BUY Cheap Vertical STEAM IRONS on AliExpress

The Vertical Steam Iron is one of those devices that should not be missing in any household, but we don’t usually buy it because of the price. How often do we not throw an item of clothing away because it is not ironed? A Vertical Steam Iron saves you having to remove the ironing board, but it also helps you disinfect your clothes as steam also removes odors and bacteria. A small vertical steam brush can also be a good idea if we travel with clothes that are easy to wrinkle.

At AliExpress we found a wide range of these irons at an impressive price. In this article, we are going to show you how to find very cheap vertical steam irons, explain their advantages and show you our favorite models of them famous online sales site of Chinese origin.

Is it worth investing in a Vertical Plank?

Vertical panels have many advantages, although they cannot replace conventional panels. These steam irons are ideal for any type of garment: pants, shirts, coats, suits, dresses … They are very useful for delicate garments and also for household linen such as sofas and upholstery. But on many occasions we will continue to need our usual iron for the wrinkled and difficult items of clothing. Therefore, the vertical iron is a complement to, but not a complete replacement for, the traditional iron.

In addition, many of the more compact models that we are going to show you have a small deposit, they are intended to be carried in a suitcase, so that we can only iron a few items of clothing with them. But without a doubt, a vertical iron for the home is worth it, even in travel size, for those times when we have to iron something at the last minute.

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Finally, in addition to being able to easily iron delicate clothes or avoid fights with collars, seams and buttons, another great benefit is the ability to eliminate odors and bacteria: steam eliminates all kinds of odors and bacteria when ironing.

How to Find Cheap Steam Irons on AliExpress

There are several types of Steam Irons, first of all we will distinguish them according to their size: compact or normal. The compact ones are available in the form of a “jug” or “brush”, they are small and ideal for excursions. The normal ones are called “vertical steam irons” and usually contain a hanger to which we attach the garment to be ironed. The latter are perfect when we want to iron multiple items of clothing with a single tank, although they take up more space and are much more expensive than compact ones. Their price is usually higher than 130 euros, although we can find them for a lot less money on AliExpress. We’ll show you our favorite vertical steam iron models with the best value for money.

Salav, high quality Vertical Plates

If you want a steam iron that allows you to clean multiple items of clothing with a single tank, as we told you before, your best bet is to go for a steam iron. These devices look a lot like a vacuum cleaner physically and have a vertical hanger that you can use to hang your clothes for easier ironing. Salav is one of the brands that offers this type of iron. In fact, their high quality and low cost make them one of the best sellers on AliExpress.

One of their best-selling models is the Salav gs29-cn iron. With 1500 W power and a 1.4 liter tank, it is able to iron all types of fabrics. It has 4 ironing modes to adapt its performance to the fabric to be ironed. It heats up in 45 seconds and its hanger allows you to hang up to 6 items of clothing to iron them at the same time and save time. If you are looking for a vertical iron with more capacity, we recommend the Salav gs29-bjuk, which has the same properties that we just explained, but its capacity is up to 1.8 liters.

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If you are interested in seeing other ironing products of this brand which is very popular with Russian buyers, Sincere Appliances and Trifate Appliances Co., Ltd store has all of their models of vertical steam irons, some of them more professional. , great for clothing stores or when you have a lot of clothes to iron, and even a portable steam iron that is ideal to take with you in our suitcase and iron anywhere.

TintonLife, Cheap and Practical

TintonLife is another brand of Chinese origin that is dedicated to the manufacture of small home appliances. They have a great selection of steam irons at a price to suit all budgets. You can find the entire catalog in both its official shop and its AliExpress store, which is exclusively dedicated to english buyers, although you can also choose to ship from EE.UU in its official shop.

One of our favorite models is this TintonLife HDG-168 vertical steam iron, mainly because of its price and the possibility of buying it direct from EE.UU and avoiding possible customs duties. It has 10 different ironing modes, a 1.6 liter tank and an output of 1800 W.

But you also have other practical compact steam irons in your Plaza shop. The first is this jug-shaped iron which, with a power of up to 800 W and a capacity of 200 ml, is ideal when we only want to use it in certain cases. The second is this practical brush, which only has a storage capacity of 50 ml, so perfect for carrying in a suitcase and for ironing the most delicate items of clothing.


Artence, Compact Steam Iron

Finally, we would like to tell you about the Artence Store, an AliExpress store where you can find some very interesting models of compact steam irons.

Among its models, we really liked this steam iron in the form of a brush, which can be used both horizontally and vertically, and which includes 2 accessories that will allow you to clean clothes while ironing. It is also used for cleaning drawers, blinds, stuffed animals … and any other part of the house. A true all-terrain iron in the palm of your hand.

Other Vertical Steam Irons Stores on AliExpress

If you access this search, you will find that there are many more models of very interesting vertical steam irons out there. We have shown you the most popular brands that offer reliable products. We also recommend other shops if you haven’t found what you are looking for and want to search it yourself. All of them have excellent reviews and good reviews on their products.

  • JE J. COTTON. DESIGN Official Store – Here you will find a large selection of compact vertical steam irons (in the shape of a jug), with different powers and ironing nozzles.
  • WarmHome Appliance Shop – Offers compact steam irons and brushes at an affordable price.
  • Luhite’s Store – If you are looking for a large capacity vertical steam iron, you will find very interesting models in this store, as well as compact steam irons.