BUY Cheap and High Quality SPORTS SHOES on AliExpress

One of the great things about AliExpress is that it has specialized stores and Chinese brands that offer quality products at a low price. When it comes to shoes, there are some very well-known brands like Li-Ning or Clorts, which we have already told you about on our blog, where we offer an interesting section on different brands and models of shoes on this famous online sales site. However, there is one brand that is becoming very popular and since it is not yet well known, it offers very good prices. Her name is Bona, she has been making high quality shoes for 23 years and we will show you what her best-selling sneakers look like.

Bona: Cheap and high quality sports shoes

This brand has become known thanks to the good quality / price ratio of its shoes. We don’t find the latest fashion designs, but very comfortable shoes with high quality workmanship, ideal for sports or even for your everyday life. With more than 3 years, this store has more than 98% positive votes. So if you are looking for new shoes we are going to show you what kind of athletic shoes you can find in their store, although you can find them all.

Running shoes: high quality workmanship

Bona running shoes are among the best sellers. They are perfect for running on all types of outdoor terrain as they have very good surfaces. The sole of the Bona running shoes has a finish that helps us maintain the stability of the foot, with good shock absorption to protect your body from vibrations and shocks.


Its workmanship is of high quality, from the seams to the laces they are made with millimeter precision. They are comfortable and made of breathable materials, ideal for year-round use. There are more than 250 different styles of running shoes for men as you can see in this link and more than 30 for women if you click here. You will find very different designs, some of them are casual, ideal for everyday life without sacrificing maximum comfort.

Basketball shoes: the king of the court

If you practice basketball or you like shoes of this style, Bona has some very interesting models to protect your feet while shooting. They meet all the requirements for you to play safely. They have a good grip to prevent injuries, they are very breathable so that your feet stay cool at all times and they are also made of leather for a long life. In general, the design of these shoes is very subtle, although some have more original designs.

Mountain boots and shoes: all-terrain at a good price

Mountain boots are usually very expensive as we need shoes that will protect us and allow us to walk on any terrain and give us stability and traction. All Bona hiking boots and ankle boots have a Vibram-like sole for walking in difficult terrain. Here you will find hiking shoes, lighter shoes ideal for trail running and high-top boots for trekking and mountain.

The special thing about this boot is that, in addition to a sole suitable for this sport, it also has high-quality materials: Most use a combination of leather with other more breathable materials, with reinforcements in the toe and heel area for good grip. your foot. You can find them all here, and if you live in a mountain area you might be interested in these boots with warm padding to help withstand low temperatures.

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Skateboard shoes: resistant and modern

Skate shoes are designed to provide a better feeling on the board and more comfort while skating. They tend to be more resistant than other shoes because their sole is in constant contact with abrasive floors and hard seams can withstand the high loads. Bona skate shoes fulfill all of this and, thanks to their casual style with finishes in fabric or leather, are also ideal for your everyday life.

Tennis shoes: maximum performance

If your sport is tennis, you can play carefree with these Bona tennis shoes. Depending on the playing field, there are different types of tennis shoes, but Bona’s are “all court”, they are suitable for every terrain and very versatile. Its sole is very resistant, reinforced on the sides and in the toe area and offers good cushioning. There are several unisex styles and a good variety of designs, most with breathable and leather finishes.

Indoor soccer shoes: practical and comfortable

Finally, if you are looking for cheap and high quality indoor soccer shoes, the Bona brand offers more than 10 different models. They are characterized by a rubber sole with grooves and no studs for a good grip and are covered with leather to offer more flexibility and comfort when playing. But they are also very comfortable thanks to their interior materials and well-finished seams to avoid chafing and discomfort. They are also very breathable so that you can practice your favorite sport without worries.

How to choose the size of your Bona sneakers on AliExpress

Buying sneakers on AliExpress is very simple, although most of you will ask us how to properly choose the size of your shoes. Each brand has its own size, even sizes vary between countries, so it’s best to look at the seller’s size chart for each shoe.

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We need to measure the foot and compare the size with the table of measurements, below we will give you an example, but as we said before, it is best to look at the table of each shoe and if in doubt, contact the seller. who can help us with the selection.

If you have any other questions about size picking, we encourage you to check out our Definitive Guide to Choosing Your Size in AliExpress which is part of our tutorials, a section that will provide you with the best tricks and tips for buying safely on this website: how to pay, what to do if we have a problem with our order, how to get coupons and discounts. And you? Do you already know the shoe brand Bona?