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Fashion is constantly changing and every year we can see New Sneakers. One of the newest brands to gain followers is a Chinese Brand called Feiyue, thanks to the Z generation from the east of the country who are aiming for the resurgence of more retro brands that we will explain can be found on AliExpress.

The Origin of the Feiyue Brand: the Rebirth of a Classic

This brand was born in Shanghai around 1920 and its design was based on the traditional slippers of the Shaolin monks. They became popular for their flexibility, comfort and sturdiness, and they became ideal shoes for athletes or kung fu masters.

In 1960, Feiyue shoes were the best-selling shoes in China, and their popularity lasted for several decades. They were also exported abroad as standard shoes for martial artists. But with globalization and the emergence of other brands like Nike or Adidas, these shoes began to lose sales.

In 2005, the Feiyue sneakers were reissued thanks to a group of marketing experts and several Chinese artists who wanted to improve the image and appearance of the sneakers. In addition, in recent years China has seen a resurgence of the traditional culture that brought Feiyue to fame.

Fashionistas who have found a casual and original look in these sneakers have exceeded their limits. Artists like Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Poppy Delavigne or Alessandra Ambrosio already wear them because the best thing about Feiyue is that they are not only comfortable but also look good with any look!

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How to Find the Cheapest Feiyue Sneakers on AliExpress

The characteristics of the Feiyue sneakers make them an addicting shoe: spacious, elastic, beautiful and very comfortable. Now that they are in vogue they can be found in many online stores, but where they are cheaper is AliExpress. We’ll show you some popular models from the brand.

Classic Feiyue trainers

The bestsellers are the classic style sneakers in two colors: white with the blue and red logo or black with the red and white logo. You can easily find them via Aliexpress in a wide variety of sizes, for women and men.

Feiyue solid color sneakers

But there are many new Feiyue sneakers. The most popular are those that follow the classic style, but in the colors: completely black, red, white their style is very similar to the previous ones, but the logo is more obscured. You can find them here in sizes from EU34 to EU45 depending on the color.

Feiyue Women’s Sneakers

If you are looking for casual shoes with a feminine touch, even though Feiyue shoes are unisex, there are some that you might like a lot, like the one you see below, in pink and with a wide size to fit all feet. There are also some very interesting ones with patterns, gold tones.

Feiyue leather Sneakers

But this brand has also been updated with new models. Among the most successful are the classic style sneakers with a synthetic leather finish, with colored details in the logo and on the back. It’s an urban style shoe at a very affordable price.

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Feiyue ankle boots

Another variant of the classic Feiyue sneakers are ankle-boot style sneakers that reach down to the ankle. There is a wide variety of colors and designs from the Feiyue brand, but without a doubt they are very easy to combine with sports shoes.

Original Dafu Feiyue slippers

If you want to see the most original, diverse and fun shoes from Feiyue, we suggest you check out all the options this brand can offer you by clicking here. These are slippers from a store specializing in Feiyue, limited editions from Marvel, others with very fun prints or with a shearling finish on the inside.

Feiyue children’s sneakers

If you’re looking for casual shoes for kids or if you’re into sports, the Feiyue are a great option. There is not as much variety of colors as there is for adult shoes, but they are very practical: with laces or with Velcro, in a wide variety of sizes and very cheap.

Best Stores to Buy Feiyue Sneakers

The advantage of buying Feiyue shoes on AliExpress is that we can avoid middlemen and get better prices. In addition, this site sells worldwide, with free or very low shipping costs.