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EZCast is one of the devices that arrived in EE.UU and revolutionized the technology market until it overtook Google’s Chromecast at great speed. It’s not that it became obsolete, but almost because it’s a clone, it has been more than improved upon, according to computer experts, among other things because it enables mirroring and other uses that Chromecast did not allow until recently.

They got noticed on AliExpress, and on this Chinese shopping platform, they also offer EZCast at popular prices when we compare them to those in other physical stores or on the internet. Hence, at AliexBA we try to explain (if you still don’t know) what this product is, how it works and where to buy it. Ah, we also tell you about the latest model, EZCast M2.

What is an EZCast and How does it work?

EZCast is a complex USB-sized system that allows you to view multimedia files from the connected device on TV or other screens (important: wirelessly), as well as play Internet content. All you have to do is select it on your phone, tablet or computer and you have it on a TV screen.

How does it work? Very, very easy. It connects to the TV’s HDMI input and, in turn, to a USB port for power supply. You have to select the HDMI port that you plugged the USB into and voila! The device generates a WiFi network (we repeat, without any kind of cables) in order to be able to interact between the connected terminal and the screen. The first time you use it you will need to install the software, but fear not, it is a very quick and easy step. Another thing to achieve all of this you need to have previously downloaded the app for the device you want to connect to the TV.


In short, you can view and play photos, videos, songs and files on your TV, and the internet connection allows you to connect to various platforms like YouTube, online games or any other application that comes to mind. And almost the most important things, or at least the new ones, can be mirrored on your TV. Don’t you know what we’re talking about After the video you will see.

What is Mirroring?

An innovative application (available in EZCast) that allows you to see what you have on your tablet, smartphone or computer. You may be wondering .. but that’s not what EZCast does? Yes, but partly, because through the photo or video camera of one of these multimedia devices, you can see live on your television what you are concentrating on, for example. A full-fledged wireless display. That means you can leave the cell phone picking up a baby in a room and go into the living room to do other activities. If he wakes up or cries, you will know right away. Both the picture and the sound are very clear and with little delay, or does a second difference appear after a long time?

It is IMPORTANT that you know that using this mirroring feature through Miracast support requires an internet connection (outside of the Wi-Fi network created by EZCast), but who’s not connected at home today?

EZCast vs Chromecast: Differences and Similarities

Alternatives to Chromecast? Undoubtedly EZCast, which was born later and therefore has some advantages over the device developed by Google. Why? Because it’s improved and has more features. The EZCast M2 is the newest on the market. So if you want to be at the forefront, we recommend this model.


Size, shape and weight are practically the same. And the price? Usually EZCast is cheaper than Chromecast, or at least we’ve checked and some of you guys have told us the same thing 🙂

EZCast for Windows, EZCast for Mac and EZCast for Android

Do not be afraid to buy your EZCast as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and of course supports iPhone and Android. In short, it works on your laptop, tablet, and phone. There is one thing to keep in mind if you want to connect it from your smartphone and use the mirroring: Starting with version 4.2 of Android, it is compatible to use it as a wireless display.

Buy EZCast on AliExpress or another Platform?

There you are, but if you want to have it cheaper, we recommend you do it through this Chinese platform. While it’s not an expensive device (prices over $ 30 plus shipping) that can be seen on the internet and in physical stores, it’s around 15-20 on AliExpress.

Imitation or Original EZCast? At AliExpress, you have both types. Take a close look at the technical specifications and choose based on your preferences and the price you want to spend. There isn’t much of a difference. You already know that this Chinese portal is one of the most valued in terms of technological products and that for your safety it is always good to look at the reviews, comments and old sales of the sellers.

Best AliExpress EZCast Sellers

In this list, we are going to show you which, in our opinion, are the top three stores to buy an EZCast.

  • Ruby’s Shop (3 crowns): Most valuable seller that EZCast has on AliExpress. If you want to be safe and calm in your shopping, choose this store that is not only notable for its safety, but also for its prices and discounts (here we found this device for 12 dollars !!
  • T-Best Wholesale Outlet (3 Crowns): This provider stays at the top of the pyramid for reliability. Replicas for 23 dollars, free shipping and other advantages not to be missed.
  • Tinghui Trading Co., Ltd (3 crowns): Finally, we recommend this Chinese seller who also has various EZCast which in no case exceed 30 dollars.

Personal opinion

To make your search a little easier, we’re going to show you the AliExpress Buyer’s Guide, where you can find EZCast, which have been bought a lot lately, as well as the best-selling devices on this platform.

The person who signed the article (that’s me) bought the Miracast dongle and I’m very happy with it. No mistake. No problem. Very easy to install and operate and for only 20 dollars. In addition, the seller is very reliable (1 crown). And other users have recommended the Wecast to us, with 1400+ historical sales across the platform.
Remember that you always have the option to contact the seller directly and provide you with further details about the product.