BUY The Smallest iPhone CLONE on AliExpress

In a market where cell phone manufacturers are moving towards bigger and bigger screens, you’d be surprised to find a brand out there that is dedicated to making credit card-sized phones. It is the Soyes brand, a Chinese manufacturer that has been focusing on making small phones for many years, which are mainly sold through online sales sites like AliExpress.

But that wouldn’t be new if it wasn’t for your newest phone to take social media by storm. It is a smartphone that imitates the iPhone but is in miniature format and easy to find on AliExpress at this link. Is it worth getting one of your devices? We will analyze its advantages and disadvantages.

Soy 7s and 6s: a Miniature iPhone

As mentioned earlier, these phones are the reason everyone is talking about Soyes. The Soyes 7s and 6s have aesthetics very similar to the iPhone, but the size of a credit card. However, they are not a toy to use on phone calls and send messages, which means they are not suitable for large hands. It is ideal for anyone who needs a small phone without having to forego the benefits of a smartphone with the Android operating system in order to take full advantage of this operating system. You have all the functions of a smartphone: camera, bluetooth connection, audio jack. So it’s a fully functional phone.

The difference between the two models goes beyond their design. the Soy 6s It looks more like the iPhone 6s and has a 1 GHz dual core MediaTek MTK6572 processor which, when combined with its 512 MB RAM, offers quite decent performance. It is a dual SIM phone to which we can also add an external memory card of up to 8 GB, which increases the internal storage by 4 GB. Its 2.4-inch IPS screen is 320 × 200 pixels high definition, with the same characteristics as the iPod nano screen. The weakest point is undoubtedly the rear camera, which has a resolution of only 2 Mpx, it is certainly difficult to offer more at this price and size.

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On the other hand is that Soy 7s It has similar aesthetics to the iPhone 7s and its features improve significantly compared to the previous model: its processor becomes a MediaTek 6780 quad-core and its RAM memory increases up to 1GB with 8GB of internal storage (double RAM and internal memory compared to its predecessor). In addition, the rear view camera has a resolution of 5 Mpx. However, this model is not a dual SIM, so we can only use one SIM card and it has no audio jack output, so we can only listen to music with wireless headphones, in the purest Apple style.

Finding these phones on AliExpress is very easy. You can usually find the two models in the same ad and have to decide once. The Soyes 6s are already available for less than 35$, the 7S model costs just 45 dollars.

Soyes H1: a Mini Phone with a numeric keypad

As mentioned earlier, Soyes has made small phones all of his life. This model is older, but can still be found on AliExpress. It has one advantage over its predecessor: although the number pad has gone down in history on most mobile devices, it comes in very handy on phones of this size. However, it does not have an Android operating system, so it is only used for calling and sending messages. Still, it has Bluetooth and a capacitive 1.3-inch screen. It’s perfect to wear as a second phone or as an emergency phone in case we have problems with ours. It can be found on AliExpress for less than 25 $.


In short, is it worth buying a Soyes mini smartphone?

After analyzing their devices and seeing the comments of other buyers, these phones are a great option if you are looking for a small phone that can make phone calls in addition to an Android system (you can use social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp …) . It’s also a good purchase for seniors and even as the first phone for the youngest ones in the household: they’re inexpensive (less than 50 dollar as seen here) and functional. However, the performance and quality of the rear view camera is inferior to the smartphones we can buy today, which is justified by the low price. In short, we think it’s a great purchase option for small phone lovers.