BUY Cell Phone MODELS and PARTS on AliExpress

AliExpress has become one of the most popular platforms for wholesale and retail sales of all kinds of cell phone parts including screens for cell phones as well as other parts for all types of cell phone brands. You asked us if the sellers on this Chinese website have spare parts for iPhone and spare parts for Samsung in stock under other brands, but there are many other manufacturers as well.

AliExpress handsets are known for their low price, quality, and wholesale and retail sales, so those enthusiasts (or stores) who dedicate themselves to repairing phones on the most famous ones can buy touchscreens and other parts in series. And if you only want to order one piece, you can purchase it individually. Use this search to find the best-selling replacement parts on AliExpress. You can check the low price of all of them.

Cell Phone Screens in AliExpress

The most successful parts are without a doubt the touchscreen spare parts, as you can find phone screens at AliExpress for a very affordable price. This means that if you need to change your screen because for some reason it has been hit, multiple or scratched, it is very likely that spare parts for your model are available on this platform. Simply enter the Telephony category > Cell phone parts and write the name of the cell phone or brand concerned (see picture below). There, select the provider screen that best suits your requirements / possibilities.

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Here are several brands of cell phones we found on AliExpress with touchscreen replacement parts:

There is more. Write what we have already commented on in the search engine Advertisement + brand name you are looking for and you are sure to find a wide variety of references. Prices vary by seller, so you can filter your search by price (and cheapest screens) or sales, a good indicator to know which screens are selling the most.


IMPORTANT: If you have hesitation between sellers because they all have screens for a similar price, you can check out customers’ comments on the product in question or check each store’s reputation. In short, choose the product that convinces you the most.

Other spare parts and handsets

Although screens are the star, Chinese sellers are not forgetting about other vital phone parts that are also in high demand. This includes rechargeable batteries, other accessories such as suitcases, an instrument that has recently become very fashionable, signal amplifiers, SIM cards or complete camera and lens modules. Don’t forget the keyboards either.

Cell Phone Models and Parts on AliExpress

Are you looking for a specific phone model? To do this, we classify them so you don’t waste a minute browsing AliExpress. The search below lists all of the available spare parts for each reference. Screens, SIM adapters, batteries, camera lenses.

The 5 bestsellers of mobile phone spare parts for iPhone, Samsung.

Based on the evaluation criteria of AliExpress users versus Chinese sellers, we mention some of the best rated stores and experience selling handsets and technological devices to guide your search in case you don’t already have one. What we can assure you is that when you buy from the following sellers you will do so in a reliable and safe manner. The reputation, number of sales and user comments attest it. We rank them from highest to lowest reputation, although they would all receive excellent recognition.

  1. Shenzhen Tomtop Technology (4 Crowns)
  2. Eternal Team (3 crowns)
  3. T-Best Wholesale (3 Crowns)
  4. Tinghui (3 crowns)
  5. Feitong (2 crowns)