Buy HERSCHEL and KANKEN Backpacks on AliExpress

You could easily find original Herschel Backpacks on AliExpress by doing this or this search. The bad news is that to this day it doesn’t seem to be (check to see if AliExpress sellers are experts at making our items obsolete). Yes, they are more expensive than AliExpress, but at least they are 100% original and a little cheaper than other online and physical stores.

And if you don’t have the budget for an original, AliExpress has some Chinese clones of the Herschel like this one: Now comes the good news 😁 On the other hand, it is very easy to find very cheap backpacks in the Kanken style on AliExpress.

Be careful, because these are neither originals nor replicas, they are “Kanken-style” backpacks from other brands:

They are 100% legal as they don’t imitate the logo. Come on, what we call “Chinese clones” here.

Original article:

Did you come here because it is you? [email protected] Buy Herschel backpacks at outlet prices? Well, we have great news: starting today on AliExpress you will find original backpacks from Herschel Supply at an outrageously low price.

Just do that search on AliExpress and scroll until you find photos of Herschel backpacks that look authentic (with logo visible and everything), you will find backpacks that are really from this brand but are half the usual price .

How do we know these cheap Herschel are real?

Because the AliexBA sniffer dog went into hunting mode and we talked to sellers. They told us that: If you can’t speak English, I’ll translate it for you: I asked him if they were real, he said yes, it was leftovers from his factory. Then I asked him if they are being sold legally (i.e. if they have Herschel’s permission) and he said yes, they do. So, bingo, we’ve found some original and cheap Herschel.


I don’t post a screenshot or direct link to the seller I spoke to to protect them in case they bluffed and sold replicas or sold them without the brand’s approval, but it shouldn’t cost you to find them here.

What are Herschel Backpacks and why are they so successful?

Some experts call these accessories vintage-style urban backpacks. And you are right, because the design of a large part of the Herschel collection is reminiscent of the old backpacks of the early 20th century.

The fabric of these backpacks is usually made of slightly textured canvas with a two-buckle closure that is more than characteristic of this brand. They usually also include a handle and a flap opening on the top. The padded straps are adjustable. And don’t forget, the manufacturer recommends cleaning with a damp sponge if the backpack gets stained. Much better than putting it in the washing machine.

After all, Herschel Supply Co makes robust quality backpacks that are inspired by old mountaineering equipment and world travel. Herschel has adapted its original designs to a new generation, updating its bags with a contemporary style, shape and feel.

And the quality of the backpacks? – Beware of replicas

If you have killed one of the original Herschel backpacks, the quality will be maximum, there is no reason to think otherwise. The only difference between buying from AliExpress and buying from an official store is that you can get it from China for 50% less. The downside is, of course, you’ll have to wait for delivery, but I think it’s worth it.

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Of course, we advise you to be careful with fakes and (if you are interested, of course) to ensure that the product you have chosen is genuine, for example via the chat, as I did.

Hey, I didn’t find that original Herschel you’re talking about

Impressive. It is possible that the sellers I spoke to have already run out of inventory and are running out of stock at the moment if you read this. But don’t worry, I have a plan B for you: vintage Herschel-style backpacks.

They are white Chinese backpacks and also a fantastic alternative in my opinion if you can’t find the original Herschel. In fact, I went looking for one of the Herschel-style backpacks on AliExpress today because I saw it with a friend and I thought it was great for the € 25 she told me it had cost.

What exactly is a Chinese white label backpack?

These are backpacks made by Chinese manufacturers, inspired by the designs of famous brands, but without entering the category of replicas: they do not copy any identifying marks of the original brands and are therefore not tracked by AliExpress. This allows them to focus on improving their product and lowering their prices, which means that we can find backpacks that hit the mark for just 25$ or 35$.

One of the brands inspired by the Herschel concept is Bodachel, but you can also find several other models with indistinguishable names simply by searching on Herschel. How are you:

Chinese Herschel

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