Buy Cheap TOUS WATCHES on AliExpress

Tous watches are something you’ve always dreamed of, but maybe at some point it wasn’t customized to your options or needs as it is a product I would classify as a little big whim because of the high price.

It’s impossible to find original Tous Watches on AliExpress. This brand is not sold on this Chinese platform, so we need to reinvent ourselves and look for alternatives, i.e. white brands available on AliExpress that can make tous style accessories. To do this, you need to know another trick so that we can refresh your memory and / or teach the steps to consider when finding cheap watches that are reminiscent of the bear brand’s line. Many of you have told us to write about it. We did, and now we’re updating the article to Spring-Summer 2016 to make this search a little easier for all of us.

Background to consider as a buyer user

First of all, keep in mind that this type of Tous product is typically expensive, and one way to reduce costs is to buy your watch from AliExpress. The prices of Tous watches far exceed 100 euros. In fact, they are closer to 200-300 and increasing … and there is no way to find them on AliExpress !! This is happening today, but at any moment luck can be on our side and a seller with authentic Tous watches can step in.

Hence, it might be a good idea to enter general keywords and search for the best watches from there. We may have to scroll a little, but this is necessary as the brand name is obviously not showing any results. AliExpress protects such manufacturers with anti-piracy laws so that sellers cannot cheat with their replicas.

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The keywords that I tell you about in the previous paragraph may be the ones that I have marked in red in the picture. One of them will take you to an extensive catalog of cheap watches with just one click.

And if you are a little out of place and don’t know Tous (in fact, the bear’s brand), let’s first tell you that this first quality european jewelry company is one of the most famous and famous on the market. It was born in 1920 and has since dressed many celebrities and spread like foam as it has 400+ stores in 45 countries.

How and where can you find Cheap Watches?

You can find all types of watches on AliExpress (there are more than 200,000 different ones). So, be patient and start your search. The first thing to keep in mind is that you will get to the Tous-inspired watches from AliExpress in different ways, but I think you should spend a little more time reviewing models, prices, comments and something very important, the reputation of business to do research.

For example via the categories (in this case jewelry and watches) and their drop-down menu, although this way it will not exclusively filter this instrument and you may see straps or other watch parts. If you want to avoid this and make the job easier, you can do some research using the platform’s search engine, among other things. If you want watches for women, put them in the search engine. The same goes for Tous watches for men or children.

This procedure can be helpful. I will also advise you once you have decided on the product. Check out what the seller is like. She even speaks to him privately. I am telling you this because I have sometimes bought through a fairly competent Chinese brand with bears like Guote (be careful, there are also some nice sports watches for men for 6 €) and since there are several sellers who have them, I went to that Dedicated Ask them for photos of the watches to convince me even more. They sent me several different ones that I had obviously already seen in the product description.

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The Best Tous style Bear Watch Stores on AliExpress

So that you don’t despair when looking for the best sellers of Tous-inspired watches on AliExpress, we at AliexBA have taken the liberty of looking for nothing more and nothing less than the 10 best stores. We have sorted them from highest to lowest based on the reliability and rating of the users of this Chinese platform in the market for a long time.

First of all, through the user ratings in the image below, we will remind you of the rating system that AliExpress uses.


And now 10 salespeople have ordered from best to worst:

  1. Suki Watch Co., LTD. (3 diamonds)
  2. Neodymium magnets (2 diamonds)
  3. U_Like Store (2 diamonds)
  4. I_Like Store (1 diamond)
  5. click here (5 medals)
  6. HK Jason brand watch (5 medals)
  7. Buy magnet shop (5 medals)
  8. Michael-Korss-Shop (4 medals)
  9. My love in the clock (3 medals)
  10. Cheap Fashion Stock (3 Medals)

IMPORTANT: Many of you have asked us about the originality of the photographs that appear in the various stores. You can contact the sellers directly to send you the latest pictures of their watches to check the quality of these pieces of jewelry.

The Quality of the Products on AliExpress

Before buying a cheap Tous style watch from AliExpress, it is important that you choose a good seller (for example, one of the above). And remember, there are three main premises that you need to look at in order to know whether or not a seller is reliable:

  1. Seller’s Reputation: If the store has at least 1 diamond you can be 100% sure that you are dealing with a store with excellent reputations.
  2. Number of completed sales
  3. Buyer feedback and ratings
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And the quality of the Tous watch brands? To know if a product is high quality and inspired by Tous as much as possible, in addition to following these three tips, you can use another 100% reliable trick that we mentioned earlier: contact the seller jump right and face all the unknowns that you have.

By the way, don’t forget that the AliExpress brands are high quality. Each time they open more markets and more borders. If at any point in time you have any doubts, read buyers’ comments and you will get out of them.