It is more than likely that you will find cheap external hard drives at AliExpress that will suit your capacity needs and also a limited budget that is below what you can cost for this external storage device in other shopping platforms or specialty stores.

External hard drives from 1 TB are most successful on this website from Chinese providers. The sales trend is hurting 250 GB and 500 GB hard drives, which are becoming less and less popular.

At AliExpress there are Chinese brands with cheap external hard drives, but also brands like original 1 and 2 TB Samsung or Toshiba. Now we’re going to talk about that, and also about the best external hard drive for AliExpress users. What is certain is that there are models and prices that will bore you. If you search a little, you are sure to find a device with an excellent price-performance ratio; if you want to save yourself, you just have to click here for a filtered search of the best-selling best-selling hard drives on AliExpress.

Buy External Hard Drives with different Storage capacities

Commercially available hard drives with one or more terabytes can already be found today. The larger the capacity, the more data the hard drive can store. So, carefully consider how you are going to use them before buying. If you want to store photos and movies, it is best to buy the one with the largest capacity within your budget.

We summarize the different storage capacities from the smallest to the largest, from inexpensive 250GB external hard drives to 3 terabytes! We haven’t found any more capacity yet, but it won’t be long before AliExpress sellers have 4 terabytes in stock.

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And the price of external hard drives on AliExpress?

The key is to measure the euro / gigabyte ratio, the cost in euros you pay for each GB of external storage. Note that the price also varies depending on the inches of the disc.

Differences between 2.5 and 3.5 inch external hard drives

Keep in mind that the 2.5-inch models are smaller, more portable and are intended for use with a laptop, while the 3.5-inch models (8.89 cm compared to the 6.35 cm of the 2.5 «) are not. You can connect it to a laptop. That centimeter isn’t the only difference, as speed, capacity, price and comfort also influence each other.

hard disk

With several of these above assumptions in mind, Eaget Global Flagship is one of the top AliExpress stores to buy hard drives in. Has had numerous sales of Eaget branded hard drives. Speaking of brands, there are others, a little more well-known, who browse AliExpress.

Samsung and Toshiba hard drives

One of the largest manufacturers of external hard drives is Toshiba. Another is Samsung. There are sellers with models of these two brands in the matter, such as FIGHTTING NATION Computer Store, Tiantu Digital, where you can find 1TB Samsung hard drives for 70 $. There are other interesting offers. You already know that these products can drop their price in a matter of days.

A good seller is Kandy Hong Kong with a Toshiba selection of 2.5 and 3.5 inches as well as USB 3.0 and 2.0. You can own a 2.5 inch 1 TB USB 3.0 Toshiba for 74 $.

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Another Chinese hard drive manufacturer, for example, is ExelStor, but there are no references on AliExpress. If you are looking for the manufacturer Kingston, you will be in luck 🙂

The Best external Hard Drive on AliExpress

Here you can take a stroll to check out the best selling models with the best buyer ratings. It is evident that there are some sales and opinions on the Netac brand as well. We couldn’t forget to quote this manufacturer. Any of the above can become the best external hard drive customized for your capacity and pocket needs.

The top two stores (with excellent reputations) to buy an external hard drive are China Brands AE Tecnology and Linda’s Department Store.

There are hardly any negative comments from buyers of these storage devices. But on the contrary. Endless sales are completed to full satisfaction. We don’t think you will be unlucky enough to encounter a problem. In this case, keep in mind that AliExpress will return your money and try to resolve your problems.