BUY Cheap LASER MEASURING Device on AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the online sales platforms with the greatest variety of products. One of the top selling items that should be purchased on this online sales site because of its great value for money is the household tools.

Today we are going to tell you how to find the best cheap, high quality laser measuring equipment on AliExpress, and we will tell you the differences between a range finder and a laser meter.

What is a laser meter? What is the difference to a range finder?

A laser meter is an instrument that enables us measure with great precision the distance between the meter and the point on which we are focused. The main difference between a laser meter (also called an EDM) and a laser rangefinder is that the rangefinders reach greater lengths, but the EDM gives a much more accurate reading.

They are ideal for professionals involved in the world of construction: surveyors, architects, contractors, real estate agents … Measure distances easily and accurately. You can also measure unaccompanied, by simply pressing a button and pointing at it, we can measure with high precision.

How do I buy a cheap laser rangefinder from AliExpress?

As you can see, it is a very useful tool that is essential in many cases when we need to measure distances on a regular basis. However, if you do think about buying one, you will find that they are very expensive. That’s why AliExpress is a great option, we’ll find very cheap and high quality Laser Meter. Let’s not just say it, some exceed 8000 sales with a score of 4.9 (out of 5). They all have very similar properties and functions, so you need to pay attention to the details that differentiate them: their accuracy, the measurement modes, their size, if they allow measurements to be saved. We’ll show you our favorites with all their advantages and disadvantages.

SNDWAY: a Reference Brand for Measurement products

If we had to highlight a reference mark for these gauges, it would be SNDWAY. We have already talked about its high quality in the rangefinder article, and here we confirm it again: it is one of the brands that should be considered for its quality and price. Its official shop has a 99.1% positive feedback rating, so AliExpress buyers agree with this statement too.


We find a wide range of range finders with a range of 40 meters to 100 meters. The greater the range, the higher the price but we’re talking about a very low price range: its best-selling model, the SNDWAY-T, costs between $ 20 and $ 40 based on the circumference, so if you are thinking of a meter in the future, our recommendation is to invest in the one with the longest circumference.

This is where you can find all the range finders from this brand, and although you can see they are there different models, their properties are very similar: you can measure distances directly or indirectly (using Pythagorean theorem, ideal for vertical measurements), measure the minimum or maximum distance, add and subtract dimensions, and calculate volume and area. It has high precision with an error of ± 2mm, you can choose between the metric or imperial system, include a spirit level and allow up to 60 measurements to be saved.

But as you will see there are small differences between them, SNDWAY essentially has 3 different models of range finders: the T series (SW-T100 for a range of 100 meters) has the cheapest and fulfills all of the above functions, the Series E (SW-E100) also has a control panel with more buttons to improve data display and S series (SW-S100) is the most expensive as it includes a color LCD screen where you can see all the data. But still the price difference between a T-series model and an S-series model is only $ 12.

If you’re looking for a “mini” model, I recommend checking out the SW-P70, with a maximum range of 70 meters, but this fits in the palm of your hand. As we will see later, mini laser meters are characterized by convenience and lightness, but they have fewer features because their control panel is smaller: you cannot add or subtract measurements, or save them as needed. So it’s about assessing and choosing our needs. They are a great option when we want to take simple measurements as they are cheaper too.

DEKO: the Queen of Tools also has Rangefinders

DEKO is one of the “Top Brands” on AliExpress, it’s a seal only awarded to sellers who demonstrate excellent customer service month after month. is one of the best stores to buy home improvement tools and you can also find several models of laser range finders, two of which we highlight.


The first is the DEKO LRD110, it is cheaper than the laser measuring devices of the previous brand, although in contrast it only has 3 lines of data, while the SNDWAY meters have 4 and can only store up to 20 measurements. These two “drawbacks” aside, you can do the same thing as the previous meter: continuous, indirect measurement (from Pythagoras), minimum / maximum distance measurement, and area / volume calculation. It has the same precision as the previous one, the same type of laser and also allows you to choose between meters, feet and inches.

The second model is the DEKO X-40, which we find very interesting due to its “mini” format, which is ideal for the palm of the hand. To have a 40 meter range and in this case the accuracy is ± 3mm. You can do the same as you did with the previous meter, but you will not be able to save any measurements in this case. However, it’s a good (and cheap) option if we just want to measure quickly and easily.

Mini Laser Meter – all functions in the Palm of your Hand

So far we have already shown you two “mini” -sized models, these laser meters are very practical due to their small size, but you may have noticed one of their major disadvantages with earlier models: They hardly have any buttons to control their functions. This one we’re showing you is a perfect option as it combines a minimal size with a very complete control panel with which you can easily control it. It’s also very cheap, you can find it here with a range of 40 meters or here up to 100 meters.

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Its weakest point is the precision, which reaches ± 5 mm (the highest value so far) and does not allow to save data, but it allows distances to be calculated continuously, indirectly (from Pythagoras) or simply, to calculate areas, distances in meters display, feet or inches. In short, it is a good model if we are looking for a cheap and handy mini rangefinder.

LOMVUM Professional Laser Meter – cheap and high quality

LOMVUM is another brand that we can find high quality laser meters for industry professionals. They are great quality, they are very similar to the SNDWAY brand, but they are cheaper and even have some more advanced models than the first brand.

Its best-selling laser meter is this one that has the same characteristics as the SNDWAY brand: 4 data lines, backlit display, continuous, simple or indirect measurement (from Pythagoras), calculation of area and volume, it has an additional advantage (besides that it is cheaper than SNDWAY), it has a double spirit level if we want to measure more precisely horizontally.

In short: is it Worth Buying Laser Meters from AliExpress?

No doubt the answer is yes their prices are unbeatable and of great quality. This class of instruments can get very expensive in physical stores, but at AliExpress we can get a laser meter at a price that is affordable for all budgets. We’ve focused on the most suitable models for any professional looking to get their hands on a meter, but if you’re looking for more advanced models.