Buy KITCHEN and BATHROOM Fittings on AliExpress

Are you thinking about replacing the Faucets in your Home? We know it’s something we have to do in our home from time to time, but it’s usually quite expensive, so we’re postponing these little reforms forever. Today we’re going to tell you how to get affordable kitchen, bathroom and Shower Faucets on AliExpress.

Changing the Faucet: a long-term Investment in your Home

Faucet renewal is not just a whim: Faucets are an essential part of our Home, and their correct functioning not only makes life more comfortable but also helps us save water as the latest faucets can save us up to 50C % in our water consumption.

Of course, this small change can also be a way to renew the decoration of our bathrooms and kitchens without investing a lot of money. Changing faucets or furniture is usually very expensive, but renewing faucets is relatively cheap, especially if we buy them on sites like AliExpress, where they are very cheap.

How to Buy Cheap Faucets on AliExpress

At AliExpress we can buy many cheap and high quality household products, but the Faucets in particular are one of the products that are worth buying. There are brands that offer high quality faucets at an impressive price. To make it easier, we’re going to break the products down by category so that you can get straight to what you need.

Kitchen Faucets

These faucets have the greatest variety, as they can be used not only as a wall or countertop, but also in a chrome-plated, colored finish, with a removable spout (as if it were a hose), foldable. At AliExpress you will find them starting at $ 20.

One of the bestsellers is this faucet from Frap, a top brand from AliExpress that specializes in Faucets. It collects more than 2000 sales and has 5 out of 5 points. It is a very easy-to-use mixer tap, and thanks to a small regulator on the diffuser, we can choose whether the water should be concentrated or dispersed. Its spout is flexible so that we can move it and adjust the direction of the jet.

Frap has the best selling Faucets on AliExpress so we encourage you to visit the official shop, if you just want to see this brand’s kitchen faucets we leave them in order of sale for this search. You can find all types of faucets: minimalist, with a removable spout, 360 degree rotation or in the color below, all with good grades, good quality and a low price. If you are looking for a faucet and you can’t find it on this list, you are sure to find it in your store.

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This mixer tap from the Wanfan brand has a removable spout, making it ideal for kitchens with very large spouts where the water does not get into every corner. In addition, it is not only cheap, but can also be adapted to the finish of your kitchen as it is available in 3 colors: chrome, polished nickel or painted black. As in the previous one, we can also choose the type of diffusion of the water.

Double outlet taps are also very popular, with a rigid outlet on one side and a flexible outlet on the other that works like a hose. We’ve seen them all in the typical American movies, and you can get them for little money here on AliExpress.

Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom faucets are much cheaper, we can find them for up to $ 15, and most don’t go over $ 40 because they’re smaller and have fewer variations: they don’t have a flexible spout, they’re usually single-lever because they’re more practical. We have selected the most original and high quality, but you can find them all in this search.

One of the best-selling models on AliExpress is this faucet that releases a jet of water in the shape of a waterfall. It has a very nice and original design, so it is ideal when we want our sink to be unique. You can find it in this filtered search.

The faucets with waterfall shaped spouts are very fashionable, besides the previous model you will find others like this one that we show you below, available in different colors: polished nickel, white, gold, silver, chrome or with bronze finish. ancient. It is perfect to adapt to the different decorations of our bathroom and make it more original.

But technology has also crept into the world of fittings in recent years and created a new trend: faucets that are activated with a small motion detector so that we don’t need a remote control to wash our hands. I’m sure you’ve seen them in the bathroom of a restaurant, and now you can have them at home for very little money. It works on 3 batteries. You can find these and other automatic sensor fittings in this filtered search for top sellers.

If you are looking for a cheap, simple, and timeless bathroom faucet, we recommend (as we said before) stopping by the Frap store on AliExpress, where you can find good, beautiful, and inexpensive faucets like these that we can put below for less than 30 Buy US dollars. You will find this faucet and many others from the Frap brand so you can find the one that best suits your style.


Shower Fittings

Finally we see shower fittings. This is one of the most expensive faucet elements because not only do we have a faucet, but we also have a water outlet through a shower head or shower head. In fact, it is normal that the only water leak is through the shower head and the faucet is just the temperature and flow control, as a shower tray is increasingly used instead of a bathtub. Therefore, when renovating the shower faucet, we can do two types of renovations: just renew the shower head, which we have to do from time to time as it is prone to limescale deposits, or renew the faucet. You can find all shower kits here, but if you are just looking for shower heads.

This Frap faucet is one of the best sellers on AliExpress and is great value for money. It contains a mixer tap where we can choose the temperature, intensity and the water outlet channel: through the mixer, through the shower head or through the upper shower head.

We also liked this set of shower fittings with a shower head and showerhead in a minimalist style, as we will hardly see any pipes. We just need to determine the best position for each of the elements and the size of the top shower head to enjoy a relaxing shower. Its price is another reason we like it: it can be found for around 60$.

The latest trend in shower faucets is thermostatic faucets that allow you to set the temperature you want in advance so that we save water and it’s much easier to set. At AliExpress, we found this shower faucet with several different models, so that it is suitable for both bathtubs and showers.

This one, which we show you below, also contains a thermostatic tap, but in a much more elegant way. Although the price is a little higher than the previous faucet, it includes the entire set: faucet, shower head and top jet so you can choose the best way to shower.

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We have finally found a wide variety of shower columns as well, as you can see here. It should be noted that faucets shipped by private courier are likely to have some additional customs charges, but these can be paid for by the low price compared to other stores in our country. These pillars are ideal when we have a large shower and want to get the most out of the shower as, in addition to the shower head and shower head, they contain massage jets that help us relax completely.

Best Stores to Buy cheap Faucets on AliExpress

Throughout the article, you’ve surely seen that we’ve talked a lot about the Frap brand, but there are other brands with cheap, high Quality Faucets on AliExpress as well. In fact, it is only necessary to enter the searches we left to see that the faucets are the products that have the best rating on AliExpress. If we look carefully at the dimensions and description of the ad, it is difficult to make mistakes. But just in case, we leave our favorite AliExpress stores for you to find cheap, high quality fittings.

  • Frap Official Store – In just over a year you have already achieved a crown and 99.4% positive votes. Needless to say, it’s from our favorite stores.
  • MYNAH Official Store – It is another of AliExpress “Top Brands” specializing in faucet products that drive more sales.
  • Fmhjfisd Store – Although its name is almost impossible to pronounce, it is one of the oldest faucet stores around.
  • Shinesia Official Store – If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind faucet we recommend stopping by their store. There are some “vintage” inspired models that will give your bathroom the original touch that you are looking for.
  • My Qualife Sanitary Store – From minimalist faucets to faucets with an antique bronze finish.
  • WANFAN Sanitary Store – Finally a shop where you can find inexpensive and very original fittings for your entire home.