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Taking care of the Eyebrows is one of the most troublesome things in beauty. Be careful not to remove the hairs that aren’t, you know which ones to remove so that it more or less comes out, gets the perfect shape for our face… Anyway, it matters. Perhaps that is why false eyebrows are so fashionable now. And no, the glue mustaches they sell in the Todoacien aren’t glob style, they’re all natural and can save us hours of time.

In addition, recently, many models have decided to show off their bushy and well-groomed eyebrows, like Cara Delevinge, and have created a new trend. However, not all girls can grow these eyebrows either naturally or by waxing them. So whether for comfort or fashion, false eyebrows are a very good alternative to avoid a lot of arm cramps. As I said, these eyebrows are very natural, they are made from natural eyebrow hair and are very easy to place. You just need to clean the skin well, then make sure it is dry and the eyebrow itself has some glue to attach. You can always add some special glue if you want to make sure it is securely attached. The duration of the eyebrows depends on each model, although the most common is around 15 days.

And how could it be otherwise, at AliExpress we find them (because at AliExpress we find practically everything we imagine). We have compiled a list of the best eyebrows and explain a little bit which one will suit you best depending on your face type.

Eyebrows for a round face

The most common in this type of face are the eyebrows with a pronounced and slightly raised shape. You always need to avoid straight or rounded styles. The arched brow shapes are best. And if you decide to try out fake eyebrows, these are the ones that will suit you best:

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Brown False Eyebrows

As you will see, this seller has several forms. So if you don’t have this face but have a different one, you are sure to find it here too. Of course it is only one color. The color brown. They are made by hand and from natural hair.

Black Eyebrows

This product is also perfectly shaped for your face type. It only costs thirteen euros and they are black. Like the others, they are made from natural hair and made by hand so they are very realistic. In the comments, they highlight the quality of this product and the strength of the glue.

Natural False Eyebrows

If we go for a slightly higher price (around 40 dollars), we can find even more realism with this type of false eyebrow. In this case, this product recommended by us is available in different colors and not only offers the perfect shape for a round face, but also simulates hair follicles. Something that is undoubtedly even more natural.

Eyebrows for a long face

On an elongated face, the ideal eyebrow shape is straight and horizontal, and we apply the blush in a straight line, we pluck the eyebrows in the same way, leaving an almost straight horizontal line.

Straight false Eyebrow different colors

In this case, you have those straight eyebrows of different colors, something perfect for achieving the closest color to your hair color. Although you already know that it is already more than overcome that eyebrows and hair must be the same tone.

These eyebrows are made with natural hair and by hand. You always have to pay attention to this because they are the most natural because when you put hair for hair it looks more like an eyebrow than a wig.


Black straight False Eyebrows

These are black false eyebrows and a little thicker than the previous model. If you want to add the fashion of thick eyebrows, this is your best option. They are very good value and a little more expensive because they are made hair for hair.

You are a very natural model, ideal for elongated faces.

Eyebrows for oval faces

This face type is the easiest for the shape of the eyebrows. The truth is that the most certain thing is that any of the above will suit you. Just be careful not to raise your eyebrows too much at the back so you don’t get angry look.

We’ll give you some examples of eyebrows for this face:

Arched eyebrows

As I said, this face type allows slightly higher eyebrows than usual. So if you like in this way, you can use this model that we present to you. The price is around 40 dollars as they are made from Swiss nodes. This is what we told you that they simulate the pore that hair enters through and they are much more natural.

The good thing about the sellers of this site is that they also offer a service to make them custom made. If you contact the seller and tell them what you want, they can probably make the eyebrows you want.

Blonde False Eyebrows

Blonde is the hardest color to find for eyebrows. However, there are several sellers who offer eyebrow models in different ranges of blonde. This is one of them. A thin, slightly arched blonde eyebrow. Made from natural hair and subtle mus.

False Eyebrow Shops on AliExpress

These that you’ve seen are just a few examples, but you can find many types and models of false eyebrows on AliExpress. If none of these models have particularly impressed you, we have some of the most popular stores available for you to look at:

  • FXVIC Wig Eyebrow Factory Online Store: This is the store we talked about earlier. In many of his products he points out that if you come in contact with them, you can order a more suitable eyebrow. Anyway, there are a lot of different models for both boys and girls in this store. Everyone who has sales has very positive reviews.
  • WorldBeautyLashes Store: This shop has three rating diamonds, which is a thoroughly positive rating. The good thing about this shop, which not only sells eyebrows, but also has a lot of interesting accessories for them. For example, a special glue or different brushes to keep them tidy.
  • Bloom Of Beauty: This store also has positive reviews. There isn’t a lot of variety in false eyebrows, but the truth is they are a lot cheaper than most we can find. Typically, as you may have seen, false eyebrows cost around 40 euros, in this store they cost around 13 dollars.
  • WB Luxury Min & Silk Lashes: Based on the cheaper product shops, we find those whose false eyebrows you can find from 9 euros. A real bargain compared to the other stores, which may not have the highest ratings (between 4 and 4.5 out of 5), but neither have bad ratings. We can’t ask much for this price either.
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You can also find fake eyebrows for men at some of these stores. If you love the world of beauty and makeup, you can find a wide variety of articles on these topics on the AliexBA.