Buy SILICONE DOLLS on AliExpress

Gone are the mythical inflatable dolls, now the hyper-realistic silicone dolls are worn. Nowadays when someone thinks “I want to buy a sex doll” it is more and more normal to go for these Japanese dolls that are sold so cheaply on AliExpress. Made of high-quality silicone, they look so lifelike that you can easily mistake them for a real person at first glance. This new technology goes far beyond mere erotic toys. Additionally, many of their advertisers warn customers that after trying out a life-size silicone doll, they most likely never want a real girlfriend again.

When making these silicone dolls, attention is paid to even the smallest detail, with special attention paid to the touch of the skin and the realism of the eyes. In addition, adult silicone dolls have a fully posable skeleton that allows the user to position them in various positions.

Silicone love doll AliExpress

Because of the materials used and the care with which they are made, real adult silicone dolls are quite an expensive product, but on AliExpress we found several stores where you can buy the best silicone dolls: cheap and of excellent quality. It is true that you can find used silicone dolls in other online stores, but we advise against them, these things are better to solve on your own!

How to Buy cheap Silicone Dolls from AliExpress

Real Silicone Dolls have very different prices, from 1,000 to 30,000 dollars (and more), depending on their characteristics and how their buyers personalize them. The user can choose between eye or hair color, breast size, clothing, tattoos or make-up: everything that is necessary for more realism and a high degree of exclusivity.

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On AliExpress you will find both life-size silicone dolls (they can weigh up to 20 kilos and measure up to 165 centimeters) as well as loose body parts such as torso, vagina, buttocks or silicone lips that are perfect for masturbating. The first thing you need to do is enter the English version of AliExpress and enter the following acronyms or keywords in the search engine.

It is very important that you sort the results by rating so that the stores with the best reputations appear first. In fact, when buying a product on AliExpress, we always recommend that you pay attention to the ratings and reviews of the former, especially for important aspects such as the seller’s reputation (from 1 diamond you can be sure that it is a 100% reliable business) Seller and the number of items sold. This will help you choose the best deal and make your purchase safely.

The Best Silicone Doll stores on AliExpress

After a long research in the various AliExpress shops, we have put together a small selection of the best AliExpress shops where you can buy cheap silicone love dolls. Remember that their products can sell out quickly due to the busy shops. So, if you cannot find the sex doll that you are looking for, we recommend that you search for it using the acronyms suggested in the previous paragraph.

  • Adult delivers sex dolls: this shop has 2 diamonds and an extremely high number of positive reviews. In his catalog you will find all kinds of sex products and a large repertoire of life-size silicone dolls that are perfect for making love or for masturbation.
  • Sex Novelty Shop: Valued at 2 diamonds, this shop offers a very interesting selection of silicone dolls. In addition to life-size silicone dolls, you will find silicone vagines or asses that have been specially developed for very pleasant masturbation.
  • Happy Sex Time: This 2-medal luxury silicone dolls supplier offers a wide variety of sex products: high quality silicone dolls, real silicone torsos, breasts and vaginas, dildos and dildos, etc. You cannot leave without looking at the catalog first.
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Buy cheap Silicone Dolls – Tips

As mentioned earlier, when you choose a store with a good reputation, you can be sure that you will get a great quality product. Since these are real silicone dolls with a length of over 160 cm, we definitely recommend that you look at the shipping conditions and the return conditions in the event of a flight.

Also remember that in the product sheet you will find all the details about the composition and materials that the Japanese silicone dolls were made with (most of them are made from the latest generation non-allergic silicone). Don’t forget that you can always contact the seller directly if you have any questions 😉 Go to AliExpress! Or maybe you are interested in our article on adult toys and sexy lingerie on AliExpress