BUY Hiking and Trekking CLOTHING on AliExpress

Originally this article was a guide on how to find mountain and trekking products from brands like Helly Hansen, Napapijri or Trangoworld on AliExpress, but after the last “cleansing” of forgeries by the branch management there are hardly any sellers who have products from these brands . From this we can conclude that everyone who was there was selling replicas.

Nowadays there are more and more western brands that are sold in original ways on AliExpress, like Nike or Converse, but Helly Hansen, Trangoworld and Napapijri are not yet among them. You can check it out by searching for Helly Hansen and Napapijri. However, there are many high quality Chinese branded clothing out there.

Cheap Chinese alternatives to the Napapijri, Helly Hansen and Trangoworld brands

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Although neither Napapijri, Trangoworld, nor Helly Hansen are already (or still) available on AliExpress, I recommend that you consider the AliExpress products, which we normally refer to as “Chinese White Label”.

No, I’m not talking about your typical cheap AliExpress replicas.

Although there has been a certain boom in interest in AliExpress replicas recently, two things should be mentioned: first, that boom coincided with the moment AliExpress closed the tap on replicas; the second is that the replicas are not always as pretty as they are painted. I explain why.

When an AliExpress seller goes on to sell replicas, he is taking several risks:

  1. The (increasingly inevitable) risk of being punished and closing the store for you. And opening a new one isn’t as easy as it seems.
  2. The risk of selling a replica and the buyer not knowing (or pretending not to know) and opening a dispute because the latter has everything to win.
  3. The risk of being caught by customs shipping counterfeit products.
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In addition, the production of a replica of a Helly Hansen jacket, for example, is more complicated than that of a private label product, as you have to try to imitate logos and other identifying marks.

Especially in the price. To compensate for all of the above risks, the AliExpress seller is increasingly increasing the price of their replicas. That makes it less and less convenient for us buyers and is the reason why more and more people have switched to the Chinese “private labels” that we talked about earlier.

But which white label products can we find on AliExpress?

Mountain Clothing on AliExpress: for Hiking and Trekking

By the way, I think before we talk about that we need to make one more paragraph:

What is the difference between Hiking, Trekking, trekking and backpacking?

For those who are still not quite clear hike and hiking are the same: it is a more “relaxed” activity as they are usually done on marked trails (or trails, hence the name) and country roads. Also along the way you will usually find stops and shelters prepared for this occasion.

On the other hand the Trekking or hiking is the “wildest” variant: it is carried out on wild paths and without signs or even in areas where no path is known. Trekking is therefore a more extreme branch of mountaineering than hiking, as it requires greater effort.

How do I find hiking and trekking products on AliExpress?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that AliExpress does not currently differentiate between hiking and trekking, but has the products of both categories under the same category, the category of clothing for hiking or hiking. As you can see, in the link I’ve already filtered the search by categories and sorted by the greatest number of sales, which, as we always say on the AliexBA, is the best process to find bargains on AliExpress.

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Cheap hiking clothing

And if you want even more filtered searches, I’ll leave them below.

Hiking jackets

Hiking jackets

You can find the category of hiking jackets CLICK HERE and as you will see there are raincoats, windbreakers, fleeces, military jackets … and the best thing is that they are available at ridiculous prices, from 8$ the simplest fleece to 45$ or  50$ the jacket more sophisticated tactics.

Hiking and trekking pants

AliExpress trekking pants

Trekking and hiking pants are usually categorized according to whether they are used in warm or winter environments, so AliExpress sellers always state the thickness of the fabric in the product description.

Hiking pants on AliExpress are typically “quick dry”, which means they are quick drying. And the summer ones mostly have the famous zipper on the knee to cut them and turn them into shorts when the temperature rises or when you have to go through spots with water.

Hiking t-shirts

Hiking and hiking t-shirts

In the hiking shirts category you will find a hodgepodge of hiking shirts, shirts and polos (made of durable, breathable and quick-drying fabric), but also compression clothing (I recommend our article on cheap compression clothing), shirts that simply have military decoration and other shirts that nothing in the paint category but for some reason the seller decided to put it there. 🙂

Hiking and trekking shirts

Trekking shirts

You can find the category hiking shirt, although there is also a bit of everything in this category: from breathable and weatherproof shirts to hooded windbreakers.


Hiking vests

Here you will find polar, reflective and fishing vests as well as such crazy things like a bulletproof SWAT vest that I recommend not to trust your life. In fact, the one in the photo has a negative rating, probably from the widow of someone who had too much faith in the quality of the product.

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Best stores for this type of clothing on AliExpress

And to close the article, we’ve rounded up the best stores for this type of product on AliExpress.

Free soldier

  • Reputation: five diamonds.
  • Description: perhaps the most popular tent in the hiking, mountaineering and military sectors. It even has its own brand, also called Free Soldier. It has a huge product catalog, which of course includes all of the above, but also boots, backpacks, tents, hats and anything else you can think of.

Outdoor kingdom

  • Reputation: five diamonds.
  • Description: These are more geared towards outdoor sports in general, but what makes them stand out is that they are the best-selling hiking pants from the Chinese brand Facecozy.

LandCrown Adventure Club

  • Reputation: three diamonds.
  • Description: This business focuses on adventure sports and military activities, although here again, mountaineering pants are by far the best-selling items.

Happy Gui’s Store

  • Reputation: a diamond.
  • Description: Although she is older, she has less prestige than the others, but her thermal jackets sell a lot.