CELL PHONE CASES Shops on AliExpress

The mobile phone has become an indispensable element in our everyday life, so it is important to choose the appropriate protection for our phone: a good case protects it from possible shock or damage and helps us to stay in good condition for as long as possible possible time.

cheap leather phone cases

In short, if you are looking for cheap and high quality cell phone cases, we recommend you take a look at AliExpress, as this great Chinese online platform has a large selection of original cases for all types of cell phones and tablets: you will find cases from Leather, silicone, fabric, metal … and also from the best manufacturers, such as cases for Iphone, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Bq, etc.

After extensive research in the AliExpress stores, we have compiled a selection of the Chinese bestsellers of cheap phone cases but if you’d rather see them for yourself, all you have to do is click here to find the best-selling and cheapest cases on AliExpress.

The best Phone Cases and accessories stores on AliExpress

  • Global Source (HK) Trading Co., Ltd – This store has an excellent reputation (1 crown) and they have an endless number of excellent quality cell phone cases. It has leather, silicone or aluminum cases for the best brands: cases for Iphone 5 and 6, for Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi 4, etc.
  • RCD Group Co., Ltd – This 1 Krone store has a large catalog of affordable cell phone cases. Here you will find leather or silicone cases for a wide variety of cell phones: Cases for Iphone, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, Nokia, Samsung Galaxy … On the other hand, it also has an optimal selection of cases for tablets such as Ipad or IPad Mini.
  • Eternal team – It’s one of the most famous sellers on AliExpress (worth 3 crowns). Do not miss the excellent catalog specializing in mobile telephony: in the “Accessories” section you will find endless accessories and inexpensive cases for your mobile phone and tablet.

Some Tricks to find branded Phone Cases

When looking for covers by a specific brand (Gucci, Channel, Michael Korrs …) you have to use acronyms. If you don’t know AliExpress brand acronyms, take a look at our keyword table. While it doesn’t always work, you will find the products best with this formula Brand abbreviation + phone case.

For example, if we wanted to find Moschino phone cases, we would put “McDonalds phone case” in the AliExpress search engine.

Tips on Buying Cheap Phone Cases on AliExpress

If none of these stores have convinced you (which we very much doubt 😉), you can expand your search by entering keywords such as “cell phone cases” or “cell phone case / case” in the AliExpress search engine. For a more detailed search, it is best to add the model of your cell phone as well.

When you have found the perfect phone case for you, there are a few factors to consider before buying:

  • The reputation of the shop: From 1 diamond you can be sure that it is a 100% reliable shop 🙂
  • Former Buyers’ Opinions: The experience of other customers will help you make the best decision.
  • The number of sales the business made.

And we never tire of repeating it, in case of doubt you will have no problem contacting the seller directly.