BUY GOLDEN GOOSE Sneakers Men and Women

Golden Goose has developed into a shoe brand that is characterized by its charming vintage style in the design of its models. It has done so well in recent years that the Italian company has grown like foam to become one of the benchmarks in the sneaker market.

Do you know where to find outlet price Golden Goose trainers? In fact: on AliExpress. We found that the cheapest shoes can be found on this Chinese platform, they cost a lot less than any other store, and the best part is that they look original.

And I say that they look original, even though they don’t have the logo of guaranteed authenticity:

I’m pretty sure they’re original for several reasons:

  • They have survived the AliExpress “hunt” for counterfeits over the past few months that wiped out most replica sellers.
  • They are sold on AliExpress with absolute naturalness: not only are there stores that have been selling them for up to three years and have achieved several rating diamonds, but they are also called:
  • You use the word “original” openly in the name of the product.
  • They leave their buyers very, very satisfied as you can see from the average ratings:

Very affordable Golden Goose sneakers

How to Find the Cheapest Golden Goose on AliExpress

As I said before, unlike other brands, it’s very easy to find these shirts on AliExpress. Just search for Golden Goose or the acronym GGDB and you will see tons of vendors that have them.

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Top-rated sellers for buying Golden Goose sneakers

As you know, AliExpress is not an online store with its own inventory, but a platform for external sellers. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good seller when making a purchase. Let’s talk about the product we’re talking about. Buying from a store with a good reputation reduces the chance of things going wrong, both with shipping and product quality.

And you already know that the valuation depends on the number of crowns, diamonds or medals the seller has. Here you can see the explanatory table of the evaluations:

AliExpress seller reputation

Although it wouldn’t complicate me very much in this case, since you’ve already seen that there are three stores specializing in this brand, the three that I mentioned earlier:

By the way, note that the first and third have this symbol under the product:

As we described in the article about local deliveries and returns from AliExpress, this means that if you are not satisfied with the product after receiving it, you can return it within seven days (without using it of course) and the amount minus the amount Refund will incur shipping costs.

In AliExpress’ words:

Did you receive your item but it is not what you expected? Don’t worry, you can return it quickly and easily. Just send it to a warehouse in your country within 7 days. When the warehouse confirms receipt of your package, you will get your money back (minus shipping costs). The item must be unworn and must be returned with the original labels, packaging and box.

And what about the sizes?

Sometimes the sizes could be slightly different between Chinese and European sizes. Therefore, some sellers offer measurement information to help you choose the most suitable size. They usually contain a table of Asian and European conversions. In the next picture you can also see the American sizes.

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AliexBA tip: we’ll say it again. If you hesitate between sizes please contact the seller. They usually don’t react for long. Neither they nor you are interested in shipping / buying Golden Goose shoes that are not worth it in order to avoid delays in your order. So get in touch without thinking! If you have any further questions, you can read our article on How to Find Your Size on AliExpress. We hope this buying guide has been useful. Do you have any doubts or suggestions?