On several occasions we go to thrift stores or specialized video game stores to buy PS4 controllers or PlayStation 3 controllers because the ones we broke or simply because we want more to play in a group or to expand the collection…

You’re in luck, because AliExpress has incredible prices for controllers for the PS4 and PS3. You already know that the PlayStation 4 is the console of the moment. So, if you are looking to refresh and buy cheap PlayStation controllers, this platform may be the ideal place to do it.

You already know (or if you don’t know, you’ll never forget) that AliExpress just happens to be one of the best tech supplies platforms out there. This is confirmed by gamers, but also by the large number of sales and positive reviews from users who bought alternatives to Sony controls that we will talk about today. You can find them quickly by clicking here.

Tips To Consider When Buying Cheap PS4 Controllers

First, some aspects of the PS4 controller can be important. These tips also apply to PS3 controllers.


  • Authenticity: The best thing to do is to buy an original remote control, a Sony product. You may hear that a non-Sony controller doesn’t give you the same warranties, but there are manufacturers who bring out excellent copycats with the same features. Besides, the price is much lower.
  • Color and material: There is a large selection of buttons in different colors, individual designs and materials. You can choose between blue, red, black, gray, white, other two-tone models…. Choose the one you like the most and always trust the number of sales and opinions.
  • Comfort: Controllers for the PS4 are accessories that can be used for hours and precisely because of this it is necessary that the controller be ergonomic, a controller that fits perfectly in the player’s hand.
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Features to consider

To avoid misunderstandings, your PlayStation 4 controller must always contain the following:

  • PlayStation 4 compatibility
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Motion sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • gyroscope
  • Touch panel

You will see this in each seller’s detailed product description. This will ensure that you are buying a good quality remote control. A member of the AliexBa team ordered it from AliExpress and told us that he barely noticed a difference. In addition, it comes in its perfectly closed box and brand new. In 21 days he had his order.

PS4 and PS3 controller prices

In the European market, the PS4 controller is priced at $ 50 or more. To give you an idea An original Sony PS4 DualShock 4 wireless controller costs an average of 55.90 plus franchises $ 49 in Amazon.

At AliExpress, this product with similar features costs 37 $. Not include shipping. We’re talking about a $ 20 difference. It’s possible that here are the affordable PlayStation controllers you’ve been waiting for.

cheap remote control

There are other models that, as you will see in the picture, are more general and can cost you less than € 20. It has fewer sales so better opt the one on the left or read the comments carefully and even contact Chinese store and make sure.

One highly recommended shop is Tee Too. It has 1 diamond and lots of sales of PS4 controllers and accessories like covers …

I still have the PS3 and am looking for affordable PlayStation controllers

Perfect. Here you have even more salespeople and references. Of course, the price drops compared to the PS4 controller, as these are not as up-to-date as the latest from Sony. For $ 9 or $ 10 you can buy completely new controllers for the PS3. In game or certain thrift stores, they are very similar in value and are already in use. An original Sony DualShock can still cost over $ 20.

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And remember to always look at customer comments. Take a look at what the following say from the details of a wireless remote control from the water fox store, for example. I would trust here

Command opinion

Although Go FK Go is hands down the best deal (according to buyers’ reputation). In addition to his 3 diamonds, he has a remote control for $ 8 with over 100 sales on sale. It’s a matter of taste and impressions. Choose the seller and guy who gives you the greatest confidence.

Two other safe and reliable sellers

Without a doubt, Trusted Link (1 crown) is a great choice. We also know this Chinese shop. And another competent and high quality seller is Top Consumer Electronic Store with 1 reputation diamond. In summary, if you don’t want to wait and it is already clear:

The Quality of AliExpress Tech Products

We found no reason to be suspicious of cheap PlayStation controllers from AliExpress. Even so, there is one thing that you should always keep in mind.

If you have already bought an electronic device, cell phone or the like, AliExpress will no longer be unknown to you. They talk pretty well about Chinese tech manufacturers and the very competitive prices they offer, but there are always some prerequisites that you need to consider in order to buy a product online, so we remind you.

Some sellers on this platform make and sell replicas of original products. Many of you ask us about the quality of the replicas. Since it is an imitation, the quality cannot exactly match that of an original product. It is for this reason that we make it very important that you choose a good seller, or in this case a product with positive comments. Speaking of comments: if you would like to share your questions or experiences with us, we have set up an area for you.