it has expanded Cashback, it doesn’t multiply the percentage like it does at Letyshops, it just increases it very little. In short, it is not very attractive if you shop with the Asian giant often.


At iGraal, AliExpress cashback is pretty low (1.5%), although they do offer extended cashback and you can find it at 3% from time to time. But it’s not a big deal compared to others either. As a plus, all items are included, except for books and gift cards.

With your permission

In principle, we find the highest AliExpress cashback in Consupermiso: up to 6%. Even so, we are not convinced that it does not offer advanced cashback like other platforms, nor does it provide a list of stores that do not accept cashback or have reduced it.

Conclusion: what’s the Best Cashback for AliExpress?

platformFixed percentage cashbackExtended cashback offersValid on all AliExpressConditions of purchaseMaximum cashback amount per orderPlazaUse of coupons allowedReward for inviting friendsWelcome voucher
Letyshops5%YesNo. You can check here whether the store accepts cashback5% mobile accessories, clothing, furnishings, garden accessories
1% on all other products, including unrelated products from the areas of mobile accessories, clothing, furnishings, garden accessories
0% in stores that don’t offer cashback (check the list here)
€ 34.5050% of Plaza items are not affiliated so they only give you 1% back
(paste the link of the article here to check if it is affiliated or not)
no5 € for each friend5 € when registering through a friend
Beruby5.40%noNo. You can check out the stores that don’t accept cashback here0.60% in selected stores
0% in stores that do not accept cashback (see both offers here)
5.40% on everything else
€ 22.40Same purchasing conditions as in other shopsYesFor each friend you always receive 50% of their accumulated cashback6 €
Shoppiday5.28%YesNo. Shoppiday advises that AliExpress does not accept cashback for all products, but does not provide a list of sellers.Indefinite.
Notify that Cashback claims are not being accepted by AliExpress
noSame purchasing conditions as in other shopsno10 € for each friend€ 20
Widilo5.45%Yes, the more you buy, the more you buy, increase your cashback in your favorite stores too.No. In addition, claims for declined cashback will not be accepted.5.45% mobile accessories, clothing, furnishings, garden accessories
3.64% Other categories and other accessories
2.78% Uncategorized Products
0.9% Selected stores and special stores (Xiaomi, Huawei, Cecotec, Biolomix, etc.)
€ 20Same purchasing conditions as in other shopsWidilo vouchers only3 € for each friend€ 5
Mega bonus4.91%YesNo. Here you can check out the stores that don’t accept cashback and the stores with a reduced percentage here2.41% for products in the category of cell phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, external and internal drives, home audio or video devices, computer peripherals.
0.5% electronics from specialist shops (see list here)
4.91% on everything else
€ 19.26Same purchasing conditions as in other shopsnoFor each friend you always receive 50% of their accumulated cashbackno
my worldtwo%YesIt is not specified, but we understand that it is not valid across the web.IndefinitenoSame purchasing conditions as in other shopsYesnono
iGraal1.50%YesnoNot valid for books or gift cards€ 20Same purchasing conditions as in other shopsIgraal vouchers only€ 3 + 10% of your cashback forever3 €
With your permission6%nono6% mobile accessories, clothing, at home
1.8% mobile technology and other technologies
4.8% Other categories
0.56% selected trades (does not specify which ones)
noSame purchasing conditions as in other shopsnoFor the first 10 recommendations, € 1 each and at least 10% of your generated
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The platform that offers the highest fixed percentage of cashback is Consupermiso, but there are no offers with extended cashback like in Letyshops.

At Letyshops, the fixed cashback percentage is 5%, but in many cases it can be increased up to 25% as the cashback usually multiplies once a week for a limited time. On the other hand, Consupermiso does not have a maximum refund cashback per order and in Letyshops the maximum refund amount is 34.50$.

Analyzing this, with an extended cashback of 25%, one would have to make a purchase of 138$ on AliExpress to collect the maximum money in Letyshops, and with a percentage of 5% the purchase would be 690$. Despite the fact that Consupermiso does not have a maximum return on investment, the purchases we usually make on AliExpress are not very high and it is likely that the Letyshops platform will save you more money.

Letyshops, the most comprehensive cashback platform

Letyshops has a browser extension that makes it much easier to use, notifies us when cashback is not activated properly and prevents us from losing money on our purchases. You can also check an item’s cashback rate by pasting the link here. Consupermiso, on the other hand, doesn’t even offer a list to look at manually and you end up buying without knowing for sure whether or not you are getting cashback.