Buy CURTAINS and BLINDS on AliExpress

Curtains are an essential part of decoration: they provide privacy, protect from the sun and give the room a special touch. They turn a house into a home. However, the curtains are quite expensive and sometimes it is difficult to find one of our styles. There is also little inexpensive choice. So if you are looking for something different, you will most likely have to customize it. Today we are going to show you how to find cheap, different and original curtains on AliExpress.

The Best Curtains for your Home are on AliExpress

One of the things I like the most about AliExpress curtains is that you can find many different styles, some with very specific characteristics, for a very low price that cannot be found in other stores. We’ll show you how to find them by style. Another option is to go to this link which will give you direct access to all the available curtains and filter your search until you find the one that suits you best: by color, material, length.

Linen Curtains: Fresh and Light

Linen curtains are one of the most popular. Their fabric is natural and very light so now they are very fashionable thanks to the current decoration trends. They give the room a fresh and elegant touch. They are usually in light colors (beige, white, gray) as you can see here as they look great in any room. But they can be found with other colors and patterns. You can also find dense linen curtains, ideal for rooms without blinds that want absolute darkness at night.


Linen blinds are also a great alternative to the previous ones as the fabric gives the classic blind a more natural touch. They’re perfect for medium-sized windows that don’t need the curtain to reach the floor.

Velvet Curtains: a soft touch

Velvet has always been considered a luxurious fabric that is used in theaters and cinemas due to its high density. This soft fabric gives a unique feeling and, thanks to its high weight, has many advantages: it is a very opaque fabric that gives privacy and darkness to any room, and it also has a higher acoustic absorption coefficient than other fabrics, making it perfect for bedrooms with echo.

Blackout Curtains: absolute darkness

Many houses do not have blinds, so in this case we need curtains that can provide us with absolute darkness. Blackout curtains isolate sunlight from the outside, but can also improve thermal insulation as they can contain layers of insulation that prevent heat from entering the room. Because of their density, they are also better sound insulators. While not very common in decoration stores.

The ideal is to buy a fairly wide curtain so that it covers the entire window area well, but if you have a small window you can also use a blackout blind. In this case, they are mostly blinds made of a fabric with a lot of density that prevents light from entering.

Children’s curtains: fun rooms

Children’s rooms also need a little privacy. You can use linen or cotton curtains, or use fun kids’ curtains like this one. You use prints of animals, cars, planets, stars or trees, perfect to create a good atmosphere in the nursery.


Patterned curtains: an original touch

If you want your home to be original and different, you can get it with patterned curtains: plaid, striped, with geometric patterns, floral and tropical prints they are a great option for decorating and on AliExpress they are quite cheap like You can see here. Most are made of polyester or cotton and are available in a wide variety of sizes.

Insulating Blinds: Keep the Temperature

While you can find insulating curtains online, few that actually work. Most use density and for this it is best to go for blackout or velvet curtains. But if there are some blinds, the structure of which will help us isolate the outside temperature. It is these cellular blinds that are also called “Honeycomb Shades“. These are folding curtains that keep air inside when unfolded, making it possible to regulate the temperature difference between outside and inside and to act as a barrier.

Recommended Stores for Curtains in AliExpress

As you can see, finding curtains on AliExpress is very easy and there is a wide variety to choose from. The best thing to do is decide what type of curtain we want and narrow down the search using the links we left above. However, many of you ask us about trusted sellers. That is why we will leave you our selection of curtain stores that are distinguished by their quality or variety

  • JCyh Rainbow Decor Store – shop specializing in curtains, best sellers are printed tulle.
  • Official NaPearl Store – Your tulle curtains are beautiful, but they have other home textiles too.
  • CITIINCITY Store – This store sells curtains in neutral tones, made of neutral materials, and cheaply. Ideal for homes with Nordic style decoration.
  • CASAYA – One of the best stores to buy blinds as it has a wide choice: blackout, patterned, motorized …
  • Top Finel Store – The ideal store to find elegant geometric patterned curtains.
  • XTMYI Store – Although there are all types of curtains, we like the patterned ones best, especially those for kids.
  • BDX Store – shop specializing in cheap curtains and accessories: rails, motors, hooks.

Remember, choosing a trustworthy seller is important as our positive shopping experience depends on them. If you want to know if the seller you are trying to buy from is trustworthy, we recommend our guide to see if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress.