BUY Digital and WiFi THERMOSTATS on AliExpress

Thermostats are indispensable devices for the Comfort of our Home. You are able to regulate the Heating and cooling system, not only through our displays, but also when your probe detects that the environment is outside of a comfortable temperature.

The cheapest and simplest are analog, but they are very imprecise. So if you’re looking to upgrade your Home for little money, we encourage you to read on as we will teach you how to find the best cheap digital Thermostats on AliExpress, a Chinese-made online selling platform that lets you find high quality thermostats that that are very similar to brands like Honeywell, Nest or Siemens at very low prices.

Why invest in a new Thermostat

The most common thing is that we want to change our thermostat because the old one and the analog one don’t regulate as precisely as the more modern digital ones, which allow us to adjust the temperature of our home more precisely. A new thermostat also helps us to save energy, especially if we rely on smart thermostats with which we can regulate the temperature via our smartphone.

This will also give our home a plus in comfort: we can program the switch-on and switch-off times of our heating, and there are even some thermostats similar to the Nest model (but much cheaper) that we can use to automatically analyze our preferences at the same time, to program the heating in our house.

The Best Cheap Thermostats on AliExpress

Finding cheap thermostats on AliExpress is very easy, you just have to click here to try it out. The bestsellers are the electric thermostats with display, but there are also analog and smart thermostats so that you don’t have to waste time looking for the best one, we have put together a selection of the most interesting.


Digital touch screen thermostats

They are the most popular and best-selling, and they are very easy to swap out for an old Thermostat and very practical thanks to their screen. In addition, because it is tactile, its use is greatly simplified and much more intuitive. We found several models at AliExpress.

The bestseller is the Floureon BYC07.H3 because of its good price-performance ratio. This thermostat is designed for high voltage systems such as electric heating, underfloor heating, heating, motorized valves … It can be programmed weekly in 5 + 2 or 6 + 1 mode.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, we recommend the Floureon BYC17GH3, a digital thermostat with touchscreen and weekly programming. It can be operated manually or in automatic mode so that it starts working at a preset low temperature. Its screen is thinner, more resilient and more elegant.

Thermostats with WIFI Connection

But programming these Thermostats, even if they contain a digital touchscreen, is not that simple at all. So if you think that programming your heater would be a very positive point, we recommend spending a little more on your next thermostat and buying one with a WiFi connection that can be controlled from anywhere via an application. It’s easy to find them very cheap on AliExpress.

The Beok brands are most popular because of their good price-performance ratio: They cost just over 30 euros and are compatible with iOS and Android. Through its application, you can connect to your thermostat, set the temperature, turn the heating on or off, view the sensor data.


But if you want to be up to date on thermostats, this one we show you below has it all: color touchscreen, Wi-Fi to connect over the internet and a simple and intuitive menu. It’s perfect, especially for those of you who don’t want to waste time learning each of the thermostat buttons. In this case, all you have to do is press a button to program it and change the operating mode.

Smart Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat is very popular because it offers a great novelty compared to the classic on / off thermostats, as it remembers the desired temperature and thus helps to save energy, as it automatically switches the heating on and off after the analysis can turn off your morals.

This thermostat is very expensive, but at AliExpress we found a good alternative at almost half the price. It is an intelligent and programmable thermostat that, like the Nest thermostat, learns from your habits for a week and then programs itself automatically. In addition, it is a very easy to use thermostat: no buttons, no complicated menus, very easy installation and best of all, it saves you energy and money.

But if you can’t afford to spend that much money, we’ve also found a good, much cheaper alternative, the aesthetic of which is more similar to the Nest thermostat, but in this case cannot be controlled via WiFi and learns from our tastes. Of course, this thermostat, which we’ll show you below, is one of the easiest to control: you just have to turn the ring to select the temperature you want.


Classic style Manual Thermostats

But with so much choice, AliExpress has room for Manual Thermostats, yes, the ones we normally get rid of in order to switch to digital ones. These have one great advantage: they are very simple, have hardly any buttons or menus, and are very cheap.

Alexa Compatible Thermostats

The household trend is towards domotic homes, and with smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa system, we’re closer. So if you are thinking of getting a smart thermostat with WiFi and you own the Alexa assistant, you will be interested in one of these thermostats that are also compatible with the Amazon assistant.

The bestsellers are the thermostats from the MoesHouse brand. They are thermostats with a touchscreen LCD controller that can also be controlled via WiFi so you can not only program your heating out loud, but also the temperature of your house before you reach it.