To talk about Parker Pens is to talk about a product and a quality brand and reference in the writing industry. The Parker company, which also makes fountain pens, is one of the most famous and popular and is considered to be one of the symbols of luxury writing. You already know that this product is ideal for giving away or pampering as the price of pens from this brand is usually high.

Are there original Parker Pens on AliExpress? I haven’t personally seen them, but as soon as I posted this article they sent me photos of several sellers who recently had Parker products and which he said were original.

And since these are original products, there is no need to go back to shortcuts: just search for them and you will see that some prices are around 10$ or 20$ and that the name of the product says “Original”. The strange thing is that they usually don’t have the guaranteed authenticity logo on them. So to be absolutely sure that what you are buying is not an imitation, you can ask the seller via chat.

How to Distinguish an Original Parker from a Knockoff

Parker Pens are characterized by the fact that they are made from first-class materials, high-quality resins and even precious metals such as gold or silver. There are also more modest models, but I would be suspicious. You’re not original Parker. In this guide, we are going to talk about how to find the best testimonials, the best sellers, and some key tips for buying Parker Pens on this Chinese platform, eBay and Amazon. Aim!

How to Find Different Models of Parker Pens

The Parker Pen Company is a multinational writing and ballpoint pen company founded in 1888 in Wisconsin, USA by George Safford Parker, whose middle name gives the company its name. After almost 130 years of existence, some of its models have triumphed in this world. These include the Parker Vector Pens, which have been one of the best-selling collections since the beginning of the 21st century, partly because of their low price. It’s a simple middle line pencil.

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Parker Sonnet writing instruments date back to 1993 and are also one of the most important of the brand. Other significant collections are Parker 45 (from 1960 to 2006) and Parker 100.

And the Parker fountain Pens?

There are also some Chinese sellers on AliExpress that sell Parker Pens. As with pens, there are imitations and real products.

Parker springs

A good indicator to differentiate replicas from originals is the price. If it is more similar to the original prices or there is a 40-50% discount at most, it is possible that it is an original. In any case, I insist that sellers usually state this in the product description.

Parker Pens and Pens: Prices on Amazon and other platforms

Before talking about prices, it is important to consider something that will be a concern of any user when shopping online. Receipt of the order. Customs problem or extra tax when shipping from China? Since this product in question is a small item, most likely you will not experience any inconvenience. Your order shouldn’t experience any unexpected delays or price increases. Also, you know that many references on AliExpress do not include shipping costs.

Exactly the same thing happens to Amazon. There are some pens that take anywhere from 15 days to a month, roughly long enough for the goods to arrive from China. Here I recommend that you find the product as soon as possible (especially if you are in a hurry) and avoid shipping costs. Or we can have better luck with Amazon, for example, and find express delivery. You will have your shopping at home in approx. 72 hours.


It is important to know that Parker Pens prices in China are the best among a selection of online sale websites. First, because you avoid increasing the number of middlemen, and second, because there are so many vendors selling the product that they are competing for prices. There are generic Chinese non-branded pens that are sold individually (from 3-4$) and batches of up to 10 units for 5$. That means everyone gets out for less than 1 $. This option is ideal for freebies, meetings, communions …

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Don’t tell me this Chinese pen isn’t tempting … For 4.78 $ each. I already understand why there are thousands of such good sales and opinions (don’t forget to read other buyers concerns).


If you liked it as much as I did and want to buy a fountain pen on AliExpress, remember that items ship three days after receipt of payment and that pens and pens usually come with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, in addition to a great one Buyer protection from the Asian platform that revolutionized e-commerce.

Best Parker Pens Store on AliExpress

There are several Parker Pen stores on AliExpress where you can buy at the best price. With so many sellers and products, and the dilemma of choosing one, it is very important that we know how to distinguish one reliable and safe business from another that may not be. This avoids a bad experience and automatically rules out unreliable deals. To do this, you just need to look at 3 key factors:

  • Store Reputation: AliExpress rates and rates all of its sellers based on the quality of their products and services. In general, when a store has at least 1 diamond you can be absolutely sure that they are a reliable seller.
  • The ratings and reviews of other users who have bought on AliExpress: As with any item we intend to buy, it is important to read other people’s opinions in order to select a specific product or seller.
  • The number of sales achieved: the more sales a store has, the more trust it instills in us. But it is also true that there are very new, excellent quality stores that are still low in sales.

Amazon a safe but expensive alternative

If so, we can’t help you save as much money as we’d like. Or yes, it depends. If you are looking for genuine Parker Pens, then Amazon is without a doubt a great choice. On the basis that an original model does not go below 200-300 $, several models of Parker Low Cost Fountain Pens have recently been poured over different platforms. It will likely be priced below 20 $, but they are obviously not original.

On the other hand, there is a very interesting selection of original Parker pens that range from 15 $ to 1225 $.


If you are into fountain Pens, I suggest you write down the Xezo brand, a little cheaper than Parker if you look carefully at the previous picture.

And what about eBay’s Parker Pens?

All you have to do is be careful when buying a used Pen because you never know exactly what you are buying. You also need to find out if the seller is cheating on you and telling you it is an original Parker and then you find out that they sold you a fake… this has happened every now and then on eBay where it does there are many sellers that it is almost impossible to control intruders.

You can find your ideal parker on eBay, they didn’t catch my attention, but if you want more advice, please see the tutorials section of our blog for posts focused on making better purchases on AliExpress.