Looking for Cheap Bike Computers? At AliExpress you have a wide range of odometers for your bike at the best price, both Sigma and Garmin, two of the reference brands who have developed this product to the point where they have turned these wireless odometers into real computers for two wheels.

How to Find Sigma and Garmin Odometers on AliExpress

On this Chinese platform, sellers offer many models and brands of cheap bike computers, both private label brands such as Sigma and Garmin odometers, which we will focus on in this article. However, we didn’t find any from the Polar company (we’re almost sure there aren’t, but we may have overlooked them. So if you see them and want to let us know, we’ll enable the comments for them).

To get to Odometer References you have to enter the keyword cyclocomputer or Outdoor Navigator GPS in the AliExpress search engine and you will see an endless number of products and accessories that can be customized to your preferences. To make the search easier, in AliexBA we select the steps until we reach the Sigma and Garmin brands, references in this world as we have found that it is a bit difficult to search for the word odometer.

AliexBA advice: Prices for the same product can vary widely depending on the seller, so it is very important not to buy the first odometer you see, do your research and compare prices beforehand 😉

Why Sigma or Garmin Wireless Odometer? Why on AliExpress?

Because both Sigma (a German multinational company) and Garmin (from the USA) are the top companies in this field and both offer an extensive collection of odometers, high-precision accessories that will help you to perfectly control the most important data of your cycling ( Are you passionate about the road or MTB). Check out our article on cheap bikes on AliExpress;). So much so that they have expanded their range to offer several new models to suit all types of users, whether you are an amateur or a professional two-wheeler.


Regarding the second question, when buying a cheap odometer, we think AliExpress is the ideal platform because it is on this Chinese platform that you can find the best prices on the market. We’ve scoured the internet and it’s virtually impossible for other stores to sell this product at a cheaper price.

IMPORTANT: Follow the provider carefully, as the prices are between 20 and 300 dollars, depending on the equipment of the respective bike computer. Hence, we suggest that you search according to the purpose you want to give it 🙂

Best Seller of Bike Computers on AliExpress

Due to the wide variety of existing sellers on AliExpress, we have selected the top 3 stores that offer cheap odometers.

In these three Chinese stores, you will ensure that your purchase is reliable and safe as they all get positive reviews on both the comments on the items and the speed of shipping. It is also possible to contact them directly to resolve any doubts. Ah! Very important: As this is a small item, we don’t think you will have any problems with customs, so one less problem.

We’ll leave you another gift for adults. The buying guide for accessories and other products for the AliExpress bike. There’s more variety available than odometers, but it’s sure to be useful for future transactions.

More tips for finding Cheap Odometers

As already mentioned, there are a few providers. We therefore recommend that you follow these three premises that we explain below and then refine your search according to your preferences and the money you want to spend, because remember that there are differences between standard and more sophisticated odometers.

  1. Reputation of the Seller: Finding a store with a medal is not the same as finding a store with diamonds or crowns. Track the market and see if a seller is rated well by various buyers. This can be a good indicator of your purchase, but don’t forget that there are also new sellers who don’t have a review because they haven’t had that long time to get reviews.
  2. Number of Sales: To see if a seller is completely trustworthy, review the historical sales they have made. The more transactions you have, the more security we are given.
  3. Opinions and reviews from former buyers or AliExpress users: Another way to ensure that the item you are viewing is reliable is to refer to the opinions and reviews of previous buyers. Draw your own conclusions from the comments and / or write to the seller. Most of them answer you very quickly!