Buy Under ARMOUR Style Clothing

Hi! We’re updating this post on How to find Under Armour-inspired products on AliExpress as some of you have asked us again if this e-commerce platform has original Under Armour clothing and shoes. Unfortunately not, so there are other inexpensive alternatives making generic compression shirts for running or appearance types.

And what about Under Armour sneakers? Well, there’s no way I can find it original, but I’m still optimistic. More and more original genres are coming to AliExpress, so it might just be a matter of time. Of course, remember that the seller from whom you buy the product must state that the goods are genuine and not imitation in order to avoid deception or problems with counterfeiting. This is done by including the seal for guaranteed authenticity in the product description.

What is Under Armour and why are their compression garments so successful?

Under Armour has been offering sportswear and accessories with a casual tone since 2006 when they decided to launch their first shoe collection. This American brand has gained wide acceptance and the number of inquiries we have received only confirms this theory. The truth is that his story is very curious, because just 10 years before Kevin Plank, an American football player devoted himself to making tight shirts to wear under American football armour to absorb sweat

Jamie Foxx, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady and other athletes and celebrities have worn this brand since then. It’s a shame there aren’t any Under Armour clothing on AliExpress, but we’re lucky enough to at least have a look at their Chinese counterparts at very affordable and eye-catching prices.

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Compression clothing on AliExpress

If you are not looking for Under Armour and you are not interested in the brand, this option is very valid. Your bag will thank you 😉

Our recommendation to Buy Under Armour Style Clothing on AliExpress

It was very difficult for us to find a store that had an Under Armour product. In fact, the mission was virtually impossible. For this reason, if you can’t find a product that completely convinces you, we recommend not to buy it.

Two Chinese cheap compression clothing brands you should know about

Across the spectrum of compression shirt and pant sellers on AliExpress, there are two brands that stand out from the crowd for their sales figures and positive reviews. The first is called 2XU (you can find it here) and the second Lucky Sailing (which you can find here), which we already mentioned in the article about cheap soccer jerseys. Both are very, very affordable, and from what some readers tell us, they do very well. As you may have seen, superhero-inspired compression shirts are also very fashionable:

Cheap superhero compression shirts

They absolutely all have superheroes (both Marvel and DC), but keep in mind that while it may appear in the picture that two sellers have the exact same shirt, they may be of different make. That is why I recommend you check out the reviews and buy the one that has the best.

Beware of misleading product names

The biggest problem with buying original clothing on AliExpress is that there are stores that sell similar products to UA’s, using words like “body armour under T-shirt” and the like, that’s why these products appear at the Search on the keyword “Under Armour” even if they are not of that brand. Be careful with this. Just look at the price. You will find that a product is original for its price (and as I told you, for the seal of guaranteed authenticity) simply by comparing it to that of UA clothing from Amazon or other platforms. the products of this brand are great (caps, t-shirts, sneakers) but VERY expensive!


IMPORTANT: There have been cases of buyers thinking they were buying technical brand shirts when in reality it was a completely different brand. This, of course, has led to some complaints. So you need to be careful and do a lot of research before making the purchase!

I recommend that you read the buyers’ comments soon, check the seller’s reputation and of course write to them if we have any doubts.

Conclusion: My vote goes to the compression clothing stores and white label technical shirts

Even if you can’t find Under Armour products, there are plenty others that sell compression garments and tech jerseys from other brands (or unbranded, lifetime white labels) that have great reputations and excellent reviews. There are many excellent sellers out there, but to make your search faster, we’ve selected the 17 that have the highest seller rating today.