Best DIY Tool Brands on Aliexpress

A well-stocked Tool kit can mean the difference between Rescue and disaster. Weren’t you wishing you had a wrench when the sink started leaking and flooding your bathroom? Don’t make this mistake again: take advantage of the fact that today you can buy good quality tools at a very affordable price.

In today’s article we are going to talk about Chinese tools: what brands are the best, how are they different from professional tools from famous brands and how to find them at the best price on AliExpress.

Best AliExpress Tool Brands on  2023 

When we talk about tools, brands like Bosch, Makita, DeWalt are sure to sound familiar. But Chinese tool brands are growing in popularity and becoming a very reliable alternative. These are our favorites.


It is the most famous tool brand on AliExpress. It offers high quality tools at an affordable price. His official store, which you can reach from here, has several warehouses around the world, from Spain to Brazil. In recent years it has improved its products and they are already of the same quality as the most popular brands, but at a cheaper price. That is why it has become the most popular brand for home and professional use. In its catalog you will find everything: drills and other power tools, hand tool kits, garden tools.


This tool brand for private and professional use is ideal for anyone looking for power tools, measuring tools and other accessories without spending a lot of money. It’s a little cheaper than the previous one, but it’s also very reliable as it has been sold for many years.


Although it has been selling tools in China for more than 20 years, it only recently started selling tools through AliExpress. It has low prices and great benefits as you can see on its official shop by clicking here. It specializes in power tools such as drills or grinding machines, which are characterized by good batteries and a lot of power.


This brand is ideal for those looking for power tools or hand tool kits. With several years of experience in sales on AliExpress, various stores in EE.UU or Europe and very affordable prices, its products do not disappoint and are gradually catching up with the Deko brand in the number of sales.

Work Pro

If you are looking for cheap tools with shipping from China or EE.UU and for an average user, Workpro is a great option. The most popular products are hand tools, either loose or in very affordable sets, but you can also find a wide range of accessories and spare parts.



Measurement tools are very important to get the best results and that is the specialty of this brand: multimeters, laser levels, testers, laser meters although they also have some power tools and welding tools. If you are into DIY it is worth taking a look at their official shop.

Other Brands of Tools

More and more Chinese brands are choosing to sell their tools through AliExpress as it is a high demand sector. But in order not to bore you, we will link you to other increasingly popular brands of Chinese tools:

  • Heritage: Brand specialized in power tools (drills, grinders, grinders).
  • Nanwei: Very cheap electric drills, saws and screwdrivers and bearings in China, EE.UU and Europe.
  • Allsome: Here you will find special tools such as polishers, bench drills, grinding stands.
  • Drillpro: You have pretty much everything from power tools to sandblasting guns. They have a warehouse in Spain, Australia, the United States.
  • Huepar This shop is characterized by high quality measuring instruments for private and professional use with warehouses in EE.UU, Europe or Brazil.

Recommended Tool Types

In addition to selecting the best sellers, we’ll also explain the best types of tools to buy on AliExpress.

Electrical tools

They are the most in demand tools, although they are also more expensive than their manual counterparts. They allow us to work effortlessly and get better results. At AliExpress you will find alternatives to the most popular brands such as Bosch, Black & Decker, DeWalt or Rockwell.


It is an indispensable tool, be it for a reform or for hanging pictures, and on AliExpress you can find cheap Chinese branded drill bits with very good quality. If used carefully, these drills can last for many years.


This multifunctional tool allows you to grind, cut, polish, strip all thanks to the various rotating discs that can be integrated into its head. Here you will find very affordable hand and table grinders.

Dremel type multitool

There are hundreds of Chinese alternatives to the famous turning tools from the American company Dremel. Thanks to their head, these multifunctional tools are very practical. It’s important to look at the performance and type of tips before purchasing.

Electric Stapler

This Tool is Essential for making upholstery and other home repairs, and they’re so cheap on AliExpress you can’t resist. All you need is fabric and a little imagination to make incredible transformations for very little money.

Electric Saws

Wood enthusiasts will not be able to resist these saws: You can find electric saws (circular saws, band saws, etc.) cheaper than in other stores and in good quality as well as compatible accessories.



While it may take a bit of training to use it properly, a welding kit comes in very handy. At AliExpress you will find a large number of high quality welding machines and accessories at very affordable prices.

Spray gun

To paint parts with an excellent finish, the best thing to do is to use a paint gun, and luckily, they are becoming more and more accessible. There are electric paint spray guns for professional and home use with great capacity and power ideal for all of your jobs.

Electric Grinder

An indispensable tool for repairs. With the cheap electric grinders you can find on AliExpress, you no longer have an excuse to get one: sand your furniture, walls, and any other surface for very little money.

Garden Tools

Not only does gardening help you keep your garden beautiful, it also has great benefits for your health and quality of life in general. These are the best garden tools we can find on AliExpress.

Lawn mowers and brush cutters

To keep your grass and bushes in perfect condition, there is nothing like these two tools. At AliExpress you can find very cheap manual lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers and electric brushcutters on Aliexpress.

Electric chainsaw

To keep your garden clean, it is important to cut off branches, tree trunks, and other plant elements. The best is an electric chainsaw and luckily there are quite a few on AliExpress, there are even accessories for your grinder to turn into a saw.

Hand Tools

A well-stocked tool kit is extremely important. Not only can it save you a ton of money on simple home repairs, but it can also help you avoid various tragedies, especially when it comes to plumbing.

When you’re starting out, it’s best to opt for a hand tool kit that has all of the basic tools you need at a bargain price.

Measuring instruments

If we want to achieve good results, adequate measuring tools are essential. And you no longer have to invest hundreds of euros in a laser meter, thanks to AliExpress you can buy it very cheaply. You will find cheap laser meters, laser leveling devices, calipers, tape measures and other measuring devices.

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Tool boxes, bags and trolleys

Correct storage is just as important as having the right tools. Luckily, AliExpress also has a great variety of tool boxes and bags for a very affordable price, as you can see here. Whether you are a construction professional or a hobbyist, it is a must have.

How to Buy them at the Best Price

In general, if you want to buy good tools it is much more convenient to do so on AliExpress than going to Leroy Merlin or buying them on Amazon. But there are a few things you need to consider.

Trustworthy shop or seller

When buying products on AliExpress, like on any other virtual platform, it is important to pay attention to certain things. The quality of your shopping experience is closely related to how good and reliable the seller you choose is. Hence, choosing a good seller is the most important thing.

In general, it is best to shop at AliExpress stores that have lots of sales and good reviews. What can also be very useful, especially when it comes to tools, is reading the reviews and opinions of other buyers.

Shipping and return on site

There are more and more sellers who have warehouses in different parts of the world like Spain, Europe, the United States. This allows us to receive our purchases faster, in addition to other benefits such as the ability to make free local returns within the first 15 days of receiving the order.

If for some reason the product you purchased is unsatisfactory, you can use the free returns service to return it to your own country instead of sending it to China. Trust us, this can save you further headaches. Without this service, you will have to send your return directly to China and will not receive your money until your product is safely there.

Buy good quality and price Chinese tools on AliExpress

Unfortunately, this service only works in Spain and the USA. If you are in Latin America, you cannot currently take advantage of this service. But hopefully AliExpress will build on that advantage soon. If you want to learn a little more about the local returns service, you can click here and read our guide on how to do it.