Buy FUNKO POP on AliExpress

There are plenty of geek characters out there, but those from Funko Pop have triumphed because of their original and fun aesthetic. They have become a great gift or collector’s figure, but sometimes there are models that are difficult to find, but today we are going to explain how to find very cheap Funko Pop and Funko keychains on Aliexpress.

Are the Funko Pops on AliExpress original? Do they come with a box?

Although AliExpress has banned fakes on its site for a while, there are still sellers who sell replicas. This is why it is important to carefully look at the product description, comments from other buyers and in the store, as there are authorized sellers who sell original Disney products and Funko Pop is precisely one of their brands. There are also some providers who sell original and limited editions of Funko Pop, sometimes used when they are not in stock. Regardless of whether they come with a box, many options have the option to ship them with or without a box, but in both cases they are well protected.

Funko Pop: How to find them cheaply on AliExpress

These funny dolls are characterized by having a big head and by series, films, video games. That is also the case. You can find Funko key rings very cheap and fun.

Among the bestsellers we find Dragon Ball Funko Pop, both in the key chain version and in normal size, with all the characters you are looking for: Goku, Zamasu, Super Saiyajin, Gotenks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Freeza.


the Disney Funko Pop They are also very popular, we can find dolls from the company’s most popular films: The Lion King, Toy Story, Dumbo. We also find characters of Disney Princesses and the latest films such as Pixar’s Coco.

One of the films that both adults and children are very fond of also has its characters. We talk about that Star Wars Funko Popwhich is now part of Disney, but is still a classic. You can find the most famous characters from C-3PO to Chewbacca.

the Game of Thrones Funko Pop They are highly coveted by fans and the characters of the most popular series of the last few years have many details and accessories, for example we find Daenerys or the king of the night on the dragon.

Most of the successful series have their Funko characters and are in great demand, for example this one Funko Pop from Stranger Things They are very sought after and this 80s-inspired series has won it over for its fun plot.

You can also find dolls from animated series and manga like this Pokemon Funko Pop, but you can find too Naruto Funko Pop in Aliexpress, and although less sells that One Piece Funko Pop.

If you are a fan of Stan Lee comics, this is one you cannot miss Marvel Funko PopIn this link you will find the characters of your favorite superheroes: Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Hulk and many more.

There is another mythical movie saga that inspired these characters as well, they are the Harry Potter Funko Pop which will triumph among lovers of these films. Here you will not only find Harry Potter and his best friends, but also characters from Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood or Voldemort.

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the Rick and Morty Funko Pop They are not very popular, but successful with lovers of this original adult swim series, you will not only find Rick Sánchez and Morty Smith, but also funkos by Rick Pepinillo, Meeseeks or Snowball.

The adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok on his way to become King of the Vikings were very successful, which is why the Viking Funko Pop They are a classic, if you are a fan of the series, your shelf should not be missing.

As you can see, the variety of these characters is almost infinite, you can also find characters from other films, for example the one John Wick Funko Pop, one of the most popular Keanu Reeves films can be found at this link, or even the Stephen King Funko Pop with characters from the movie It.

Video game fans are also in luck because this famous character brand has them thought of. Among the most popular we find the Fortnite Funko Pop which you can find in this link or the Funko Pop from the Witcher What do you see here. They are an original and fun gift for video game lovers.

How to Find More Funko Pop on AliExpress

As you can see, AliExpress has a wide variety of funkos to choose from. We have left you with the most popular ones you searched for, but if you want to find them all, all you have to do is access this search and add a keyword what you are looking for. There are specialist sellers in limited collections, some even sell the hardest-to-find used Funko.