BUY Best IPL Hair REMOVAL Devices

To be able to permanently Remove Body Hair is the dream of many women. Without a doubt, the laser is the best system for permanently removing hair, but it is an expensive system and, in many cases, painful. There are many alternatives that are also more effective and inexpensive, today we are going to talk about one of them: IPL Hair Removal.

IPL hair removal or photoepilation is one of the most effective, economical and comfortable systems to make hair disappear permanently. There are a variety of IPL epilators on the market that allow you to epilate in the comfort of your home, but they are still quite expensive compared to traditional methods. Fortunately, we can find very cheap and high quality IPL epilators at AliExpress. If you want to know how to find them, read on.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal devices have a xenon lamp that emits pulsed light in high-energy flashes. These high-energy impulses heat and destroy the hair at the roots. By weakening the follicle, we delay hair growth and can permanently remove hair.

Undoubtedly, these devices do not have the power and calibration systems of professional medical devices, so we need to be realistic: it can be difficult to permanently remove 100% of the hair, but we will see hair weakening from the first session. it will also take longer to grow.

Pulsed Light Hair Removal also has its advantages

As mentioned earlier, although the laser is similar, it is more effective as its shots are greater in intensity and smaller in diameter, while IPL hair removal works in a larger area and with less intensity. In the picture we attach below you can get an idea of ​​the difference between the two machines.

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But do not harm IPL hair removal, it has many advantages that other systems cannot:

  • It’s cheaper.
  • It’s less painful than other methods like laser.
  • Unlike certain laser devices, it is effective on a large number of skin colors and hair types.
  • It can be used in the comfort of your home and without appointments.

Hair and Skin types that Photoepilation can be used on

The pulsed light acts on the melanin contained in the hair, so this depilation system works better for hair in the growth phase and for people with dark hair. In addition, we get better results with a light skin tone because the contrast is greater. Therefore, this method of hair removal may not be effective on very light hair or dark skin as in either case the effect of the machine on the melanin of the hair is very weak.

Tips and recommendations before use

First of all, we need to shave before using the pulse light epilator. As a result, the heat acts directly on the follicle instead of burning the long hair and reducing its effectiveness. The skin should be clean (without deodorant, creams or make-up) and as cool as possible, as the hair roots absorb the light better in the cold.

Pulsed light hair removal works on the melanin of the hair follicle, so we advise you not to apply pulsed light to birthmarks, which are actually a collection of cells loaded with melanin.

This hair removal can be used on sensitive areas such as facial or groin hair. I recommend that you take extra care when applying the device to facial hair as it is a very hormonal area and the heat can cause heat to activate inactive follicles. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you apply cold wipes or even frozen bags immediately after stepping through the machine. We also recommend waxing these more sensitive areas (face, armpits, groin) first as the machine heats up with use.


How to Find Cheap IPL Machines on AliExpress

With a simple search like this one, we will find that we can find many IPL machines in AliExpress. In addition, they have a lot of positive comments and the description of the products is very detailed so there is no doubt about what we are buying. Some of the best-selling models are these.

One of the bestsellers is the IPL BabyAnne epilator. It can be used anywhere on the body and the same seller has some simple instructions on when to use it: in the first phase, the first 3 weeks, we use it twice a week. In the second phase we will use it once a week for 2 weeks and finally we will continue to use it every two weeks. The manufacturer promises a hair reduction of up to 80%, visible from the sixth week of treatment.

The machine has 5 energy levels, which can be ideally adapted to the area to be treated, and its service life is 120,000 pulsations. After all, its screen is 4 cm2 so we can grow in less time. It includes 3 interchangeable heads for different uses (photo rejuvenation, acne and hair removal). It also drives a lot of sales and you can see from other buyers’ comments that it’s well worth it.

My tip to save even more on AliExpress

As you can see, there are many suppliers that offer this type of machine for home IPL hair removal. Your best bet is to buy from a good seller who already has multiple sales in the ad, so we can see if what other buyers are getting matches the ad, or it is better to find another seller. Price is also important as we can find thousands of different prices in the same product.

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