Buy Cheap NEO BLYTHE and BJD Dolls

In recent years there are toys and dolls that have become icons. Such is the case with Blythe and BJD dolls, which have now become the most popular dolls for collectors. In the following article we explain how you can find them cheaper on AliExpress.

Blythe Dolls were made in the United States in 1972 but went unnoticed until the last decade. Originally, the disproportionate head shape frightened girls, but today they are highly regarded dolls, especially by collectors. On the other hand, the BJD dolls are of Asian origin, more precisely from Japan and South Korea. They are posable dolls inspired by 19th century dolls but made with resin to be more resilient.

Types of Blythe Dolls on AliExpress

Although you may already know these dolls and their characteristics by the time you get here, we will be reviewing the characteristics of each brand and their variants. The most popular are dolls Blythewhich are mainly characterized by a larger head than the body with round and large eyes.

These dolls have many variations, mainly based on size:

  • Neo Blythe: They are most similar to the originals from the 70s with a dimension of 30 centimeters. They wear 4 pairs of eyes that change color by pulling a rope behind their head. They are articulated on the head, arms and knees. They can be easily found in this search filtered by number of sales.
  • Petite Blythe: Measuring just 11.2 inches, they were born in the shape of a key fob, but now they’re another smaller alternative. They can close their eyes and move their limbs, they are less popular but quite cute. Find them by clicking here.
  • Middie Blythe: These are in between sizes, measure 20 centimeters and were the last to hit the market. You can move your arms and head, but your torso is static. They only have one eye color but can move them from side to side. You can find them in this link for under 20 dollars.

The best-selling Blyths on AliExpress are, as already mentioned, the 30 centimeter Neo Blythe. You can find them with all kinds of hairstyles, colors and skin types, they also come with a pack of hands to characterize them as you wish. Most sellers sell the doll without clothes. Best to enter on Aliexpress, find what we like best among the best selling dolls, and read the description carefully to see what it contains.


Articulated BJD Dolls: History and How to Find Them on AliExpress

The movable Dolls Bjd (short for Ball Jointed Doll) have a touch of the previous ones, but their face is proportional to the body. In this case, as already mentioned, its origin lies in Japan and South Korea. There are several brands that make this type of doll, and what makes them stand out is that they are much more posable than the previous ones, although their joints were originally made with ropes and rubber joints, according to the manufacturer, this has evolved.

Finding them on AliExpress is very easy. Just type in that search to find it. As you will see, they are much more expensive than Blythe dolls, and they are usually larger than Blythe dolls, with more detail and a lot more articulate. Nevertheless, they are much cheaper to find than in other specialized internet shops.

What collectors appreciate most about these dolls is that they can be completely personalized: you can choose the eyes, hair, makeup, clothes. On this occasion we can find a wide variety of sizes, skins, hairstyles. Each brand decides the sizes and proportions, they can be found from 10 to 80 centimeters, although the most common searches are made by their size, the most common are:

  • 1/3 dolls – They are dolls about two feet tall that represent adult women. You can find it here.
  • 1/4 dolls – The most common. They measure around 16 inches which makes them great for personalization. Find them at this link.
  • 1/6 dolls – Due to their size of 26 centimeters, they are very similar to Barbie dolls. You can buy it here.

As mentioned earlier, the easiest way is to filter this search by number of sales and see the one that we like the most. But to make it easier for you, we have selected some BJD dolls that we found interesting for their price or high quality.

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12 Constellations BJD Dolls

These 12 BJD dolls represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each includes a different hair color and a different dress with lots of details. Thanks to its size of 30 centimeters, it is perfect for collectors or as an alternative to a Barbie to give away.

BJD student Doll Series

Asian series and sleeves often rely heavily on the student’s figure. Not only are these BJD dolls the cheapest, but they also come with the uniform included. There are 4 different dolls, all with a total height of 25 centimeters.

Ethnic BJD Jointed Dolls

What we like best about these BJD dolls, inspired by different cultures around the world, are the costumes (included in the price), but also that their price does not exceed 30 euros, a bit unusual for this type of doll. Its height of 25 centimeters is ideal if we are looking for a 1/6 scale doll.

BJD Folk Dolls

It is one of the most popular BJD doll brands as these dolls were created by her. Founded in Japan, the BJD dolls, also known as Super Dollfie, are available in 3 different sizes: SD (1/3 scale), MSD (1/4 scale (and YO-SD (1/6 scale)).

Her features are perfect, with big eyes and an Asian beauty that makes her one of a kind. They are completely customizable, you can change your eyes, your face, your hair… They are very expensive and difficult to find, but you can find them much cheaper on AliExpress than any other online store.

Lut’s Jointed Dolls

In 2000, the Luts brand was born with the idea of ​​making articulated dolls for South Korea. They are known for a large variety of models, with very good quality and at a cheaper price than Japanese folk dolls. If you are looking for a high quality BJD doll at a good price, Luts is your best option because it impresses with its details and the ability to personalize it.

Accessories to customize your Blythe and BJD dolls

The best thing about this website is that you can find thousands of accessories for your dolls, be it Blythe, BJD or any other brand, as AliExpress has an accessories-only category where you can find clothes, shoes, bags and glasses. All you need to know is the size of your wrist:

  • Accessories for 1/3 Dolls
  • Accessories for 1/4 Dolls
  • Accessories for 1/6 Dolls
  • Blythe Doll accessories
  • Accessories for BJD Dolls

In addition, you will find sellers specialized in these dolls on this website, where you can find high quality Blythe or BJD dolls and accessories. Here are the most popular:

  • Blythe HomesThe best selling Blythe on AliExpress are in this store, a top brand that has been selling on AliExpress for more than 5 years, with a score above 99%.
  • The show! – Specialized in Blythe and BJD dolls and accessories. It combines good prices and quality.
  • Oueneifs Official Store – shop specializing in high quality and affordable BJD dolls and accessories, top brand with 6 years of experience. They have the best brands.
  • Chinabjd Shop – Another of the best stores to get BJD dolls from the best brands. He has a 99.5% positive feedback, making him an excellent seller.
  • Official Ucanaan Shop – In addition to BJD dolls, you will also find other cheaper dolls here: Barbie, Monster High, Reborn Dolls … Ideal for finding dolls for children.

Now you know these beautiful dolls better and how to find them on AliExpress at the best price. If you have any questions about buying on this page, we encourage you to visit our tutorial section where we explain our best tricks and tips on how to save money and shop safely: how to find the best sellers, which payment methods are best, how to get them You discount coupons… And you? Do you already know these popular dolls?