Buy From STORES with NO Reputation

They already know that when Buying a Product on AliExpress, it is important to Check the sellers’ reputations and previous sales. We always comment on it. The more points and completed transactions, the better. But many of you have asked us about sellers who do not have a reputation on this platform. Shall we buy from them?

In this AliexBA post, we’re going to answer that question. On more than one occasion, we’ve purchased from unreliable sellers on AliExpress. After keeping our fingers crossed and appealing to luck, we didn’t have any problems. We are already convinced. In the worst case scenario, they will refund the money on the order, but we will tell you if we have to choose an answer we will say that buying from stores with no reputation is not bad.

Why isn’t it a Bad Thing to BUY from Sellers with no Reputation?

There are several factors that solve this question. We know this is a very common question among AliExpress users. Logical. The reputation of the stores is one of the most important premises when buying on the platform, but not the only or the last one to decide in favor of a Chinese seller or any other. The first piece of advice we will give you: if the choice is yours, better choose a seller who has medals, diamonds or crowns over one with no reputation. In this case, the buyers have rated the sellers and you can get an idea of ​​their loyalty, delivery times and product quality. However, if it doesn’t have a score or previous sales, then you can’t look at its history as a guide.


We always say that a seller with at least one diamond is already very reliable, but there can be just as safe deals that are not valued. Why? Because you may have recently arrived at AliExpress and haven’t had time to get buyer reviews or sell products. This doesn’t mean the purchase will get any worse here. Everyone deserves a first chance and the top stores also had to go through this era. AliExpress knows about this and usually doesn’t include sellers who will harm the customer.

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Reputational sellers are very common in the fake branding industry. They already know that AliExpress is tracking fake sellers, so some Chinese stores are eager to open “volatile deals” and sell their inventory in a very short period of time before the platform finds out and closes the deal. We call this express stores.

I don’t see any Stars, Diamonds or Crowns, is that normal?

AliExpress has decided for a while to remove this graphic review from its sellers’ pages and we don’t know if they will repost it. The main reason is that AliExpress now has more control over sellers and has stricter rules, making it easier and easier to trust sellers on this website. Still, you can analyze the seller’s rating. When we click on “positive reviews” we can see very useful data about the deal, such as the opening date and the average score of other buyers in different areas.

What are AliExpress Express Stores?

This is a word we created on AliexBA to describe fleeting stores dedicated to selling products quickly before AliExpress decides to shut them down. This type of business is mainly based on counterfeit brands and imitation products, which AliExpress has banned in its regulations. Usually these stores only sell one product in question and use original logos and images in the item description and details. They also use authentic names to make them easier for you to find. They usually don’t have acronyms, so it may be easier to find them.

These dealers are very typical of the textile industry, all kinds of branded clothing for women and men. Also in shoes and accessories. There are many express stores with replicas of shoes, sunglasses, jewelry… Their intention is to sell their entire catalog as soon as possible to prevent AliExpress from knowing their modus operandi. In this case, we have confirmed that most Express Shops are reliable, although it never hurts to carefully review the sales that have already been made (it takes 30 seconds). Most likely, you haven’t completed the sale as it will sell out before orders arrive. In this case, there is no way to get reputations for the seller. Remember that this happens once the purchase is received.

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What if I Order from an Express Store and it closes later?

Also, due to the impermanence they work with, most of these stores don’t have customer reviews either. What at first seems like a problem turns into a virtue when accepting an order. These sellers need to be in a hurry to ship your purchase asap to avoid setbacks. Another trick you can use is to write directly to Chinese businesses. Maybe they’ll solve your doubts. It usually takes very little to answer!

And you’re probably thinking what if AliExpress closes a deal and I have a pending purchase? Three things can happen to you:

  1. If the product has not been sent you will be given your money back
  2. Once it has been sent, everything stays the same. Wait until your reception
  3. If you have a problem with the product, go straight to AliExpress to come to an agreement and get your money back

As you have seen, there is no way you will lose. AliExpress will refund your money. If you are more lucky, the order will arrive and you will assess the quality there or if there are any setbacks. For more information on this, see the Buyer Protection and Claims Guide and the Easy Returns tutorial we wrote a few days ago.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying from an “Express Seller”

If you’re still not sure, we’ll separate the pros and cons of buying through an express seller. We found more advantages than disadvantages, both in terms of legality, the condition of the products and the safety of the stores. And the cons, as you will see, isn’t that damaging as you can always replace it by looking for some other volatile deal 🙂



  • Imitations cheap price
  • Excellent quality of the replicas
  • Fast delivery
  • Cheap and instant refund policy
  • Easy to find products by their original name


  • The supply is used up very quickly
  • Buy and AliExpress will close the deal in question during this period (they would refund the money)
  • Little choice of different products

We know of many cases and after a period of post-purchase investigation and personal scrutiny from unreliable sellers, everything usually works perfectly. So when in doubt, we encourage you to shop at these AliExpress stores. You may be a little scared, but nothing bad is going to happen. In the worst case scenario, you will get all of your money back.