Best HALOGEN and LED Car LIGHTS on AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the Best sites for Buying specialty products that can cost us a fortune in the Store. Car Bulbs are one of the products worth buying because they are high priced products that we can get for very little money on this website. Today we are going to analyze all the brands of lightbulbs that we can find on AliExpress and which are the best sellers.

Types of Car Bulbs

Before we explain the best brands, we are going to review the three main types of lightbulbs that are available in the market for our car. The most common are Halogen lampsconsisting of a filament (usually tungsten) and a gas mixture. They have a long lifespan and a very good light output, and they are also the most economical.

A few years ago the Xenon lampsthat use a combination of steam and gases. The light can be bluish or whitish depending on the gas used. They have a double advantage over their predecessors: They have more luminosity and their service life is longer with lower watt consumption. In this search, we found the best light bulbs on the famous Chinese website.

But most automakers are relying more and more on that LED lights. These bulbs have the advantage that they can emit light of different colors and they have the longest lifespan of any type of light bulb, so we save time on maintenance and they also have very low consumption.

Every car is equipped with a certain type of lamp and it is difficult to switch from one to the other (besides, the lights that our car comes standard with are homologated and if we switch from halogen to LED we could have one Committing illegality, the best thing is to look at what kind of light bulb our car uses and not complicate life.

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Top 10 Best Brands of Car Lamps on AliExpress

At AliExpress we not only find Chinese white label lightbulbs, but also Chinese brands with a great reputation and even international brands like Osram or Philips, for those who prefer to trust a well-known brand. We’ll review them and explain what you can find in each of them. If you prefer to explore on your own, you can find them all at this link.

1. Oslamp: The Best-selling LED Lamps

It is one of the brands that is getting the most sales in its field. His official shop in AliExpress specializes in LED lights and light strips for all types of vehicles. The reason for their success is obvious: they have been on AliExpress for over 7 years and have 98% positive feedback as their lightbulbs are inexpensive and of very good quality. Its LED Lamps are designed for better lighting: they contain powerful chips for a more concentrated, stronger and brighter light that is heat-resistant and has a start time of 1 second. You can find them all here.

2. Cnsunnylight: High quality LED and Xenon Lamps

Although it’s been on AliExpress for less time, this store also tops the ranking for lightbulb sales on AliExpress. In your shop we can find all kinds of LED Lamps (for cars or motorcycles) as well as Xenon Lamps, there are even conversion kits to convert our halogen Lamp Cars to Xenon Lamps. All you have to do is enter one of their best selling lightbulbs which you can see here to verify the quality of the design and materials of their products.

3. S&D: Quality at a reasonable price

If you are looking for a brand with a good selection of auto lamps on AliExpress we recommend checking out this shop. In it you can find halogen, xenon or LED lights, the prices of which are more adjusted to those of the previous stores, as you can see here. In addition, its quality is still very good, for example in terms of LED lights, its lamps contain Philips chips that ensure a longer lifespan, better light output with lower consumption.

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4. Hlxg: innovative LED lamps

Although there is a very small range of lightbulbs out there (only 200, as you’ll see here) and has been on AliExpress for a little over a year, its LED bulbs are selling like hotcakes. In the official AliExpress shop you will find both “all-in-one” lamps and lamps with separate ballasts.

5. Patrol: good prices for LED lamps

This brand specializing in LED lights reminds us a lot of some of the ones already mentioned (Oslamp, Cnsunnylight, S & D, etc.). But since it was less time on AliExpress, it’s still not that popular, so it has better deals. In fact, some of their best-selling light bulbs that you can find here are identical to Oslamp’s and in some cases have better prices. When looking for the cheapest, it is worthwhile to compare between the two shops.

6. Tc-x: Design and Quality

From this brand, we like the great effort behind their products to offer better LED Lamps. For example with lightbulbs like this one you can see below, which has a braided mesh that improves heat dissipation and prevents overheating. It also contains high quality LEDs and we think it’s great that the seller explains their products in detail and demonstrates the quality, for example by measuring the illuminance of their lightbulbs with a lux meter.

7. Xencn: the Best-selling Halogens

If you are looking for high quality halogen bulbs, we recommend checking out the official shop in AliExpress, as although Xenon and LED bulbs are also available, the most popular ones in his store are traditional halogen bulbs, like you see in this search can see ordered by number of cores. You can find light bulbs for cars, motorcycles, and even trucks.

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8. Sagetechnology: very cheap light bulbs

In this shop we find very affordable prices for halogen, LED, Xenon Lamps and other accessories for your car (from GPS mirrors to code readers. If you haven’t found your ideal lamp or the previous ones seem very expensive.

9. Osram: Proven quality you can touch

We’ve left two international brands for last, not because they’re inferior, we simply believe that there is such a wide variety of high-quality Chinese lightbulbs on AliExpress that it’s worth knowing that the more conventional lightbulbs, in some cases, too come briefly. The best-selling Osram car Lamps that you can find here are halogen lamps, for example, although we can also find xenon and light lamps in their official shop on AliExpress, but without as many specifications as the previous ones.

10. Philips – proven halogen lamps

Finally, if you are looking for cheaper Philips branded halogen bulbs, you can find them using this custom search on AliExpress. If you don’t want to take any chances, these last two brands are a safe bet.