BUY Graphics TABLETS Interactive MONITORS on AliExpress

If you like design and are looking for a graphics tablet (or digitizing tablet) to draw on your computer, today we bring you a very interesting article: best cheap graphics tablets which you can buy on AliExpress. If you are a lover of drawings, read on because they are a great alternative to the famous Wacom branded tablets.

These are class of tablets Indispensable for graphic designers, illustrators, architects. Or anyone who likes to draw and wants to do so on the computer. When you think you’ve had enough with your mouse, try Photoshop or Illustrator: drawing a simple circle can be an odyssey. These tablets are made up of two elements, both of which are vital: an electronic pen and a sensitive surface that detects the movement of the pen. Most allow for thinner or thicker strokes, depending on how we press the pen on the tablet.

Features to consider when choosing your graphics tablet in  2023 

If you already own a tablet, you already know what to look for. However, if you are just starting out, there are a few features that you should keep in mind in order to analyze the quality of the tablet and analyze whether it is suitable for your work.

  • Pressure sensitivity: As mentioned earlier, tablets are usually pressure sensitive, so in the best tablets you will see a number that represents the Pressure Level (NDP) and the higher it is, the more sensitive it is. The more professional you are, the more ndp you need, while as a beginner or looking for a graphics tablet as a hobby, you might not need such a delicate tablet. A value of 1024 is acceptable, and most of the values ​​we’ll show you are around 2048.
  • Size: It’s normal to think that the bigger the tablet, the better we’ll work, but the smaller ones are more practical to start with, it’s also important to consider what we need it for. The bigger the size, the higher the price will be.
  • Reporting time: This is a measurement expressed in “RPS” (reports per second) that relates to the number of times the tablet connects to the computer to send information about the position and pressure of the pen. A suitable value would be over 200 rps, which guarantees optimal performance.
  • Lines per inch: In terms of LPI (Lines Per Inch), it means the lines that each inch contains, that is, it relates to the quality of the drawing. Ideally, look for tablets with values ​​above 2000 LPI.
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Best cheap graphics tablets from AliExpress in  2023 

We won’t find the famous Wacom brand on AliExpress, but there are 3 well-known brands that have good graphics tablets. Even a lot of people point out the technological innovation of these brands as Wacom continues to make very similar tablets over the years. We will show you the best models on each and you can see all of the AliExpress Digitizer Tablets.


It’s a brand little known, although it is a very good inexpensive option to the famous Wacom. One of his most popular models is this Ugee M708, a Mac OS and Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 compatible digitizing tablet that can be a great starting point. It has an active drawing area of ​​10 x 6 inches (25.4 x 15.24 cm), 2048 kg (pressure levels), 8 buttons for creating shortcuts, and is compatible with almost any design program. It can be an inexpensive alternative to the Wacom Intuos. As some shoppers who have left their purchase review say, it’s a simple but perfect tablet to get into this world. It can be found here at an approximate price of 40 $.

If you are already a pro and want to go a step further, I recommend checking out the most professional Ugee models of graphics tablets, like the UG-1910B, a interactive monitor that you can draw on direct. You can find it in this bestseller filtered search less than 400 dollars, and its advantages aren’t bad: it Work area is 19 inches, ndp of 2048 and response time of 14ms It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, however the only thing we noticed is that it only has DVI and VGA output, no HDMI output.

If you are looking for one Tablet with monitor and HDMI output of this brand, I recommend you to use the Ugee HK1560 (15.6 inch) or the Ugee UG-2150 (21.5 inch) available here, which you can buy via this search. As a reference, the 21.5-inch model costs around 500 dollars. You can one great alternative to Wacom’s Cintiq.

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The second brand that we already told you about A small niche is being created in the global graphics tablet market, and the low prices with good results offered by their tablets were one of the reasons for Thousands of Wacom users are switching to this brand.

The best-selling Huion tablet on AliExpress is the Huion 420, the It barely costs 20 dollars and is ideal for beginners They don’t know if they will use it or it will be one of the many pots that will end up collecting dust. It is a tablet with a very small usable area (4 x 2.23 inches), 2048 ndp and compatible with most design programs.

Within the “middle” level graphics tablets, Huion offers 2 interesting models. The bestseller is the Huion 1060 pro, which is considered the “big sister” of the Ugee M708. It’s a safe bet as it’s a good size (10 x 6.25 inches), but it has two major advantages: It is Pressure sensitivity reaches 8192 kp (like the Wacom Intuos Pro) and you can get one MicroSD card up to 64 GB to save your drawings. It can be found here for around 70 $, around 20 $ more than the Ugee, but those looking for more precision are worth the difference.

The second model is the Huion Giano, which has a large active work area: 13.8 x 8.6 inchesbut the best is It’s wireless! Which makes work easier, because you can place the tablet in the way that suits you best, without the hassle of cables in between. All other values ​​are similar to what we’ve seen so far. In this search you can find it from 135 $.

Huion also has interactive displays high quality for those who want to take a plunge into this world of drawing, you have them all here, in your official AliExpress store, but the best selling one is this GT-190 with one 19-inch size that costs less than 350 dollars. A very attractive price point for those who want to jump into interactive screens on a low budget, but if you’re investing a little more I recommend the Huion GT-191 as its pressure level goes from the classic 2048 ndp to 8192 ndp, catching up with the Wacom Cintaq Pro it also includes an HDMI output. In this search, we leave you the best stores to buy it cheap.


XP pen

The last brand we’ll talk about is XP-Pen. It has fewer models than the previous brands, but some are really interesting. Clicking here you can access the official AliExpress store where you can find all the products with the best customer service. This brand is famous for its cheap graphics tablets like this one, the 4 x 3 inch XP-Pen G430, which barely costs 20 dollars, or the Star 03, which is very similar to the Ugee M708, with which it shares features and a very similar price.

One of the models I like the most from this brand is the XP-Pen Star06 because it Impressive features and it’s very cheap: it’s wireless, has an internal memory of 4 GB, and its pressure level also reaches 8192 npi, for less than 90 dollars, as you can see in this search. It also has multiple hotkeys to make it smoother, and an active area of ​​10 “by 6”.

As with previous brands, XP-Pen also offers interactive monitors for drawing, you can find them all here. The good thing about them is that most of them have HDMI output, and that we can also find some really cheap models, we can get a graphics tablet with a 10.1-inch screen like this one for less than 300 $, which also has express access buttons and an HDMI output.

How to buy these Tablets at the best price on AliExpress

If you came to our article looking for a way to buy cheaper Huion, XP Pen, or Ugee tablets, then without a doubt, your best option is to buy them from AliExpress as they are Chinese brands This website comes from the same country of origin as the tablets, we avoid middlemen. In addition, this online shopping site is one of the most important in the world.