BUY the Best Nike AIR JORDAN Basketball Shoes

We could almost say that Nike Air Jordan shoes are with us for a lifetime. In fact, they have been among the most mythical and best-selling shoes in the history of basketball and sport in general for more than three decades.

It all starts in 1984 when a very young Michael Jordan joins the Chicago Bulls team and signs a millionaire deal with Nike. The renowned company decides to create a shoe and clothing line specially inspired by Jordan, without knowing that he would become the best player in the history of the NBA. This is how the first Nike Air Jordans were born. It has rained a lot since then, but the brand has continued to insist on its star sneakers, bringing up to 28 different Air Jordan models to market.

So it’s undeniable that the Air Jordans had a huge impact on all of us. Who hasn’t or has never had it?

Indeed, on AliExpress you can find a large catalog of Nike Air Jordan shoes, both original and white-label clones, which are much cheaper than in traditional stores. You can even find the most popular models like Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 6 or Air Jordan Eclipse. In today’s post we will first give you some tips and tricks on how to find cheap Nike Air Jordan shoes on AliExpress, let’s go!

How to Find Original Nike Air Jordan Shoes on AliExpress

If you know AliExpress, you already know that recently it not only has clones of famous sneakers, but also sells products of western brands (i.e. not Chinese ones) with a guarantee of authenticity.


Problem is, for a long time only replicas were sold and AliExpress was still removing some of the “anti-replica” measures when all of the Nike Air Jordans it was selling were fakes. The most obvious (and annoying) thing is that most of the time, when you search for “Nike Air Jordan” you will see this result.

Which is completely wrong because on AliExpress yes there are nike air jordan shoes. Therefore, in order to bypass the obstacle of the censored search engine, we must avoid entering this exact phrase and using others such as. Or whatever model it is, but without giving the full name (for example omitting the word “Nike”). This is how you can see that the Nike Air Jordan actually appears with these keywords or acronyms:

Cheap Air Jordan types from AliExpress

Identify Sneakers that are not Replicas

It is very easy to distinguish a replica from an original product: first you should see the price (if it is very low, it is probably a replica), in the description (if the full brand name is used) words like “Original “or” 100% Original”, it is very likely that it is an original product) and in the seal” Guaranteed Authenticity “(this is the way in which AliExpress guarantees the originality of a product). The latter looks like this:

Nike Originals sneakersIn addition, if you have any doubts, you can contact the seller directly or, better yet, read the comments to see what buyers who have already had the product in their hands are saying.

The best AliExpress stores for buying original Air Jordan sneakers

  • Olympic Sports Flagship Store (5 Medals): This user-highly rated store has original Nike Air Jordan shoes that carry the alleged “Guaranteed Authenticity” seal from AliExpress.
  • Best sports shops (3 diamonds): This shop also offers 100% original Nike Air Jordan shoes (stamped “Authenticity Guaranteed”) in different models and colors.

Chinese brands: a cheap alternative to replica basketball shoes

If you have a lot more money and can’t afford the originals, there are also some Chinese brands that take inspiration from Nike’s Air Jordan concept of making their own basketball shoes and selling them at a much lower price. The best-selling is Qiaodan, which usually sells sneakers for around 50$ that give the Jordan a touch (the basketball player’s logo is a clear homage to that of Michael Jordan):

Qiaodan AliExpress

I’ve been reading the reviews for a long time and the truth is that buyers are very happy with it. They are buyers who are aware that this is not the original Air Jordan but that they appreciate the quality of the product for the price which is almost a third of the original.

Other brands of basketball shoes: Adidas, Li-ning, Mizuno …

To find more Chinese versions of the Air Jordans, simply search for “Jordan Shoes” or “Basketball Shoes”. On this final search, you should see a filter of brands, although not all of them are there. Besides Adidas, I found the following: Most of these are around 35-60 $.

Final tips for buying basketball shoes on AliExpress

I insist that before making any purchase on AliExpress, if you have the choice, select the best seller. In order to do this, you need to consider a number of aspects that will be crucial in determining whether a business is more or less reliable:

  • The reputation of the store
  • Ratings and reviews from other buyers
  • The number of sales made

For more advice, see the Tutorials section of our blog for articles focused on making better purchases on AliExpress.