BUY Inexpensive SD and MICRO SD MEMORY Cards

Flash Memory or SD Cards are currently an important part of our everyday life and are fully integrated into our technological life. They became known 10 years ago for their small size and large capacity and have since become an indispensable tool for the secure storage of files and data in many devices such as cameras, smartphones or laptops.

There are tons of reputable stores on AliExpress where you can find a wide variety of cheap SD cards: from micro SD cards, mini SD cards to SD cards with Wi-Fi (like the SanDisk Eye-Fi , especially useful for automatically sending files from a photo camera). In fact, today there is a large repertoire of SD cards that have been introduced over time and adapted to new devices and uses.

SD cards differ in three standards: SD, SDHC and SDXC and, depending on their size, have 3 formats: SD, Mini SD and Micro SD (although the aforementioned mini SD cards have practically disappeared today and have largely been replaced by micro SD cards, which are much more functional thanks to their reduced dimensions).

SD card formats
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How to Buy Cheap SD and Micro SD Cards on AliExpress

If you are looking for cheap SD or Micro SD cards for wholesale or personal use, AliExpress is undoubtedly the best solution. In fact, you can find SD cards and flash memories of all brands and formats at the best price on this great Chinese platform. First of all, when looking for SD cards on AliExpress, we recommend that you consider a few important aspects that will help you find reliable sellers:

  • Business Reputation: All AliExpress stores are rated based on the quality of their products and customer satisfaction. As a general rule, if a seller has at least 1 diamond you can be sure that they are 100% reliable.
  • The Reviews of Former AliExpress Buyers: It is important that you pause other users’ comments to learn about various shopping experiences.
  • Number of sales made: the more sales a store has made, the more believable it becomes (although there are also very new stores with few sales of the highest quality) –
  • Occasionally AliExpress “Guaranteed Authenticity” stamp: With this stamp, AliExpress guarantees the authenticity and quality of a product and in the event that you receive a counterfeit or defective product, the seller is obliged to refund your money.
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Best Cheap SD and Micro SD Card Stores on AliExpress

Based on everything discussed in the previous paragraph and after a painstaking investigation, we have selected the best AliExpress stores where you can buy cheap SD and Micro SD cards from AliExpress. Keep in mind that the products of these stores may sell out very quickly. So if you can’t find the flash memory you’re looking for in it, we recommend you go to the AliExpress search engine and use keywords like SD card or micro SD card within the «Memory Cards» category.

  • China Brands AE Technology (3 Crowns): This prestigious store has an area specializing in next generation SD cards and USBs. You will find a large repertoire of micro SD cards at the best price.
  • LD Official Flash Mermory Store (2 crowns): Here you will also find a large selection of micro SD cards with the required storage capacity. Do not miss their offers!
  • STD E-Commerce Store (1 Krone): In the “Micro SD TF Card” section you will find several Micro SD memory cards of various formats and brands at the best prices.

Remember that AliExpress offers the ability to contact the seller directly if you have any questions or are unsure.