Can I PAY CASH on DELIVERY at Shein?

When we shop online, the most common way we pay is with our credit card, either by credit card or by direct debit. But if you don’t have a card and you want to pay cash on delivery in Shein, can you do that?

Can I Pay Cash on Delivery in Shein?

When we talk about cash on delivery we are referring to paying for our order upon collection and handing the money over to our postman. This system is complicated to manage on international sites that handle thousands of shipments every day. For this reason, Shein’s clothing site does not currently accept cash on delivery and will hardly do so in the future as fewer and fewer sites offer this payment method.

We know that there are many people out there who prefer cash on delivery for security reasons, but you should know that buying from Shein is not a risk. We encourage you to read our article on If Shein Is Safe, where we explain how everything works, from paying to a possible return. Next we will see which forms of payment Shein accepts and what is the best alternative to cash on delivery.

Credit or Debit Card

Both credit and debit cards are very secure payment methods when shopping at Shein. Shein has data protection systems such as Trustwave or DMCA that manage payments with absolute security and guarantee that your data is not filtered. This shop has millions of happy users and there is no precedent for its users’ banking details to have been leaked. Additionally, Shein’s return and refund policy is very good, so your money is safe: if your purchase doesn’t arrive or does not meet your expectations, you can get your money back.


In short, if you have a credit or debit card, be it Visa, Mastercard, or American Express (look for the logo of these companies on your physical card), shopping at Shein is safe.

PayPal with a Bank account

Another good alternative is to pay with PayPal: it’s a facility that allows you to manage payments and that is available in most online stores.


It has a high level of security as it uses its own encryption methods and third-party providers. By paying with PayPal, we prevent the online shop in which we shop from receiving our bank details.

One of its strengths is that it accepts payments by linking your bank account, although it can also be used with a credit card. All you have to do is register, add your account or card details and wait for validation. When you buy the money, it will be withdrawn from your account. If the money is refunded to us via PayPal, it remains in our balance and from there we can transfer it back to our bank account.

The big advantage of buying with PayPal in Shein is that we add an additional security: if we have problems with our purchase or simply nothing has arrived after the set time, PayPal has its own reimbursement insurance. This gives us double protection: Shein’s generous refund policy and, if we’re not satisfied with it, PayPal itself. It’s true that there are almost never problems in Shein, but it is good to know that we are protected.

Virtual or Prepaid Cards

If you are uncomfortable with an online bank card or just want to control your spending, virtual or prepaid cards are good options. Traditional cards work like this: They are linked to a bank account and when you buy online, the money is deducted from our credit or bank balance. In addition, additional administration or maintenance costs may be incurred when the credit is issued

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On the other hand, with virtual cards, you deposit money before buying and can only spend the money that you have on balance. This eliminates many risks because no matter how much someone got your card details, there is no money that can be stolen from you.

For everything else, they work just like a credit or debit card. However, with the advantage that they do not always have a bank account linked.

In short, these are its advantages:

  • They’re free or very cheap. Few commissions.
  • They work like a normal credit or debit card.
  • Only the deposited balance is at risk. They don’t admit to being discovered
  • If they are in a physical format, they can also be used to pay in stores.
  • They can be easily recharged.

Best prepaid cards for Shein

Most banks usually offer their customers prepaid or virtual cards so that customers feel safe when shopping online. They have very low or free issuance costs (this depends on the entity) and the most common is the card will expire in a short time so it’s even more secure. There are even banks that offer virtual one-way cards.

There are also prepaid cards from independent companies, such as the Mach card or the Post prepaid card. In this case it is important to check the conditions of the card: how to top up your balance, whether you need to link a bank account, how to get your money back if you are not using it, whether it is physical or just virtual assistance. It is best to search online for the most compatible virtual maps for your current country of residence.


How to pay with a virtual card

To pay with a virtual card in Shein or any other online store, all you have to do when purchasing is request the credit / debit card payment option and fill in all the information: card number, CVV security code (the three numbers usually found on the Back) and the expiry date of the card.

You may also need to perform security checks on your mobile phone.

This is how returns work

We mentioned earlier that some virtual cards are one-time-use or have a very short period of validity in order to increase user security. However, this is not a problem for returns: you get to the associated account or in the form of a balance in the entity you are using.

Remember that you can also request a refund in Shein and request that the funds be deposited into your Shein wallet to use the funds on future purchases.