AliExpress is the best place to go to buy cheap makeup. We recently told you about this in our guide to the Best Makeup Brands on AliExpress where we mention a few like Focallure. But let’s get to the point: if you’ve come this far, look for the famous Kylie Jenner lipsticks at the best price, and today we’re going to tell you how to find cheap, high quality alternatives on the best Chinese-origin sales site.

Kylie Lipstick: Why Are They Hot?

The littlest of the Kardashian-Jenner family has always been a great protagonist of social networks for her trendy style and daring makeup. So her lipstick collection is a huge hit, not only because it bears her name, but also because it promises to stay intact on your lips all day. But to be honest, very few of us would spend $ 29 on a lipstick, even more if you found out that the maker of Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks is Colourpop and their lipsticks (which are identical in formulation) cost around $ 6, $ 23 less than Jenner’s. In addition, many users have criticized that, despite having a very beautiful and resistant color, they severely dry out the lips, which is common with almost all lipsticks.

How to find Kylie Jenner Lipsticks very Cheap on AliExpress

So we’re surprised to find Lipsticks very similar to Jenner’s on AliExpress for less than $ 3 (including her lipstick). This website is famous for offering a wide variety of long lasting liquid lipsticks. At Kylies, you can find very similar shades on AliExpress. Some of the bestsellers are these that we are going to show you below.

Matte Lip Kit Lipstick

They are the most famous and best-selling for their colors that go with any look and their versatility. They also include a lipstick so that the result is perfect. Either because you want to try Kylie colors or because you are looking for a new liquid lipstick, they’re a great option: they’re cheap (they barely cost 2 euros), they contain lipstick, and they have very good opinions from other buyers.


At AliExpress we found them in 8 different colors: Icon, Posie, Koko, Goss, Dolce, Kourt, Candy and Famous. They are in shades of pink, orange, and garnet perfect for every occasion.

Lipstick Birthday Edition

Kylie’s list of Lipsticks is endless, every month she brings out new shades and also limited editions, and the “Birthday Edition” were a success, especially because of the cute packaging. The ones from AliExpress also have a very nice packaging Give away lipstick in the same shade and eye pencil, at a price very similar to the ones we saw above.

KKW x Kylie Lipstick

But without a doubt, one of the Lipsticks that raised the most expectations was the one Kylie made in collaboration with one of his most famous sisters, Kim Kardashian, the queen of contouring who recently launched a makeup line in her little sister’s footsteps. At AliExpress we found this pack of 4 long-lasting Lipsticks inspired by the originals.

Contains 4 different shades, all inspired by the name “Kim”: Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmie. In my opinion, it is an indispensable package in every makeup bag because its tones, although a little more noticeable than the previous ones, are very different and with them we have an ideal base to combine them with any look.

Kylie Style Matte Lipstick Pack

Finally, we found kits of different liquid lipsticks inspired by those used by Kylie Jenner. Are 6 mini lipsticksIt’s a good option when we want several different shades of color in one box, although with kits we don’t have the famous lipstick, but another one we have at home can serve us well.


Contains 6 different shades: Exposed, Candy, Koko, Dolice, Kristen and Leo. There are two tones that we also mentioned above (Candy and Koko), the rest cannot be found for free, and in general There are very different tones: nude, orange, raspberry, pink. For the price they have, they make a good gift or a good purchase to have a great variety of lipsticks for very little money.

How to apply Kylie Lipstick to last longer

Kylie herself has stated that lipstick lasts best all day (and not just her brand). It is important to moisturize the lips first so that the color is evenly distributed on all lips, and as we mentioned earlier, this type of lipstick dries a lot. Next, we’ll use the lipstick to define the shape. If we also fill in the inside of the lip with the pen, we will keep the color intact longer. Finally, all you have to do is apply the lipstick you want.

Best Brands to find Lipsticks similar to Kylie on AliExpress

Once you’ve entered this search linked above where you can find the best Kylie Lipsticks on AliExpress, you will find some brands repeat themselves. It’s brands that take inspiration from Kylie branded makeup to create their own products. It must be clear that they are not replicas as the name Kylie is nowhere, but they have a similar finish for a ridiculous price, they cost less than 10% than the original lipsticks. That’s why we have grouped together the bestsellers and brands for buying long-lasting lipsticks on this website, where you can find many more liquid lipsticks as well as other Kylie-inspired products (e.g. eye shadow).

  • Liyada – This brand doesn’t have its own official store on AliExpress, but their Kylie-style liquid lipsticks are the most popular.
  • Kiss Beauty – Aside from Kylie-esque lipsticks, she also has others similar to Lime Crime’s, as well as very cheap lipsticks in a variety of hues.
  • Beauty Glazed – His official AliExpress store has very complete eye palettes, cheap makeup basics, and of course liquid lipsticks like Kylie’s.
  • Focallure – While she doesn’t have a Kylie style lipstick, her permanent liquid lipsticks are very popular. In our Guide to Buying Focallure Makeup, we tell you everything they sell and if their products are worth buying.
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The AliexBa has thousands of buying guides and reviews of the best AliExpress products, but we also have a tutorial section explaining the best tips and tricks to shop safely and save money on this Chinese-origin sales website. When you start shopping on this page, I recommend reading our final guide on AliExpress where we will explain everything you need to know before you hit the checkout button. What do you think of these Kylie Jenner-inspired liquid lipsticks? Have you bought one yet?