Buy Cheap CALVIN KLEIN Style on AliExpress

Did you know that Mayweather, the highest paid boxer in the world, wears new Boxer Shorts every day? In an ESPN report, he said he bought dozen of boxer shorts for 16.7 dollars at a department store and threw them away after wearing them. Well, thanks to AliExpress, you can do something similar, but for a lot less money!

And it so happens that Aliexpress has a wide variety of cheap underpants to offer, as you can see in this section. It is undoubtedly one of the best-selling and most widely used products in the Chinese online store. This is due to the low sales prices and the good price-performance ratio of the underpants. For example, there are 10-pack of boxer shorts in Calvin Klein style for just 10 dollars.

How do I Find Cheap Calvin Klein style briefs?

While there were a lot of boxers from brands like Calvin Klein a while ago, AliExpress has now taken replicas seriously and they have virtually disappeared from search results. Instead, you can find many Chinese brands that are sold “legally” and are very popular with buyers.

Subcategories by types of men’s underwear

If you take a look at the Category page, you will notice that AliExpress has a couple of sub-categories that you can use to further filter your search:

Cheap Boxer shorts and for every (but every) taste

Boxer is now practically the underpants and a term that is already completely standardized in the Spanish language, although it is translated as “boxer” on AliExpress. 🙂


In this category you will find very cheap boxing units that practically never exceed 3 $ and have thousands of sales. Although I don’t fully understand it personally, the bestseller is this:

The best-selling men's underpants

It has no less than 10,000 sales making it one of the top selling active products on AliExpress to give you an idea of ​​the animal figure it is. Fortunately, on AliExpress it won’t be due to a lack of variety: If you like it a bit more classic, you will also find many more subtle boxer shorts.

Cheap boxer shorts

In this photo, you can see three of the Chinese men’s underwear brands that have been the most penetrated:

Pay attention to the size of the briefs, long johns, etc.

I’m not going to dig deeper into the other types of underwear you can find (there are even thongs out there) as there isn’t much else to say, but I want to remind you that on AliExpress, underwear sizes are often in Asian Dimensions, that is, one size smaller than the European-American.

As you can see in the screenshot, the seller usually warns about these things. For the avoidance of doubt, it is important that you take a look at the Description section, where the seller always attaches the size chart and states that Europeans and Americans ask for an additional size:

Cheap underpants

And the quality?

Well, the quality of these briefs is usually pretty good, especially those from those that have thousands of sales and already have a proven reputation. So, unless you are infatuated with a particular model, I recommend that you always look for the most reputable and best rated sellers.