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AliExpress has become one of my favorite sites when it comes to Buying Sports Equipment: everything from tights to sportswear to high-performance equipment. And we find brands that are as interesting as the ones we present today: Naturehike. We have already mentioned it several times, especially in our articles about mountaineering or camping, as it specializes in products for hiking and camping. Today we are going to analyze in detail all of their products, which, taking into account their high quality, have a very low price.

We Analyze all the Products that you can find in the Naturehike brand

This popular Chinese brand has been on AliExpress for a long time, although their official store has only recently opened as you can see here. Thus, Naturehike has developed into a very popular brand. The extensive catalog includes microfiber towels, sleeping mats, tents, backpacks, sportswear for hiking. We will check everything you can find in your store.

Camping series: camping products

If you love camping, Naturehike is your brand. It has a wide variety of camping products as you can see in this filtered search. Most popular in this category, inflatable mats are the most popular as they take up very little space and withstand the elements very well. They are easy to fold and transport, and of course they are very cheap, costing just over 30 euros and significantly improving the quality of your camping.

These mats can be used on their own or with a sleeping bag, and by the way, if you need to get one in Naturehike we’ve found a wide choice: from lightweight bags for mid-season camping to high performance down bags for most climates, icy .


You can also find hammocks that are ideal if you go camping in the summer or if the area you plan to camp on doesn’t have a flat surface to rest on. If you do extreme mountain sports, it never hurts to wear them, they are also very light and take up little space in your backpack. Treat yourself to a luxurious break.

But if you need to renovate your old tent we recommend taking a look at the Naturehike brand. You will also find all sorts of accessories for your tent such as flexible and lightweight poles, fastenings and pegs, insulators for the ground or parasols to extend your camping area well protected from the weather.

Outdoor Sportswear

Although this brand does not specialize in sportswear, you can find some interesting accessories on Aliexpress, especially thermal socks that have a good reputation and a good price. You can find 3 different types of socks that are suitable for different seasons and sports. You will also find other accessories such as gloves and hats.

Backpacks for Adventure Sports

Almost all adventure sports need a backpack that suits their needs. For example, when we do water sports, we need a waterproof backpack, while we need a backpack with a large capacity for a trip lasting several days. The Naturehike brand offers Backpacks, bags and bum bags in all sizes and designs. Its foldable and lightweight backpacks seem like a good choice to us, as they are not only useful when camping, but when we carry them in the suitcase we can also use them as a second-hand bag.

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Travel Products: Pack Lightly

And if you like to travel (and not just to the mountains), these accessories are perfect for filling your suitcase effectively and making the most of every corner. One of the most original products in this category is this handy portable shower that you can wash anywhere with. Imagine the convenience of being able to shower outdoors without having to go to a campsite. You will also find toiletry bags, large wallets for all your documents, compasses, microfiber towels that take up little space, and even locks to protect your suitcase from possible theft.

Outdoor Sports Accessories

The Naturehike sports accessories that you can find in this area of ​​the official store are also very popular, as you can find knee pads, wrist guards and other accessories for joint support for under 5 dollars, for example. It is worth getting them to avoid further damage and without spending a lot of money.

In the same section you will also find many kitchen accessories ideal for camping or sports: from portable stoves, windscreens for cooking, camping pots, folding tables. This will make your camping a lot more comfortable and easier, and Naturehike prices let you do it yourself Afford.

Buy Naturehike Products safely on AliExpress (also from EE.UU)

The safest way to purchase all of these products is through the official shop on AliExpress, which you can access by clicking here. You will enjoy the peace of mind that you are buying from a certified seller, their products are original, and they have excellent customer service.

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But if you’re reading us from EE.UU, we have good news for you: you can also buy your products in a national warehouse through their official store in AliExpress, which you can find at this link. You benefit from shipments with delivery in a maximum of 5 working days without customs problems and free returns. But as you can see here there are also many unofficial stores that sell their products and sometimes you can find good deals, there are even stores with such a national warehouse.

What do you think of Naturehike products? Have you bought anything of this brand on AliExpress? Feel free to leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear about your shopping experience.