BUY High-Quality BREAST PUMP from AliExpress

If you are going to become a mother and are breastfeeding your baby, the article we bring you today will be very interesting as we are going to talk about the famous (and usually expensive) breast pumps. It is a small device that is very useful for mothers as every baby’s needs are different and when you return to work and need to continue breastfeeding your baby it will become your best ally.

These devices can also rescue you on certain occasions, such as when you feel like your chest is badly swollen and your baby is not holding onto no matter how hard you try. However, it is not recommended if the breast is swollen (swollen and hard) as it can worsen the inflammation. We explain the best models that you can find very cheap on AliExpress, their advantages and disadvantages and how you can save even more when buying.

What do I have to consider before Buying a Breast Pump?

We are always happy to explain the most important features of the products that we will show you, because it is important that you know the differences and so can decide on one or the other model.

The main difference between the extractor models that we are going to show you is the type of extraction: there is manual extractors or lever as well electric fans (for one breast or for both). The choice of one or the other is very personal, although the electric pump is generally much more convenient than the manual one, but if you occasionally express milk with a manual pump it may be enough for you. The electric one is better when you have to use it more often and of course the double trigger will save you even more time than the single one.

Best Breast Pumps on AliExpress

Since we have already said that what sets these products apart most is their operation, we will teach them in two categories. First we are going to teach you the guides, which are usually cheaper and preferred by many mothers, and then we move on to the electric ones. As mentioned earlier, we don’t have either preference as you may be more comfortable with a manual one or vice versa.


Manual Breast Pump

Above all, these have the great advantage that they are much cheaper than electric ones, so when in doubt it is not a bad option to opt for a manual vacuum cleaner. We’ll show you our favorites.

Manual extractor with petal massager

The main feature of this type of pump is that the funnel through which the milk is sucked from the breast has small petals that are designed to stimulate the flow of milk. This one we are showing you is the best-selling one on AliExpress and has a lot of positive voices. It is made of non-toxic materials (PP-silicone and BPA-free) according to European standards and its suction system prevents backflow. When you’re done, all you have to do is change heads and put the bottle cap on and it’s ready for your baby.

Real Bubee hand breast pump with flower petals

Although the suction system is very similar to the previous one, we chose this aspirator because of its good comments and because its pillow is very similar to the Philips Avent manual aspirator. It has the same characteristics as the previous one: it is toxic-free, has a massage funnel and the bottle has a capacity of 180 ml. When thinking about buying the Avent, some buyers say it is even better and a lot is cheaper.

Shiny Haier Baby hand Breast Pump

Bright is a brand of Chinese origin that specializes in baby products. Their official shop on AliExpress has become a top brand with 99.8% positive feedback. So if you are looking for high quality and cheap products, it is worth checking out their shop. We will tell you about its fantastic electric pump later, but we think you will also really like its two manual vacuum cleaners.


The first one we’re going to talk about is very similar to the first one we showed you for its massage pillow, but its specifications are much more precise: it has been designed in detail to make it easier to withdraw milk. Its lever, for example, has a shorter stroke for easier extraction, takes the dimensions of the funnel and is of course made of BPA-free PP silicone.

In addition, if you think the massage pillows are annoying, there is also a version without them that you can find here, with the same specifications and attention to detail as the previous one.


As we said above, electric are many moms favorites because they are faster and easier to extract, but it’s a matter of taste. What we can assure you is that we can find them much cheaper on AliExpress than in physical stores and with the same quality. As in the manuals, we’re going to show you our favorites.

Electric extractor with hot / cold pillows

This is the best-selling of all electric extractors, has more than 1800 sales and a score of 4.8 out of 5. Put in the freezer or in hot water to bring cold or warmth into the chest for easy removal. It has up to 18 suction speeds, so that we can easily adapt it to our needs. It is powered by a USB cable that we can connect to a power adapter (like the one used for cell phones) or to a computer or power bank that allows us to use it conveniently anywhere.

Haier Brilliant Electric Breast Pump

We have already told you about this brand above and highlighted its high quality. We can tell from the electric breast pump that it is also of high quality. It’s a simple extractor (it only extracts a bottle) whose controller includes a small LCD screen for ease of use. In it we can choose the form of extraction (automatic, with massage or personalized by the user). We can also choose the speed and amount of extraction. Its design is particularly quiet, below 60 dB (similar to the noise level that two people can make when speaking) and it works on batteries or via USB. The funnel has a petal design that makes extraction more convenient and you can find it here for about $ 45.

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Electric Breast Pump with Bionic suction Zimeitu

If you see the previous extractor you liked the detail of the LCD screen but it is out of your budget, this Zimeitu brand extractor might interest the famous Philips Avent extractor and highlight its great similarity and high quality to the Zimeitu extractor .

The battery lasts up to 1 hour, so you can forget about charging with the power bank or connecting the puller. On the other hand, its ultra-quiet design with less than 50 dB and its extraction mode, which is more similar to the extraction of the baby, should be emphasized. It also allows you to adjust the speed, intensity and frequency when massaging the chest. In short, we found it to be an extractor with a very low price and very good features. You can find it here for less than $ 35. The same model but in a simple version (1 extractor) can be found here for under $ 25.