BUY BATTERIES for Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k

Drones are fun gadgets, but also indispensable for professional jobs and small projects. One of the best drones in terms of value for money is the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k, a semi-professional drone at a very competitive price that you are sure to know by now. However, one of the problems with these devices is that their batteries run out quickly, which leaves you with no drone when you have the best time.

Although the Xiaomi drone has a very good autonomy of 27 minutes thanks to its LiPo battery with a capacity of 5,100 mAh, if you plan to use your drone in longer sessions it is best to buy additional batteries to extend the flight time . Next, we will show you how to find extra batteries for your Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k on AliExpress.

Additional Batteries for your Xiaomi Drone in AliExpress

Finding extra Batteries for your Drone on AliExpress is very easy. You can find them in this search filtered by sales number. By purchasing a product with many sales, we ensure that it is a trustworthy product with real comments from other buyers. They are original batteries with a capacity of 5,100 mAh and a voltage of 17.4 V, fully compatible with your Xiaomi drone.

These LiPo batteries (lithium and polymer) can store a large amount of charge and a high discharge rate. They take approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge and they will give us an additional 27 minutes of entertainment. So if you want to spend hours with your drone without worrying about the battery, buy several at once, but keep in mind that each weighs just under 570 grams and measures 18 x 6 x 6 cm.


Changing the battery is very easy, we just have to remove it from the side of the drone and insert the new battery. The device itself recognizes the new battery and you can continue to use your drone without any worries.

Regarding the quality of the Batteries for the Xiaomi Drone, buyers in the best-selling stores confirm that they are high quality and original batteries. The delivery time always depends on the country and the shipping method, but most agree that the delivery was quite quick.

If you need a charger for these Xiaomi batteries, we have also found two very interesting options on AliExpress. The first is a charger that allows you to charge up to 3 Xiaomi Mi Drone batteries at the same time, saving time and space. In addition, it has 2 additional USB outputs for charging the drone controller or other electronic devices. You can find it by clicking here.

If you are away from home with your drone and you run out of battery, this cigarette lighter plug charger may come in handy. It allows you to recharge your batteries while you are on your way to your next destination.

How to find other spare parts for your Xiaomi Drone on AliExpress

The best part about shopping on AliExpress is that you can find thousands of accessories and parts for technology products. So it is very easy to find other spare parts for your Xiaomi drone, you just have to click here to find all kinds of spare parts: propellers, motors, flex cables, outer housings … you just have to be a little handyman on the Internet you can find thousands of tutorials for repairing your drone and with these spare parts you can do it for very little money.


The Best Stores to Buy Batteries for your Xiaomi Drone

Although, as we mentioned above, it is best to use this filtered search to find all the Xiaomi batteries available on AliExpress and check out the best sellers, but we can also recommend some of the best to buy batteries and other spare parts for your drone , based on number of sales, buyer rating, shipping method, or if they usually offer discount coupons.