BUY Cheap CROCS CLOGS on AliExpress

Are you looking for the famous Crocs sandals on AliExpress this summer? The truth is that AliExpress doesn’t have Crocs branded sandals, but after a little research we found a couple of stores that have cheaper white label Chinese clones that are practically the same. I’m a fan of Crocs because they are so comfortable that I walk top to bottom with them all day and I don’t see much of a difference between the Chinese and the originals other than the price.

In this article, I’ll explain my experiences with both and, from my point of view, why I prefer to buy white Crocs-style sandals.

Because all clogs are practically the same (original Crocs and white brands)

Some clog brands will tell you that their model is good for the back and that they are orthopedic, others that their models are made of high quality materials, etc. Let me tell you a secret: in fact, all of these shoes are exactly the same. Ok, the design may vary, but essentially the exact same product. Let me explain, clogs are made from a mold that is injected with a plastic material that is EVA. All shoes in this style are made of the same material and technology, no secret.

I’ll tell you one more thing, do you know how much it costs each to make a pair of these EVA sandals? 1 euro / dollar. It’s extremely cheap. The only reason Crocs branded clogs are so expensive is because they have a distinctive logo, and this allows them to go up in prices outrageously. Imagine the margin that needs to be borne. Be careful, that happens at Crocs, Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton etc.

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How to Find Crocs and Other Brands Clogs on AliExpress

Since most of the private labels are unknown, it’s much better to do a generic search on AliExpress. These are the best keywords we found to find Crocband sandals at very affordable prices. We have also put an acronym so you can find from the children’s range (smaller sizes and with cartoon prints).

How to buy the best Crocs on AliExpress – shopping tips and tricks

Once you have found a Crocs model that you like, it is very important that you look at several things to ensure a good purchase. The first is the reputation AliExpress has given the seller. The higher it is, the more trustworthy the store will be.

Second, it is important that you look at the customer reviews to see how good the quality and durability of the product is. It’s also a good idea to look at the comments to see if the sizes sold in the store are slightly larger or smaller than the original sizes. In some cases, the same consumers recommend you buy a size larger or smaller than what you have. Finally, it is very important to contact the seller directly if you have any questions. You can also ask them to send you photos of the original product.

If you have any questions about size, you can find a conversion table here. However, you can also find one on the seller’s product page. M (men) is a men’s size and W (women) is a women’s size.

Conversion shoe sizes on aliexpress

I want some Original Cheap Crocs! – Amazon

If I have not convinced you and you are ready to pay for the brand, I recommend that you buy on the Amazon online platform. Here you will find very cheap original Crocs and your order will arrive much earlier than AliExpress. The only downside is that it is expensive compared to the clogs on AliExpress, although it is cheap for what it is.


Crocs Band Clogs very cheap at Amazon

As you can see above, they have been sold a lot on Amazon and have very good reviews.

Where do I Buy the Clogs?

I would personally recommend that you save money by buying White Label Crocs clogs on AliExpress because the quality is very good and they give the same result. But I can understand that buying a branded product is a lot more fun. In short, if you buy through AliExpress it is much cheaper, but you have to wait around 2 weeks for the product to arrive at home. On the other hand, if you are ready to spend more money, Amazon is the ideal store for you to make your purchase.