BUY Cheap MECHANICAL Keyboards Brands

Although most people view keyboards as a simple computer component that they can type with, if you want to play your computer professionally, you should consider purchasing a gaming keyboard. These keyboards are of excellent quality and designed to last. We’ll show you how to find cheap, high quality mechanical keyboards on AliExpress.

What is the Difference Between a Membrane Keyboard and a Mechanical one?

The main difference between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard is the type of key actuation. In the case of the diaphragms, the pressure on the button is transmitted through a silicone in contact with an electrical circuit, while in the case of the mechanical individual and independent switches (buttons) are used. For this reason, they are more durable, robust and louder than the first, but above all their precision and comfort make you want to buy. They are great for writers, gamers, and programmers.

Not all gaming keyboards are created equal; the main difference lies in the type of mechanism or switch used to operate the keys. The most famous are those of the Cherry brand, as they were the first to hit the market, with 4 variants by color:

  • Cherry MX blue: They are soft but loud keys, their jump is something peculiar that will fall in love with those who like to type with these keyboards. However, they are not recommended for games as they require a certain amount of force to trigger.
  • Cherry MX Black: It requires even more force than the previous one, it is a very hard keyboard, so it is recommended for tasks where it is necessary to avoid pressing other keys.
  • Cherry MX red: It is most commonly used for games as it requires little pressure and is very fast.
  • Cherry MX brown: its medium strength is ideal for those looking for a mechanical keyboard to play or type with.
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There are also other very popular switch manufacturers: Kailh, Logitech, Outemu, Razer. If you’ve found a gaming keyboard on AliExpress and don’t know which switches it uses, it is best to take a look at the description or ask the seller.

The Best Gaming Keyboards on AliExpress

AliExpress is a great option for buying cheap, high-quality computer components. When buying from a Chinese site, we avoid middlemen who increase the price. As you can see here, you can find nearly 4,000 different mechanical keyboards, so we encourage you to read on to find out which are the best.

Motospeed: the best-selling keyboards

The most popular gaming keyboards on AliExpress are those from the Chinese brand Motospeed, which specializes in the manufacture of gaming keyboards and mice. Its backlit keyboards are great for gaming. Its best-selling model is the Motospeed CK104. With 104 keys, this keyboard offers the customization of gaming commands. Buyers highlight the quality of the keyboard and its switches, the price is very affordable.

Metoo: good value for money

This brand has become a good alternative to the previous one for those who want a Gaming Keyboard without spending a lot of money. Their prices are lower than the previous brand, you can find keyboards between 20 and 30 dollars.

They have keyboards with red, blue, and black switches that have similar characteristics to the Cherry MX: the red switches require less pressure while the black ones are harder, with the red ones being best for gaming. In addition, the keyboard can be ordered in a Spanish, Russian, English, or Arabic configuration. The keyboard base is made of aluminum and buyer feedback confirms the high quality of these keyboards.

Havit: cheap keyboards

What we like best about this brand’s keyboards are their aesthetics: completely black, so unnoticed because they are completely black, even though the backlighting gives it away. In addition to the speed of the keystroke and the brightness of the keyboard, you can choose between several LED colors. It uses Blue Cherry MX switches, perfect for playing and writing. The anti-ghosting system is a good reason to choose keyboards of this brand as this technology makes the price of the keyboard very expensive and as you can see in this link, Havit keyboards are very affordable.

Obins Anne Pro 2: Wireless mechanical keyboard

Most mechanical keyboards are wired for the best possible connectivity. But sometimes wireless keyboards are more interesting. For this reason we found the Orbins brand Anne Pro 2 keyboard, which you can find here, to be very interesting.


Its PBT keys are more resilient and stronger than ABS keys. Their Gateron switches are considered to be the best Cherry clones, they can be even better. Thanks to its software, you can program the TAP / FN functions and other keyboard parameters such as the color of the backlight. It works with a 1,900 mAh battery, but can also be connected via a USB-C cable.

Deluxe: mini mechanical keyboards

Keyboards can do a lot more than just type. If you are a designer you know that there are programs out there where the keyboard is essential to work. This is why these 28-letter keyboards specially developed for designers seem very interesting to us. Thanks to its design, hand fatigue is reduced and we can improve efficiency.

KBDFans: for dealers

KBDfans is a popular Chinese keyboard brand that sells to the rest of the world through their official AliExpress store. Beloved by the purists of the world, this brand sells spare parts, pre-assembled models (KBD19X, TOFU65, KBD67, KBD75, DZ60) and also some DIY kits so that you can assemble the keyboard yourself.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Keyboard: a trusted brand

If you are looking for a trustworthy Chinese brand, perhaps the best known is Xiaomi for its value for money. So it’s no wonder that your mechanical keyboards are a great choice for a new gaming keyboard choice. Its design is designed to reduce fatigue during use: the 6 degree angle between the keyboard and desk makes it more ergonomic.

Its buttons are made of ABS and its base is made of aluminum. However, it is far from the gamer aesthetic: the feedback is white and the keyboard follows a minimalist aesthetic that is available in black or white.

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Razer, Logitech and other world famous brands

What makes AliExpress different from other Chinese sites is the ability to find reputable and original brands at a lower price. For example, we found Razer keyboards through this link. His most popular models can be found. You can also buy Logitech mechanical keyboards here or find Kingston mechanical keyboards through Aliexpress website.

However, these brands have much higher prices than the previous ones. However, if you prefer a brand known around the world, it’s worth taking a look at AliExpress as it saves us money thanks to the temporary deals and coupons on the site.

The best tricks to shop safely Gaming Keyboard on AliExpress

If you have not bought from AliExpress before, you may have questions about how this website works. Or maybe you are looking for coupons and the best discounts. That’s why at AliexBA we have a tutorials section where you can find the best tricks and tips to buy on this Chinese site like a pro. And you? What do you think of these AliExpress mechanical keyboards?