BUY Harry Potter LEGO Building KITS on AliExpress

Harry Potter is one of the fantasy sagas that still appeals to young and old. Of all the merchandising it has, fans like the LEGOs based on this saga from writer JK Rowling. But these 3D puzzles are far from cheap, the Howgarts Castle costs more than 400 dollars and the dining room more than 100, so today we are going to explain how to find these cheaper Harry Potter building games on AliExpress thanks to Chinese brands like Lepin.

First of all, we would like to make it clear that, as we explained in our guide to cheap Chinese LEGOs from AliExpress, we will not find the building blocks of the well-known brand on this platform, but rather white Chinese brands such as Lepin, Decool or Gudi with almost the same Quality but much cheaper.

Harry Potter Building Blocks on AliExpress

If you are a Harry Potter fan you are in luck because on AliExpress the Lego Harry Potter kits are successful and very easy to find as you can see here. Their price is so low that it is very tempting to buy them, mainly because these building blocks are LEGO compatible and of high quality, especially those from the LEPIN brand, the best Chinese Lego brand, with a lot complete Harry Potter kits.

Harry Potter Lego Figures

One of the best-selling LEGOs are these minifigures from the Harry Potter saga with more than 20 different figures. They’re cheap in the official Lego store, but they’re sold out and you can’t choose the character. For this reason, it is worth buying them on AliExpress, as not only are we very cheap, but we can also choose our favorite character.

Howgarts Castle

It’s one of the latest additions to the Lego Harry Potter collection, but almost out of reach for its price point as it costs around $ 400, has 6,020 pieces, and is huge. Fortunately, Chinese construction kit manufacturers have already released their own version. Lepin’s is the best seller, it can be opened to find some scenes from the films and books as well as several architectural details in the castle. When assembled, it measures 71 x 43 x 60 centimeters. Best of all, as you can see here, there are sellers who ship it from stock in Europe or Spain to avoid customs charges

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Howgart’s large dining room

Howgarts’ Great Hall is one of the show’s favorite locations, having appeared in key moments in the series and the film. The large dining room is very popular with fans for this kit. Not a single detail is missing: floating candles, interchangeable pennants, animals like Hedwig or Scabies and 10 characters including Harry, Ron and Hermione. It has 983 pieces, and the kits available on AliExpress cost a third of what the original Lego cost.

Hagrid’s Hut

This kit recreates Hagrid’s famous hut. It opens in half to see the inside, where we have chairs, a table, pots, pans and animals from the saga. It was released in 2001 so it is no longer available on the official store, but you can find it very cheap on AliExpress.

Grindelwards flying car

This was one of the last Lego kits to hit the market and Chinese manufacturers have already released their version. This is the chariot used in the movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelward for the Dark Wizard’s escape and contains a typical horse-drawn carriage pulled by a winged thestral. It’s a fun and easy to assemble set as it only contains 148 pieces.

Sauce boxers

Inspired by the scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, this 843-piece set contains everything you need to recreate the scene, including the flying Ford Anglia, a 3-story section of Hogwarts Castle and the Whirling Willow swirling branches and the entrance to the tunnel of the House of Screams. You can also find minifigures of the characters and animals of the saga.


Hogwarts express train

This is another kit that no Harry Potter fan should miss. Recreate the famous Howgarts Express train that passes Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, from where it departs for Howgarts. Although it is a classic, this construction kit is very beautiful, with bright colors, and contains the most famous characters of the saga: Harry, Hermione, Ron. The inside of the train can be reached by removing the wall and the side, so to be able to locate the figures in the inner seats. While not a very difficult kit, it has 897 pieces, the Lego costs almost 90 euros, while the alternatives from Chinese brands like Lepin can be found for less than 30$.

Aragog’s hiding place

The giant spider Aragog also has its own Lego. It’s a kit that includes a spider and the famous tree with all sorts of details. The tree has a spider web throwing mechanism to make it more interesting. The characters and animals included are mobile and therefore an ideal construction kit for children to play with, and as you can see here, it is very economical.

Suitcase with Magical Creatures (Fantastic Beasts)

Another invention of these building blocks is that you can build your own folding suitcase with Lego parts. Inside you will find one of the most famous scenes in the film with a lot of detail. Includes Norbert Dragonneau, Jacob Kowalski, Tina Goldstein and Queenie Goldstein minifigures, plus the most famous magical creatures from the movie to create your own adventures with. You can find this cheaper kit from Chinese brands like Lepin via this search.

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Quidditch Game

Quidditch is the saga par excellence, with some of the most interesting scenes taking place on the field. Thanks to this construction kit, you can now recreate these famous games: choose your favorite team and character to start the game. The kit contains the towers of the 4 houses and 6 figures from the saga. Contains cool details like quaffle and clap triggers.

Chinese LEGO Brands and Harry Potter kits

To start, we introduced you to some of the best brands of Harry Potter kits on AliExpress. The three best known are Lepin, Decool and Gudi. LEPIN It’s the one with the most Lego-esque Harry Potter bricks as you can see in this link. In fact, if you don’t see the brand name, the most normal thing is that it was a LEPIN kit. Their parts are fully compatible with LEGO, they are of great quality, and their kits are very similar to LEGO’s.

DECOOL has fewer Harry Potter kits than you can see here, but while their kits are of a very good quality, some of their parts are not compatible with LEGO and LEPIN. So if you are looking for compatible parts, this may not be your best option. After all, at the moment GUDI does not have a package with building blocks from the famous saga, although this brand is fully compatible with LEGO and LEPIN with high-quality parts.