BUY Branded JEANS on AliExpress

The other day I was looking for cheap jeans and the first thing I did was enter AliExpress to see what is being cooked in the Jeans category. After trying jeans brands Levis, Lee, Diesel, dSquared, Armani, Dockers, Pepe Jeans, Abercrombie, AliExpress.

The positive side is that for a third of the price of an original pair of jeans, you can buy Chinese Jeans that almost never exceed $ 20. And if you want originality, maybe it is best to take a look at Amazon.

Which Original Jeans Brands are there on AliExpress?

We know a lot of brands have started selling genuine products, but there are many others who haven’t made the jump to AliExpress just yet. Unfortunately, most of the famous brands are not sold on AliExpress, but just in case, I recommend that you check for yourself by going to the english version and entering the brand you are looking for.

Check if there is a brand

Two things can happen:

1 – That you will find NOTHING under the name Levis, Pepe Jeans or the like


This is because AliExpress is cracking down on piracy, counterfeiting, and blocking requests from brands it knows for sure are not being sold legally.

2 – That you come across replicas of branded jeans

It is very easy to identify replicas of original clothing. The sellers themselves will give you a hint. If they do not contain this stamp of guaranteed authenticity, the product is certainly an imitation.

The ultimate trick to identify original trousers

Compare prices and put some common sense into it. The original Levis 505 jeans definitely do not cost 20 €. In this case, you will face an imitation.

To avoid imitations, I would be careful with jeans under $ 40-50. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find slightly cheaper prices on Amazon than in physical stores. It’s not a discount to speak of, but you already know they can cost around $ 15-20 less.And if, like AliExpress, you have free shipping to USA, all you have to do is wait two or three weeks to receive the product.

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An alternative: cheap Chinese denim brands

Apart from the increasingly rare imitations, you can also find many Chinese jeans brands on AliExpress that do not exceed 20 € and have a lot of sales and good reviews. Here are three of the bestsellers:

What about chinese carvings?

It’s another thing to keep in mind. What size pants do I have to buy if I choose a pair of jeans on AliExpress Determining your size can be frustrating and complicated if you don’t know what steps to take. It is important to know that the sizes can vary slightly depending on the seller. For this reason, we always recommend not to trust yourself and to follow these three tips:

  • See the provider’s equivalency table; You can find it by sliding in the middle of the product page. Here you can see the sizes in centimeters and their conversions
  • Check the seller’s reputation and consumer ratings. If they are positive, it is a good sign that the clothes you are selling are normal sizes.
  • Read customer reviews, if there are any clothing size issues, consumers usually recommend buying one size up or down

Amazon: original brands and Free Shipping in 24 hours

You can enjoy this benefit on these two platforms. This makes your order cheaper. On Amazon, all you need to do is check that the item description of the cheap jeans you are browsing says “FREE Shipping“.

We also have the option of receiving the product within 24 hours. when you sign up for the ‘Amazon Premium‘ service. I recommend it if you are a compulsive Amazon buyer. They cost $ 20 a year and every purchase we make is made in a day. Or you can sign up for a simple purchase but then have to cancel the subscription.