Korean women are known around the world for the time and effort they put into taking care of their skin. I am a big fan of their products, not only cosmetics, which are dedicated to the care and cleansing of the skin, but also their make-up, which is always looking for a perfect finish.

Since buying these cosmetics on AliExpress, I have come across the same question from other potential buyers: Can I trust the Korean cosmetic products on this website? That is why today I am going to talk about the best Korean cosmetic brands, their best products, and how to find trusted stores on AliExpress that sell these products.

Why Buy Korean Cosmetics?

There are many, many high-quality makeup and face care brands out there today. But I still use my Korean products because they have benefits that I can’t find in other more popular brands:

  • Use of natural ingredients: The main secret of the good results of these products is their formulation, in which we can find a large number of natural ingredients that help improve the skin. Whether acne, uneven skin tone, expression lines … you will find the ideal cream for your skin type.
  • Good price-performance ratio: Contrary to what you might think, Korean cosmetic products are cheap, especially if you can buy them from the stores we show you below.
  • Valuable packaging: The truth is that a face cream in the shape of a panda bear, a hand cream in the shape of a banana is difficult to resist … The presentation of these cosmetics is the most original.
  • Good results: In conclusion, all I can say is that Korean cosmetic products work for me, and I have passed Korean products on to friends and family who were delighted with the results.

Best Korean Cosmetic Brands on AliExpress

Korean cosmetics are becoming more and more fashionable, which is why new brands appear in the international market every day. We will analyze them so you know which one is best for you.

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After trying different face creams, mizons have become my favorites. They are easily absorbed and you have creams for all skin types: for acne, combination skin, dry skin, first signs of expression… I also recommend trying their facial serums, they have an incredible price and are one of the best sellers on AliExpress.


Does a banana-shaped hand cream look familiar to you? And the face creams in the shape of a tomato or a panda bear? Well, it is the products of this Korean brand that are characterized by the most original and fun packaging, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find their products on AliExpress. If we wanted to find them by searching by name, as you can see here, you will find that there is not much, but we have a trick to find them: in this search you can find most of their products at the best price.

Holika Holika

If you want your cosmetics to be not only effective but also beautifully designed, I recommend you check out the products of this brand, one of the youngest of all that we cite. You can find facial cleansers, bbcreams, face creams, makeup.


This is one of the most popular Korean cosmetic brands thanks to its high quality BBCreams, the most famous being their “Missha Perfect Cover” which leaves porcelain skin at a ridiculous price. You can find them very cheaply on AliExpress, but also products from their treatment line such as the “Time Revolution Night Repair” serum or the “The First Tretment Essence” tonic. They are high quality products, and although their price is high as you can see here, their products can cost around 10$ or 20$ more outside of AliExpress.



Although less well known than the previous ones, this brand is the best if you are looking for a facial to treat a specific problem. Its products are characterized by many ingredients with active ingredients to improve your skin. One of their best-selling products is the anti-aging serum with 96% snail slime extract, which helps skin with fewer expression lines and a more youthful appearance. You can also find other products for problem skin, with acne, sensitive.

Secret key

This is a little known brand in the international market, but it may surprise you with its excellent value for money. The components that they use in their products are mainly natural ingredients. The most popular products are gold and hydrogel patches to improve the appearance of dark circles or facial moisturizers. In this search you will find the full range of AliExpress products

Skin nutrition

Skinfood is one of the oldest Korean cosmetic brands – they have been making skin care products since 1957. This company specializes in the manufacture of cosmetics with natural ingredients, such as the peeling with brown sugar, the eye cream with honey and royal jelly, the mask with protein extract. In this search you will find these and other original products of this brand.

It’s skin

If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive treatment, I recommend checking out this brand’s creams and serums, which are developed by Seoul University dermatologists. Their best-selling products are serums, you can find up to 10 different ones to suit the needs of each skin: irregular tone, acne, first expression lines.


Finally, we would like to tell you something about the famous Bioaqua brand. It is not a Korean brand, its origin is Chinese, and it is dedicated to making products very similar to the brands I showed you. The big advantage over the previous brands is that their products are much cheaper, give good results, and they have a wide variety of products, so their cosmetics are worth checking out. A good example is this carbonated bubble mask inspired by the Elizavecca brand.

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Reliable stores to buy Korean Cosmetics on AliExpress

As I said at the beginning, I often buy Korean cosmetics on AliExpress, so I have certain favorite stores that you may be interested in. In them you can find original products and they are highly respected sellers.

  • Makeup World – One of the stores with the largest selection of Korean brands, shipped direct from South Korea. She has been selling on AliExpress for over 2 years with almost 99% positive feedback. You will find brands like Mizon, Sinkfood, Missha, Tonymoly.
  • Best Beauty For You – If there is a product that you cannot find in the previous store, I recommend you look into this one, it is one of the products with the greatest variety.
  • DBC Cosmetic Store – Korean cosmetic products of your favorite brands_ Missha, Secret Key, Nature Republic, Mizon, Holika Holika … It is one of the oldest Korean product stores on AliExpress: more than 6 years of experience with almost 99% positive feedback.
  • Korean Cosmetics Store – What I like the most about this store is that they have packs of Mizon creams for a very good price. You can also find other brands like Mizon, Tony Moly, Skin Food.